Chapter 2: Nowhere to go

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The next morning, Julian sat in the kitchen, watching the news. The mayor of the town is talking about his plans for the city. 

‘...besides a way to renovate the roads in the Melody Forests, do you have any other reasons as to why you blocked off the roads?’ 

‘There is a small thing, because of certain... disturbances in the villages, the police have to investigate the areas.’ said mayor Orchid. 

‘What are these disturbances?’ 

‘Probably some vandals and such, I can assure you that it will be taken care of as soon as possible. Until then, it is recommended that the people of the villages leave the place for a certain amount of time. There's no need to, but my officers can perform better without the presence of civilians.’ 

“Curious...” Julian thought. 

‘Some people are wondering if these disturbances have anything to do with the urban legends surrounding the...’ 

‘Oh please, this again? Those are just fairy tales, made up by the elders who have nothing better to do than to tell these stories. There are vandals, and we want to shut off the roads so we can renovate and clear the place, that’s all it is.’ 


The group of five found their way out of the villages. They saw a lively district in the distance. 

‘What is this place even?’ asked Morgan. 

‘Haringwyck, a district that connects the Melody Forests with the big city.’ said Frederick. ‘The trails lead to here.’ 

‘Do you think he contacted the locals?’ asked Tessa. 

‘We can’t be sure, but there is a possibility that they decided to harass them. There’s no time to waste.’ he looked around. ‘Has Rosaline come back yet?’ 

‘Now I have.’ said Rosaline, walking to them. 

‘Any new information?’ 

‘You were right, he’s nowhere in the villages, but I did discover something unusual...’ 

‘What exactly?’ 

‘All roads to the city have been blocked off.’ 


‘No clue, I overheard that there should be vandals, but if that’s the case, we should have run into some by now.’ 

‘Who ordered that to happen?’ 

‘Guess we will find out when we get to the city.’ 

‘You’re right. Come on everyone, let’s move forward.’ 


Back in the studio, Julian was making plans for concerts. Walter walked in to meet him.

‘Hey, how’s everything going?’

‘Pretty good.’ Julian read through some papers. ‘Is everyone practicing?’

‘Yup, I think we’re ready for tomorrow.’

‘Very good…’

‘But… we may have a problem…’

‘And that would be…?’

‘More roads are being blocked off and we’re getting worried. What if they block off every road? Then we can’t even access our homes anymore.’

‘You will find a way around.’

‘No, we won’t! There is literally no other way to reach the villages! Well, besides the woods anyway, but we will never find our way through them.’

‘Isn’t there like a way around through another city or something?’

‘Julian, do you even know these villages’ structure anymore?’

‘Eh… not off the top of my head…’

‘Oh my god… Julian! You used to be inspired by these places! The stories they had to tell! It feels like every day these memories of yours fade away. They are the reason we’re here today!’

‘Eventually, we have to let go of the past…’

‘Not in this case!’

‘We were talking about the roadblocks, not this, don’t change the subject.’

‘Ugh… fine.’

‘Listen, I’m sure the mayor will think of something. Just have some…’

Maria came storming in.

‘Guys! Terrible news! The mayor just announced he will block off every road today!’

‘Don’t be so easily frightened, he will probably think of an alternative…’ said Julian.

‘No, he won’t! He said that he would make no alternate routes and that anyone who left the villages today should stay away for a while!’

‘What in the world…’ said Walter.

‘That’s strange…’ said Julian.

‘But we don’t know where we can sleep tonight… or the coming time.’

‘I can’t believe he actually did this! Can’t he consider the lives of those within the villages?’ asked Walter.

Julian thought for a few seconds.

‘Everyone can come live at my home for the time being, but it may be best if we find a way into the villages in the meantime.’

‘We appreciate the fact that you offer us to stay over, but like I said, the only other way is through the…’

‘Yes, exactly, we will have to find our way through the woods.’

‘Are you serious? Do you know how long it takes to walk through there? We’re not going to do that every single day.’

‘Okay, fine.’ Said Julian annoyed. ‘Now, tell the others that I invite them over, I have to get back to work.’


When everyone arrived at Julian’s home, they were allowed to choose rooms to sleep in. His house was rather big, one of the biggest houses in the district, so it didn’t take too long for everyone to settle in.

‘We greatly appreciate your offer Julian.’ Said Kelly.

‘You’re welcome, just try to behave while you’re here please, I don’t want this place to become a mess.’ He said.

Eventually, everyone decided it was time to go to sleep, tomorrow was an important day after all. A very, very important day…

Submitted: January 05, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Lewis quotDeanquot Artling. All rights reserved.


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