Chapter 4: Getting a clearer picture

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Afterwards, Julian understandably called the strangers to his office. They took a seat. Walter sat beside Julian. The other bandmembers went back to their rooms.

‘Well, I don’t know who you two are, and I especially don’t know what in the heavens gave you two punks the bright idea to just join OUR concert…’ Julian said. ‘But… I can’t lie. You two did a great job there. Though I still wonder who you are.’

They looked confused at him.

‘Eh, surely you do know us?’ asked Frederick.

‘Why would I? Are you celebrities or something?’

‘Well, you wrote a song about us.’ Rodrigue said.

‘A song about you?’

‘Yeah, about Frederick and Rodrigue, the two great generals of the forests.’

Julian laughed loudly.

‘Ah, now I see! You two are dressed as them! I didn’t notice for a second. Ah yes, the urban legend of the two great generals. A favorite of many inhabitants in the villages.’ He said. ‘But now seriously, can you tell me your identities?’

‘That is our identity…’

‘Listen, the joke was fun, but…’

‘No! We’re serious! Don’t you come from the forests too?’

Julian and Walter looked at each other.

‘Listen clowns, this joke is getting stale, if you don’t tell me your…’

‘We are being serious!’

Julian looked annoyed, but Walter became curious.

‘We have come here to seek your help!’ Frederick said. ‘Do you two know anything about how we can get to your new mayor?’

‘Why would you want to see the mayor?’ Julian asked.

‘He is not what he seems…’

‘What in the…?!’ but Walter interrupted Julian.

‘Are you… actually from the Melody Forests? Are you the real Frederick and Rodrigue from the stories?’

‘Yes, we are. We have come here to find a fugitive, a criminal. We don’t know how, but he has become your new mayor.’

‘And apparently he blocked off the roads. We don’t know exactly why, but we have a suspicion that he’s doing it to interrupt any form of contact with the forests and isolate it, so no one can escape. He’ll most likely imprison the village civilians when he has the chance to do so.’

Walter looked in shock, but Julian was still not buying it.

‘Great story you got going on, but it’s not getting you anywhere. I’m offering you guys a chance to be part of something great, and you are ruining it.’

‘You don’t understand!’

‘Yes, I do! I’m in a room with two lunatics!’ he picked up a phone. ‘Give me one reason not to call the police!’

‘We can proof it to you! We can bring you deep into the forests to show you our society!’

‘How long will that take?’

‘There’s a small village within the woods near… eh, what’s it called again?’

‘Ambiton?’ Walter asked.

‘Yes! The first village you encounter when you enter the area!’

‘That’s my village!’

‘We can get there within two hours!’

Julian was thinking deeply. He still wasn’t buying it. These were just idiots and once they got there, he would just see absolutely nothing. Or even worse, maybe they would kill or abduct them there or something.

Yet… he felt like he trusted them for some reason… or he wanted this to be true. He felt his old passions coming back. What if they were right? These stories weren’t too much of a stretch, it is possible to live in the woods… so what if…

‘So, what’s it going to be?’ Frederick asked.

After a few seconds, Julian came to a conclusion.

‘We will go with you, but we will not go too deep into the forests. Also, you leave your swords here.’

‘Understandable…’ Frederick said.

‘Are you sure?’ Walter asked.

‘I don’t like to admit it… but I’m getting curious.’ Julian said.

‘When will we go?’ Rodrigue asked.

‘Right now, let’s get this over with.’


The four of them reached the edge of the forests. Julian parked his car.

‘Do you think we can get to Ambiton via the forests?’ Walter asked.

‘We can, we already found a way.’ Rodrigue said.


Julian kept his phone close, just in case of an emergency.

‘So, are you ready? The village is not that far away luckily.’

‘Let’s go.’

They kept on walking for a while. It was nice to be away from the city for once. To just admire nature. Being at ease.

Then, however, Walter noticed something.

‘Uh oh, we forgot to take off our facial paint.’ He said.

‘Marvelous…’ Julian said.

‘Don’t worry, that means you’ll fit in very well.’ Said Fredrick.

‘So that’s “true” too, you all have facial paint?’ asked Julian.

‘Indeed, we do.’

‘What’s the purpose of it anyway?’

‘It’s a part of our culture, a way to express ourselves, but not everyone does it. For some, however, it’s a way of showing your achievements, many citizens who were soldiers or generals before have facial paint, the most beautiful too.’ Said Frederick.

‘Fascinating…’ Walter said.


They saw an open area in the distance. As they came closer and closer, they heard the noises of a crowd.

‘What in the…’

‘Come on you two, we can already see it.’

‘Isn’t this supposed to be the other side of the forests?’

‘It isn’t, you’ll see.’

After a few moments, they moved away from the trees, and Julian couldn’t believe his eyes…


They were standing on the edge of a great market. Many animals walked around. A good few of them wore facial paint.

‘This isn’t real…’ Julian said in disbelief, but he couldn’t help but feel excited.

‘Welcome to OUR Ambiton.’ Rodrigue said. ‘This is also the place I grew up in.’

‘This is amazing!’ Walter said.

‘There… is an actual society here…’ Julian said.


‘How did no one ever know of this?’

‘We mostly live in secret. Even though we live near a more civilized world, we prefer living here, in harmony.’

‘Has anyone ever been lost in the woods? Or seen you?’

‘They have gotten lost. In moments like these, we rather made sure they wouldn’t see us. This did mean knocking them unconscious, but we laid them down near the woods and watched over them until they woke up. Afterwards, they just would just walk away.’


‘But why did you show us then?’ asked Walter.

‘Well, we’ve already confronted you, you would already have suspicions. So, it’s better if we’d show you, now that you know of it.’

‘Isn’t it like a case of “you know too much?”’

‘A case of what?’

‘Like, now that we know, you need to rid us.’

‘We prefer to keep peace with outsiders. But we trust you keep this a secret. It wouldn’t be the greatest disaster ever if you told people, but please, do it for us.’

‘I’ll keep my mouth shut!’ Walter said.

‘I will too.’ Julian said.

‘Now, anything else you’re interested in?’

‘Well, I do wonde…’

But before he could say anything, Julian heard screams in the distance.

‘Oh no…’ Frederick looked in shock. ‘We’re being attacked!’

‘What?! By who?!’ Walter asked.

‘No time to explain, you two have to evacuate as fast as possible! Rodrigue! Escort them!’

‘Of course!’


‘Come on now!’

Submitted: January 05, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Lewis quotDeanquot Artling. All rights reserved.


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