Ethan and I

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Buns first

Submitted: October 09, 2019

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Submitted: October 09, 2019



I let him wash up in the bathroom before we went for dinner. He hung on to me as I tried to put a shirt on, “You mind letting me dress. Butch is probably going to be waiting for me in the dining area.”

“I don’t understand why you care, she doesn’t so much as you think she does.  We can go together and we can all sit together,” he stayed put and I just gave up with a pullover the t-shirt.

  “No we can’t sit together, we will be walking together is that not enough?” I kissed his forehead.

“Well not really, I kind of was thinking we could go together and just pretend we were on a date,” he was shy and held on circling his fingers on my back.

“Brave of you to expect me to change within a few days. Maybe I should just find you someone perfect then. Or maybe another little boy then I can go and be your hired help,” I tousled his hair.

“Oh yeah, maybe the pool boy so I can dress you in little shorts. Or maybe the maid's outfit was a good idea, though I think you’d be a better butler. What about assless chaps and no shirt?” he was kissing my neck now.

“Why not be your prostitute, like a pretty woman but except more fucking,” I rubbed his arm until I was able to stand up.

“I like the idea but it still means I have to share with you, let’s just get married. I’ll make it painless and small then you get to be part of my life all the time and you don’t have to pretend anymore! You do only have a few weeks left of this before they send you back. Then you have to pay them back for all the money you owe for feeding you all these years and becoming a failure,” I pushed him away from my chest looking down at him.

He smiled half-heartedly and I frowned deeper, “No can do. I rather work on the farm again anyway, it wasn’t my idea to be here. Plus since when do you not want to share me? You seemed fine with our threesome.”

“You wanted it, I was going along because you set me off into this mindset of having you. I can’t convince myself of holding back when I find and actual attraction to someone,” he blushed and pulled on his shirt like a child.

“Can we go without causing a scene you think? Gay usually means attention and everyone wondering when you’ll adopt your first of a hundred kids. Then the marriage is a big ordeal and I just don’t need that bad attention,” I pulled his arms off of me. “Now let me at least go and eat dinner with a shirt on.”

He laughed, “You certainly open up more to me in one day then I expected. So how do you figure our relationship will go? I’m rather more attached to the thought of getting out of here and living a real-life then I am at being here. At least wear a tight shirt or something, eye candy would be best for attracting yourself a lovely lady for the evening instead of this butch girl.”

He slid his hands down my stomach and looped his fingers in my underwear, “Look I can wear a button-up but you have to promise to keep the touching to a minimum.”

He tried to hide a smile, “Let the first couple buttons stay undone or I might have to spill a drink on you to get what we all want to see.”

“Fine,” I reached for a shirt from my drawer. It was simply light blue tint with a faint silver diamond pattern across it.

“Can I still walk with you if I promise to keep to myself, I won’t even look at you during dinner. Maybe I’ll get a date from one of those guys that grabbed my ass on the first day,” he paused thoughtfully.

“Excuse me? Who grabbed your ass? Nevermind I rather not think about it right now,” I scratched my head feeling like if I show my overly protective side. He probably saw me slip up just now anyway.

“This charade is not my favorite thing anyway, and I know what I want. Our chemistry is more than physical, I could tell I liked you from the moment you walked into my life literally,” he limped his way to the door.

“I’ll catch up then, let me wash my face at least,” I went to the bathroom and I heard the door open and shut.

I sighed to myself before grabbing the towel he probably used to dry his hands and wet it more tasting my lips. “Are you still standing there?”

I heard him snap his fingers like an old sitcom gag, “Darn how did you know?”

“You didn’t make any footstep noises, it’s obvious to old prankster when you don’t try hard enough,” I shut the lights and picked up his arm putting it around my waist holding him up.

“So are you expecting me to find someone else? The more I think about it the more sense this would make, I would get to get out of here fast without being passed around like a toy and you get to leave before time is up. You could be a hermit if you want,” he held on tight as I sped up to the dining room.

“Let’s get you seated and I’ll grab us some dinner, I get your pudding though. Since I am your savior,” I set him down and he just laughed. When I came back to the table I sat across from him giving a telling look to others that said get up and walk away now. I took his pudding

“I’m the one recovering don’t I deserve the extra calories to keep up my strength?” he bit on his fork and looked up at me.

With a straight face I puffed my chest and crossed my arms, “No, you should eat all of my sausages for the extra protein.”

He let his mouth hang open, “What?”

“It’s full of extra protein and you already know you love it as much as I do,” I smiled at him suggestively leaning in poking my tongue into my cheek and making the hand motion to mimic a dick in my mouth.

He instantly got flustered, “Uhh…”

“Your plate,” I winked at him.

He finally took his eyes off my lips and looked down swallowing, “oh, right sausages.”

“I took the liberty to takes your buns for myself though, you don’t need the extra carbs. I just started a new work our regiment and I think I can handle the extra sugars quite well,” I started to eat buns first.

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