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Submitted: January 06, 2019

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Submitted: January 06, 2019



June, 3044 of the apocalypse, here lies a boy that has been reduced to nothing more than a powerless character. He lies in the middle of an abandoned town with just his ripped shorts and ripped white-tee that has been dirtied and permanently stained with blood. As he awakens, he sees an old geezer smoking a cigar and blowing the smoke from it in the boy’s face. “Cough cough! Sen ne yap?yorsun ya?l? geezer!?” The old man looked at the boy stranger. “What er yer yappin about? Ay strangle ya if yer keep spoutin’ yer noise!” In an unfamiliar territory, the young boy looked around. *SMACK!* The old geezer had slapped the boy. “Yer in my town punk! Learn respect!” The boy responded, “Ben prens Arslan” *SMACK!* “Cat got yer tongue!? Use English!” Angered, the boy mocked the geezer, “EN…ENGLISH!?”

March, 3045 of the apocalypse. “Hurry with my breakfast, boy!” The geezer continued singing, “La la la…doo doo dee…dur dur dur dee dur!” The boy responded sarcastically, “Sure gramps. Now remind me why you eat this? I thought grass was for the cattle.” The old geezer’s face turned rose-red. “Why I oughta...” He tossed a shoe at the young boy. *BLOCK* The young boy smirked at the geezer before turning into the breasts of a young girl. “Whoops! My bad.” The young boy snickered at the girl and ran, fleeing away from any rude remarks she would have said. A voice was heard in the head of the young boy. “Seni seviyorum Arslan..” As the voice faded, the young boy realized he had been walking the wrong way. “What am I doing? Who said that anyway. Gerçekli?i kavrayam?yorum. I hope that geezer isn’t still upset when I return. Meh. He’s always grumpy. Why do I care?” The boy realized he was looking for grass in an area surrounded by saltwater and sand. “This is the wrong location. Neredeyim?” He looked around and saw the girl from earlier. “I really don’t want to ask her for directions, but anything’s better than staying in this litterbox.

“Excuse me miss!” The girl turned to Arslan. “…” She just stared and started signing with her hands. “What are you doing? Can’t you understand me?” The girl nodded. “Well talk then! It’s rude! Bu kaba diyorum!” The girl smiled politely and just shook her head. Angered, Arslan began walking off until the girl blocked his path. She then started using gestures to explain the situation. After a few hours of explaining things with body language, Arslan finally understood. “So it’s not that you don’t want to talk but…you can’t?” The girl nodded. She then pointed at a mountain. “So is that where I need to go to get gramps his grass?” The girl shook her head sideways and began pouting. She then pointed fiercely in the direction of the mountains. Arslan then noticed a small patch of grass a couple of meters away. “Oh! Thanks a lot. I really should be on my way. It’s already past noon and I was supposed to have brought back this grass hours ago. The girl laughed, but no sound left her mouth. Arslan said his farewell and waved back to the girl and headed to the patch of grass.

The boy reached the patch of grass and saw it was just a mirage. He then looked around and the world began deforming and changing shapes. He rubbed his eyes and saw many illusions. Then he heard a voice growing louder. “Arslan….Arslan. ARSLAN!” He awakened. Arslan was lying in the bed of a hospital room. His mother was crying over his lap. “Geri döndün söz veriyorum asla gitmene izin vermeyece?im. Sen benim de?erli o?lumsun ve seni kaybetti?imi dü?ündüm.” Arslan remembered being in a car accident and then was told by his doctor that he had been in a coma for almost seven months. Arslan looked around confused and didn’t understand if he was in a dream or not. His dream felt too surreal.

Arslan awakened again, hoping that he was back in the world he was beginning to believe was a dream. *SMACK!* The old geezer slapped Arslan and yelled, “I said grass not poison oak!” Arslan was told by the geezer he was poisoned and hallucinating. “I’ll do it myself. You just rest there!” The girl without a voice appeared and made an evil smirk and just stared at Arslan with eyes that pierced the soul. Arslan was paralyzed with fear and couldn’t scream to the old geezer for help.

*This was a chapter for a story I will not be finishing*

Languages used: English, Turkish

Author: Xenos

Illustrator: N/A

Date Created: 3/18/18 2:18a.m.

Chapters: 1

Title: N/A

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