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Macabre Mansion

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Submitted: January 04, 2019

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Submitted: January 04, 2019



He’s in my cup,
My own concoction she stirs,
For to the lips,
Down to the toes.

He holds my head,
My own mind there she twists,
Out of the lips
Yes, down to the toes-
Stirs my bones.

How dare you lurk beneath the knife!
That spreads the he
Yes, she chopped the night.
Forbidden love to the ember flames
Gives away the heat
And melts the pain.

The scene shot framed.

Within thy eyes!
Within thy breath!
Are the secrets of shadows,
Are the secrets of less
Worry browed Albatross 
That prevail above the rest.

Welcome, welcome dear guest.

He holds my head!
Stirs my bones!
Yes down to the toes!
Out of the lips!
My own mind there she twists!
To reverse each thought on this…

So I stutter and slur
E-each and all words,
As she knocks on the door
He’s the window of the floor.

Because he’s in my light,
My contemplation she blurs-
For to the lips,
Down to the toes.
Breaks our tie of bone
And thus… alone…
Within the stone
of Macabre Mansion.

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