Good Night Life, Good Morning Dreams

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Submitted: January 06, 2019

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Submitted: January 06, 2019



“Hey. I’m your host for the evening, night, morning, or whatever time you’re reading this. You can call me Narrator. I’ve been thinking. What would be a good story to write for my fans. Well it doesn’t matter anyways. You’ll remain interested just because I, your most cherished author, wrote it. Actu-,” said I. A baby sounded in the background and interrupted my train of thoughts. “Why does every year start out this way?” Slowly, I dragged my feet across the cold, dusty floor. Not thinking, I decided to continue my barefoot expedition out of my room and into the labyrinth. A loud squeaking noise alerted the guards and they were on their way up the stairs and to my destination. I had to escape from those kids. “Well, it could be worse,” I thought as I headed the nearest exit. I blockaded the entrance and locked every possible way of their break-in. As I flipped the switch, a miniature sun burned my eyes. I was a vampire to mornings and light was my weakness. “Sigh.” Banging was heard on the door and I feared that this would be the end to my favorite chapter in life, peace. I knew what lied ahead in my near future would be a warzone. I wasn’t prepared to become a parent but being a role-model would only speed up this process. I was well-loved and respected, but this only brought calamities to my life. In anguish, I plugged in my earphones and muted out any outside voices. The only thing I could hear now was Justin screaming “Baby!” “Sigh. Why is this even on my phone to begin with? Anyways, time to…oof.” I was startled as a small eruption happened in my vicinity. “An earthquake!? No…it’s-” I saw the lock twisting so I stopped what I was doing to hold it still. “A key,” I thought to myself. How could I have forgotten that there were actually Keyblade wielders in this world. I eventually tired out and she entered. “Why are you holding up the bathroom,” Monday yelled. “Don’t you know I have a date?” I picked up my phone and saw the time. “It’s 7pm? I thought it was just really early.” Monday face palmed herself and let out a depressing sigh. Two little kids ran into the bathroom with water guns and started spraying me. “Ah! You think this is a game!?” I stormed out of the safety zone and into the battlefield. “Looks like I’ll have to get serious.” I grabbed a weapon from the basement and marched outside. Baiting my rivals of now, they rushed me with the intent of destruction. “This war is mine!” I shot them both in the eyes. “Are you serious!? It’s not that serious,” one exclaimed as I pulled out a bottle from my back pocket. “Oh, but it is. You made the mistake of ambushing me.” I made an evil smirk and chuckled. “Any last words?” The two kids ran back down the street. “We’ll be back!” Just then, grandma walked outside the front door laughing. “Now what’d you do that for? You should play nicer with your lil cousins.” I turned to her and smiled. “It’s all out of love.” Tired, I decided to retire from this war and headed back inside. RING! My phone vibrated and I received a text from my roommate. “Don’t be late!” That was a vague way of asking me out, so I replied with “Don’t you have a date?” I got the “LOL” emoji reply and a “Stop playin. U kno I dnt role that way. U comin?” I didn’t bother to respond since the answer was obvious.

“Grandma, I love you!” Grandma looked at me awkwardly. “GRAAAANNNNNDDDDMMMAAAAA YOU KNOW I LUUUUUUVVVVVVVV UUUUUUUUUU!!!” She laughed and asked me, “So who you going out with this time?” I smiled and replied with another, “I love you grandma.” I gave her a hug followed by a kiss on the cheek. I then grabbed my keys and walked back outside. “Oh snap. I’m still not dressed.” I felt a breeze hit me and realized I was only wearing boxers and a tee. I decided to send a text to my roommate. “Aye! I gotta shower so I’ll be a bit late bruh.” He gave me the “ok” text so I was sure he was running behind, otherwise he’d bombard my phone with messages. “Still, I thought we were going out tomorrow. I guess I should write this stuff down,” I thought as I prepared for a shower. Grandma yelled to me, “You sure you not going out in your PJs boy!?” She then started back laughing some more. Today just wasn’t my day. I had a report due in a few days, yet here I was getting ready to go out with friends. I took a fifteen-minute shower and got dressed in my worst outfit possible. I had on a stained tee, ripped jeans, black socks and some yellow flipflops. “I hope he isn’t pissed when I arrive.” I said my farewells to Grandma and headed out the door without my wallet. “OMW,” I texted my roommate as I started pulling out the driveway. Running late, I decided to go a bit faster than usual. A couple minutes away from my destination, some red and blue lights shined through my rear-view mirror. “Tsk! Not again.” I pulled over to the side of the road and patted my pockets for my wallet. As the officer approached my window I mumbled to myself, “Fu-.” My vision went blurry and then I saw a white flashing light and heard a faint noise.

Part 1: Daily Life ????

BEEP! My alarm went off and I slowly opened my eyes. Struggling to shut it off, I fell face-first onto the cold, dusty, wooden floor beneath my bed. THUMP! The house shook as I fell and it alarmed everyone on the first floor to rush upstairs to check on me. “Oh. He just fell out of bed!” Grandma laughed and signed for everyone else to go back to what they were doing. “So, what were you dreaming this time boy?” I looked at my grandma crazy for a brief second before regaining my composure. “Sigh. Grandma, I can’t be telling you about all my dreams.” She interrupted me, “Boy! This is my house you live in. If I want to know something, you best tell me. Now what got you so shook where you rolled outta bed?” I mumbled, “I don’t remember.” I got up off the floor and smoothly slid past Grandma and out of the room. “I’ll tell you when I regain my memory mama!” Grandma smiled before leaving my room. I accompanied her downstairs and we started our usual morning routine.

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