The Romantic Adventures of Larry

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Hi. My name is Larry and I'm single. Why? Well let's just blame it on the girls. They can't handle me. Whom I kidding? I'm terrible at dating. Well I wouldn't say dating because I've never been on one but it still counts as being bad. I'm not ugly. I just happen to meet a lot of girls who don't really want to date me but like me. Yes. That's my problem. They tell me the most kept secrets. They whisper what they want to do to me in bed. They get butterflies in their stomachs when I approach them. Yet I'm still single. Welcome to the romantic adventures of me. Larry.

Table of Contents

Meet Larry

Submitted: January 05, 2019

Hi. I'm Larry. A young, charming, handsome, once in a lifetime beauty! I think I should rephrase that. I'm a young, charming, handsome, i... Read Chapter


Submitted: January 14, 2019

I always went to church but never really understood the religion because I was just in Sunday school. All we ever did was sing ... Read Chapter

Devil Knows Devil

Submitted: January 26, 2019

I remember being a kid very vividly – not too many memories. The one thing I always hated was that the things I don’t want to remembe... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 18, 2019

True love is rare - so hard to find. But that's the thing - you don't find true love. It just happens. And when it does...oh what a fee... Read Chapter

Second Choice

Submitted: January 05, 2020

Over the years of trying to find love, there was one girl who I really thought might end up being my girlfriend. No lie! Her name was Tri... Read Chapter

Troubled Tracy

Submitted: February 15, 2020

My quest for love is always optimistic yet always disappointing. I always believed that one day I'll meet the right person. That's what I... Read Chapter

Cooking Chaos

Submitted: April 03, 2020

Oh, this story! I really thought she was the one. Sweet Amy! When I initially met this girl, it was very brief because she was friends wi... Read Chapter


Submitted: April 03, 2020

I still don't really understand what happened with Tatiana. I don't know where it went wrong. It seems that whenever I think I'm getting ... Read Chapter


Submitted: April 24, 2020

I’ve never felt so much confusing with a girl’s signals than the ones I received from Nikki –or so I thought I was getting. I remem... Read Chapter

Wrong Timing?

Submitted: May 04, 2020

How could I forget this girl – sweet Talitha? The way I met her was unexpected. I was actually at my house with my one friend, and we I... Read Chapter

Karma Is A Bitch

Submitted: May 04, 2020

Oh, Hilary! I had the biggest crush on her. At some point I think she had an eye out for me. I wanted her so badly. She was just drop-dea... Read Chapter

Gossip Gone Wrong

Submitted: May 04, 2020

A lot of my friends think I’m heartless. Did they not read any of my previous chapters? They sometimes feel as though I don’t give a ... Read Chapter

What's Her Name Again?

Submitted: May 10, 2020

I really forgot this girl’s name. She was pretty but she wasn’t memorable. I guess she probably is memorable because this is a story ... Read Chapter

I Hate My Friends!

Submitted: May 10, 2020

I will forever rue this lost opportunity for a girl who literally was a class above the rest. I didn’t let this one slip through my fin... Read Chapter

Played By Pertunia

Submitted: May 13, 2020

As much as I always thought I had my ways with the ladies, I often got played and so my plans would always backfire! I remember when I me... Read Chapter

Too High To Remember

Submitted: May 30, 2020

Well, this is not necessarily a bad story – just not the best ending! I was friends with this one drug dealer and he invited me to join... Read Chapter

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