Ready For Action

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Modern story describes six girls who do extreme sports. In the story are combined fashion , their lives and extreme sports. Plot? Well, since there are six of them, each of them has special events, but the most important part, and also a part that leaves the strongest impression, the last where they all together ....

Table of Contents

Chapter I

(the story is not for age under 13, potentially disturbing parts, more serious topics, do not try any of the those if you are not alrea... Read Chapter

Chapter II

Chapter II Quiet morning. Okay, for depends for whom. White calmly has her green tea, the Green pratice pilates. Blue is on the b... Read Chapter

Chapter III

Chapter III Ah ... nature ... so beautiful and pleasant ... A beautiful symbiosis of various trees, full of animals walking freely ..... Read Chapter

Chapter IV

Chapter IV "AAAAAA! That's too dangerous!"- yelled White on Rose and Green as they spoke about their idea. "Why?" "Well, that's why i... Read Chapter

Chapter V

Chapter V October and November passed by, here goes December. The Christmas and New Year are coming closer. It's the time that girls ... Read Chapter

Chapter VI

Chapter VI Rose had great time with her sister Orange, Blue enjoyed on Hawaii, Black couldn't wait to escape from the boring David an... Read Chapter

Chapter VII

Chapter VII Green hysterically screamed. The girls gathered around the Red. Few minutes of silence, and ... "Boo! I'm goofing aro... Read Chapter

Chapter VIII

Chapter VIII "Happy birthday, White!" - everyone shouted out. She thanked them and sat with her friends. Rose: "You left early last n... Read Chapter

Chapter IX

Chapter IX "Is it today one of these days when you get completely different?" Rose asked Blue as they both drove the motorcycles to t... Read Chapter

Chapter X

Chapter X All six girls went to paragliding, which is not so dangerous. These days they went to various extreme sports because they k... Read Chapter

Chapter XI

Chapter XI Downpour doesn't stop. No matter what, Red and Black are still in their decision (but not in sanity too!). David just laug... Read Chapter

Chapter XII

Chapter XII The cries were heard on that floor. The doctors fought for Black's life. In the meantime, on the other strechers carriers... Read Chapter

Chapter XIII

Chapter XIII "Black, you know ..." - White said. "The Red is not with David. David can't be with her. I know that Red would surely co... Read Chapter

Chapter XIV

Chapter XIV The night was rainy. Black fell asleep early that night. At the midnight, Red went into her dream. She was dressed in... Read Chapter


Disscusion Here we are at the end of this story, which began in July and was completed in August 2011. In the order it is the elevent... Read Chapter

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