Plague Children (Light Novel)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 13 (v.1) - Chapter 11: The Awakening Pt 3

Submitted: January 04, 2019

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Submitted: January 04, 2019



Bludgeon held force of up to 2000 pounds. Yet at the same time, it was as light as a dagger. Those struck with the weapon at full speed, don’t retain a tad bit of their appearance.

The world seemed to be shifting left and right. In his mind, he could hear the sound of clashing blades and violence. Yet he couldn’t understand what he was envisioning. Within him was a world composed entirely of darkness. He found himself helplessly limping within this dark world, unable to see, or feel.

Am I dead?”

Where is this place…

Within the darkness, a voice rang out louder than any outside interference. “YO.”

He looked around, only to find a creature behind him. The creature held the body of a man, but it was merely a silhouette. To be honest, it appeared as if he was staring at himself.

“Who…are you?”

“You know who I am. Deep down, you can tell exactly who I am.”

Ora observed closer. The shadow that was speaking was completely visible even though it was dark out. It had a certain aura of light around it, yet absorbed all the light around it…oddity at its finest.


“I am Alucarde. Or as you humans have so gracefully called me, my relic name is ‘The World’”

The shadow being observed Ora thoroughly. Picking up his arm and running a finger through the pained and broken bones.

“Ribs, hip…knee and elbow…my my my my my my. How did you end up in such a situation”

“Ugh. I think it was that gir-“

“-I know. It was a rhetorical question.”

“Well, I can’t quite see what’s going on in the outside world…but from the looks of it…I’d say your friends have….”

He counted on his fingers carefully. “Nine. Nine seconds before they’re completely dead.”

Alucard began laughing hard at that. “That means, you guys managed to put up a fight for maybe 3 minutes total.”

Ora’s eyes trembled. “Let me back into that world.”


“Please! Take me back at once!”

“You have no business commanding me. Nor would you be any help to them. You lack the ability to completely control me.”

“Still. I have to try. I’ll do anything to make sure they feel the same pain. To make sure they understand exactly what it is they’ve done to us.”

Alucard grew interested. His pointed ears perked up. “Oh? Do you mean, you don’t plan on just saving your friends? In fact, from what you’re saying, it sounds like saving your friends come secondary to your goal."

“I-….” Ora remained silent. In truth, at this moment, so overcome with hatred. Saving his friends did come secondary to his revenge. It was the first time he had felt something like this. He immediately dismissed it.

“very well. I’ll grant you guys some help” It said very cheerfully. “After all. You only have one second left before they all die.”

At that moment, the shadow melded with Ora and an intense bright light filled his eyes. It was the light of the real world. He was finally out of the darkened place.

The world around him was much different than when he was knocked out. Craters formed in several places across the ground. Lin’s leg was missing and he was bleeding profusely. Rel found himself completely covered in cuts, held within the clutches of Lawrence.

Alel seemed to be out of commission and Shiek towered over her with her blade sever, ready to pierce through her.

“What in” Ora became overwhelmed with emotion and shouted at the top of his lungs “STOOOP!!!!!” The blood-curdling shriek filled the entire camp and everyone’s attention was brought to Ora.

“Yer still breathing? I’m impressed you survived that. Though I guess I’d only grazed’ya. Hold tight right there. I’ll come for you after I finish this one off.” She said calmly.

Unbeknownst to her, she was no longer in control of the situation. The world around her froze entirely. She found herself standing in the same position she was just a second ago. Despite trying to stab Alel and finish the job, she could not move.

The only thing notable and moving was her eyes. And they frantically searched the area to see any explanation. With all the force in her body, she managed to move her head very slightly.

That’s when she realized that everyone else was also paralyzed. Not just her, but the whims of every being in the camp. “What in the world…the hells going on. Why can’t I m-move.”

The entire scenery remained stationary. Lawrence held Rel with his sword out. Mikhail aimed his hand at Lin while it blasted outwards.

Several magicians remained watching the fight, yet couldn’t move.

At the center of this all, was the culprit behind such a move. Ora walked as if he owned the world, unaffected by the paralysis effect. From each step he took, a Smokey layer of shadows emitted from his body.

“What?! You held this ability all this time?!” Shiek shouted. The group had assumed Ora useless. He hadn’t made a single move the entire battle and remained mainly hidden behind the rest of them

A smile spread on Ora’s face, twisted and disgusting in appearance. ”HAHAHAHAHA…this is Marverlous!” The laugh even caused his own comrades to shudder. With each step he took, the world seemed to tremble, and the fear of him grew from uneasiness to horror.

He first made his way to Alel and picked her up from her position, placing her next to Lin. He then walked over to Rel, discarded Lawrence’s sword, and carried him over to the same place. “What ya think yer doing Ora.”

The way he carried Lawrence was similar to how a night might carry an injured damsel in distress.


Ora didn’t respond and rested him next to Alel and the others.

Very well. “I suppose its time for me to wrap things up hm?” He closed his eyes

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