Interview of Sir Issac Newton by Cosmicsid

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All the way from heaven sir issac newton is on Cosmicsids show. Interview with full of humour.

Submitted: January 05, 2019

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Submitted: January 05, 2019



Hey Guys welcome to the 'CosmicSids Show'. I am your host CosmicSid.

Our first guest is all the way from the heaven. He is the great mathematician and Physicist 'Sir Issac Newton.'

( Applause )

Cosmicsid: I am so happy, you are here this is first time having you on, so thanks.

Cosmicsid: So how are you feeling, after coming back on earth after 291 years?

Newton: well, feeling aghast! It's been 3 century and mankind have come so far!

Cosmicsid: Do you know what happened in UK after your death?

Newton: What kind of question it is? How would I know?

Cosmicsid: After your death you have created a 'STARDOM' in Britain! England gave you so much pride!

Newton: well from my birthday I am 'STAR!'


Cosmicsid: I came to know there was a rumour about you, what is it?

Newton: They used to think that I am ' Homosexual!'

( Laughter )

Cosmicsid: Is this true?

Newton: No, not at all! It was just I don't like women.

Cosmicsid: Why? all men like women, I mean I.

( Laughter )

Newton: May be because I used to hate my mother.

Cosmicsid: Is that true once you was boiling your watch holding egg in your hand ?

Newton: Yea. I used to be Geek.

Cosmicsid: How it feels being greatest scientist of 17 century?

Newton: What do you mean? I am still greatest!

Cosmicsid: Well, for your kind information Maxwell, Einstein, Max took over you.

Newton: Father is Father!

(Applause, Laughter )

Cosmicsid: Yes! What is secret behind SIR ? Is this for your scientific or mathematical discoveries ?

Newton: Actually it is for my political power!

( Silence, Shock,)

Cosmicsid: What?

Newton: Yes I had great political legacy, I used to have name, power, fame, money !

Cosmicsid: My next question is , how you was able to discover so many things?

Newton: By standing on shoulder of giants!

Cosmicsid: Any more?

Newton: Yes, I believe in learning whole universe was my teacher and it was teaching me, I was also a avid reader. Reading was the best habit of mine, which developed me.

Cosmicsid: What do you think about Einstein ?

Newton: Ohh! New kid in block! Actually he is awesome and fantastic person!

Cosmicsid: What is the most revolutionary thing you did?

Newton: I applied laws of motions to celestial bodies! It was the sixer of imagination!

Cosmicsid: Okay, Second last question, What do you think about yourself ?

Newton: To myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea shore and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or prettier shell than ordinary.

Cosmicsid: Last question, What do you want to tell today's generation?

Newton: believe in your dreams, don't listen to the society, It was totally fucked up and it will be !

Cosmicsid: Thank you Sir Issac Newton for being here. Thank you so much guys see you in second interview.

Written by - Cosmicsid(Siddhant Maksare)

© Copyright 2019 COSMICSID. All rights reserved.

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