Chapter 3: They've arrived

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Everyone was having breakfast the next day. Julian went through the stage plans one last time. Telling everyone their roles and actions through the show.

‘If all goes according to plan, this can be a very nice way for us to increase people’s interests…’ he said.

‘Do you think more people would come to our concert in the big city?’ asked Thierry.

‘Most likely.’

‘I’m so excited!’ Walter said. ‘This will be our greatest milestone so far!’

‘Don’t get too excited, we still have to practice and it’s going to take at least a week until the concert will happen.’

‘Still, it’s something very nice to think about!’

‘You’re right, I can’t disagree with that.’


The five mysterious strangers hid themselves in the shadows of the city. Looking around, seeing posters and flyers in some places. They even saw posters of the new mayor.

‘That’s him, that’s the fugitive.’ Rodrigue said.

‘He became the mayor? How is that possible?’ asked Tessa in shock.

‘He either bribed his way or forced his way to becoming a mayor.’ Rodrigue said. ‘Either way, we can’t let this be for much longer, we have to find him and take him down.’

‘How in the world are we going to do that?’ asked Rosaline. ‘If we take him, the city will be very confused about what happened to him.’

‘Not to mention his servants… they will probably defend him with their lives. Not to mention that they are greater in numbers.’

‘Maybe we should have gotten reinforcements…’ said Tessa.


Eventually, Frederick rejoined the group.

‘Well, look who we have here.’ Said Rodrigue.

‘Guys, I found something remarkable!’

He handed them a flyer: it had a picture of five performers with facial paint. The title read: Melody Forest Warriors.

‘Who are they?’ asked Rosaline.

‘Maybe they’re civilians who have left the woods to blend into the city.’ Suggested Tessa.

‘Apparently they are a band…’ said Rodrigue.

‘What if they know more about Orchid? They may be able to help us through the city and get to him!’

‘That’s not too bad of an idea, the adress is there too… but how do you think we can talk to them?’ asked Rodrigue.

‘We will go backstage.’ Said Frederick.

‘But we don’t have permission for that, no one has…’ said Tessa

‘We will have to sneak in.’ said Frederick. ‘If they can provide us with information, we can’t let anything stand in our way.’

‘Okay then… though I’m questioning how much they can help us…’ said Rodrigue.

‘You never know if you don’t try.’


After a nice breakfast, the band practiced a few times before the show would start. Most of the songs they played were inspired by specific stories. The show was almost like a mix between a concert and a play. But still, there was much more song than acting. Everyone noticed something though. Julian really seemed to be hogging the spotlight a lot. Much more than the past concerts they had. But they would let it slide, there was no time to argue right now.

‘Alright, this should do.’ Julian said. ‘We can have a break now; the show will start in 2 hours.’

‘Nice!’ Thierry said. They all went backstage.


Walter went back to his room to get himself facial paint. He got a good look at himself.

“I always wanted this, always wanted to be here.” He thought. “We all did. Ever since we were small children. But, now…”

‘Hey Rockstar.’ Maria said. ‘are you ready?’

‘Eh, yes, I am.’

‘You really seem bothered lately.’

‘It’s just that… I don’t feel the magic in all of this anymore.’

Maria nodded.

‘Our dream came true, yet it doesn’t feel like it. It doesn’t have the passion I expected.’

‘But you’re full of passion Walter.’

‘Julian isn’t! Well, not anymore…’ he sighed. ‘He doesn’t care about this anymore. He replaced his dreams for self-worth.’

‘I know it hurts, but… can’t you make it passionate for yourself?’

‘I don’t want that. I want to do this with all of you. That includes him, especially him… but he’s our leader. And as the leader, he makes the final decisions. He just doesn’t listen anymore.’

‘You’re right…’


The band stood on the stage. Instruments in hand. They show would start in a few minutes.

‘One more “normal” concert.’ Kelly said. ‘Then, the fun will begin!’

‘Indeed!’ Thierry said.

‘I think we’re having enough fun already.’ Said Julian.

‘Come on Julian, you can’t deny that you’re excited too!’

‘Yes, I can.’

‘Don’t bother, he doesn’t understand fun like we do.’ Walter said jokingly.

‘Very funny.’

‘One more minute!’ one of the staff said.

‘Let’s go everyone.’


Two guards stood behind the building. From the distance, they saw a silhouette. It was an adult bat, dressed like the Melody Forest Warriors. He walked past them and turned a corner. He seemed suspicious, so the guards decided to check what he was doing. As they saw the man looking up, they confronted him.

‘Sir, what are you doing here?’

‘Nothing special, I’m just searching my way to the concert.’

‘Uh… at the front of the building.’

‘Oh, of course, thanks for helping me out.’

He started walking away from the guards. They decided to get back to their position. And they did, until they heard something from the same side of the building again. When they checked it out, they now saw the man trying to climb the wall.

‘Hey! Stop that!’

‘Sorry, but I urgently need to see the Warriors.’

‘And why is that? Because you’re their “number one greatest fan”?’


‘What a freak, go get hi…’ one of the guards got knocked out. A peacock stood behind them.

‘Like he said, this is urgent.’

‘What are you... enough!’ the guard tried to take him, but something grabbed him. Two other animals held his arms. ‘Let go of me you…!’

‘Enough already.’ Said the bat. He knocked the guard unconscious.

‘So… what now?’

‘Place them somewhere safe, but out of sight. Rodrigue, come with me, we have to meet this “band”.’



Frederick and Rodrigue walked down the halls. They tried to follow the music that was playing.

‘They must be having their concert now.’ Said Rodrigue. ‘What shall we do?’

‘I guess we will have to wait.’ Frederick said.


They kept on walking, until they were at one of the wings of the stage. There they were.

‘At least we can admire the music in the meantime.’ Rodrigue said.

‘That’s true.’

But one of the staff members saw them.

‘Hey, who are you two?’

‘Uh… we are… the background dancers!’ Rodrigue said.

‘Background dancers? I don’t think Julian mentioned anything about them…’

‘He kept it a secret! Only he and his friends know it!’

‘Oh… I guess that makes sense, Julian doesn’t tell us everything, he and the others practice themselves.’

That was a lucky excuse, but that didn’t mean they came off that easy.

‘But why aren’t you on stage now?’

‘Uh… we go after this song!’

‘Oh okay.’ The staff member said. ‘Well, you have to go now then, this song is almost done.’

Rodrigue realized he made a big mistake.

‘Eh… but…’

The song ended and the band started with the next.

‘No time! You have to go now!’

The staff member basically pushed to two on stage. Everyone looked confused at the two surprise candidates.

‘Who are these two?’ Julian silently asked through the music.

‘No idea…’ Walter responded.

‘Get these idiots off the stage!’

But they couldn’t, they had to continue. At first, both Frederik and Rodrigue didn’t know what to do. They didn’t know the song. They could dance, but didn’t know in what way they had to do it. But then, they noticed something… the song was about them… about the two great generals, a bat and a peacock, who stood side by side. Even their names got called out in the song. So these bandmembers must be from the forests! They were blending into the cities!

And now that they knew what the song was about, they didn’t hesitate any longer. How about instead of dancing, they showed some of their fighting skills? Like the real generals?

Frederik and Rodrigue grabbed their swords and did all kinds of tricks. Eventually they started to fence too. While at first the band members were confused, they now started to become impressed with these strangers. Even Julian set aside his perfectionism for the new talents they had. As the song came to a close, so did the whole concert. Everyone loved it.

Submitted: January 05, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Lewis quotDeanquot Artling. All rights reserved.


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