Practice Story 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

...dunno...I forgot.

Being away from the love of my life is something I’m not used to. I’ve always thought things would be perfect when I was younger and more ignorant. I know now that life can only get worse. Just when you think it’s at its lowest, it drops further, sinking you into more regret and broken promises.

I’m just a commoner that lives in the palace. Yes, I’m just a poor servant. My life revolves around taking care of the king’s bride. Sadly, the future queen is my ex. We had only been together for eight years. I understand why she would easily leave me for royalty and riches. I now believe money can buy anything. But I don’t have much. I’m just a commoner and my job pays for my way of living here in the palace. I’m fed once a day and stay in a storage. Yes, the king pays me with living expenses. I don’t actually earn anything, just the orders given to me.

Things weren’t always like this. It all started when I was just thirteen, eight years before today. I was just in the fields picking herbs for my sick mother. That’s when I met her, young Juliet. She was a few days older than I, thirteen too. It was not what you are expecting. We actually hated each other or I thought that. During my first approach, she just threw water in my face and laughed. “H-how rude! Hmph!” I couldn’t figure out what I had done to cause this havoc. In return, I decided to just ignore her. She continued bothering me so I rushed home and apologized to my family. Of course with me failing to listen to father, I got scolded.

The next morning, she was there, the young girl. This time she introduced herself. “Ha! You’re pathetic picking grass. Since I’m in a good mood, I will tell you my name.” Her arrogance annoyed me greatly. “Call me Sophia Le’Mushe.” She then did a weird pose, holding one hand close to her mouth and then started laughing. I figured she had a mental disorder. Slowly I tried to escape her madness before she stopped me. “Where are you going mister? Tell me your name or fear the consequences you shall be punished with.” I told her my name but she didn’t seem to be paying attention. “Obviously that butterfly is much more important than my name!” I shrugged until she interrupted me. I was startled. “SHHH!!! Don’t you ever listen!?,” she exclaimed in a loud whisper. “Look! Guards!” She fled and I was relieved, but I wondered, “Why would she be running from the guards? Wait! She’s a thief! AAAH!” The guards looked at me and ran in my direction. Afraid, I escaped home using a long route through this forest royals feared of entering. Being poor and fearless, I had already explored it. “Ha! Cowards!” I knew this place like the back of my mind.

Before arriving home, I thought of yesterday’s scolding. “Dad will be upset. I’d better go back and find those….” Someone grabbed me by the mouth and caressed me. I was trapped by an unknown presence. “Am I going to die here?” I thought. Then someone whispered in my ear. It was a hi-pitch voice. This was different from the arrogant girl from before, or so I thought. She moved her other hand over my eyes, turned me around and shared a kiss. I was caught off guard. How could it have been stolen from me? And I didn’t know who I had given it to. I felt mixed emotions. A part of me was happy, but another was upset and angered. “…” We both were speechless for a minute, but wondering who had done this misdeed, I removed her hands from my body and gasped. “WHAT MADNESS!!!” It was Sophia. She laughed at me and replied. “You don’t think that I really kissed you? I used this toad!” She then picked up a frog from below her waist. “Her name is Michelle and she’s my best friend.” I was astonished. Sophia began blushing and then asked, “Did you want me to kiss you?” She stared into my soul with her emerald eyes. I didn’t know what to do so I quickly fled back to the fields to find herbs for my sick mother. Before I fled, Sophia touched her lips and smirked.

I looked to see if there were any more guards before I rushed out of the forest to search the grass in the fields. While looking through the tall grass, I tripped over a rock. When I land, my hands were touching two pillow-like figures. I groped them for a few seconds before hearing a moan. I looked down to see one of my neighbors, June. June was seventeen, blonde and had rose colored eyes. She had a great figure and was out of my league. I found her attractive but very weird. In fact, she was definitely a sadist and pedophile. On my thirteenth birthday, she trapped me in a corner, stripped me of my clothing and almost violated me. If I wasn’t so shy, maybe I wouldn’t have screamed for my mother. She wasn’t caught though. She made up an excuse saying she was going to help me bathe. As a kid, parents never believe what you say. Then again, it’s not like anything bad happened. Thinking back on that, I regret not losing my virginity then. June still makes these attempts to seduce me. The only reason I don’t follow my temptations is because there’s this girl I like, Martha. I regained consciousness and realized that I was still standing over June. I tried to sneak away, but she opened one eye and whispered, “I know what you did.” She jumped up and pulled me into the grass and rolled on top of me. She removed her top, but being cunning, I slipped between her legs and escaped. “Why is it so hard to find herbs?” I ran.

I finally noticed some herbs for my sick mom in the distance. There was a problem. Sophia was lying next to them. “I don’t have time for her right now! She’ll definitely draw attention to me and then June will find me!” I mumbled to myself. “Are you talking to yourself again?” I jumped as I heard this familiar voice. I turned to see my closest friend, Theodore Great. He had known me for a little over a month but we had great chemistry. I could trust this guy. It was something about the way he carried himself and acted towards others that interested me. He felt the same. “What are you doing Theo? Can’t you see I’m having girl troubles?” He smiled and replied, “Ah…exes man. I know what you mean. Martha is still upset over the breakup.” Did I mention that my friend was dating my crush until last week. He was pretty popular and did things that just made me jealous. I don’t think he did it intentionally. Theodore was just a carefree person.

“Theo, I need those herbs next to Spohia.” “Sophia? Is that your new girlfriend?” My face turned bright red. “G-gir-girlfriend!? WHAT!?” Sophia looked in our direction. I whispered to Theodore, “Quickly! Hide!” We both lied down in the tall grass. “We need a plan.” “Well, she doesn’t know me. I’ll just get the herbs for you and you can just watch. I’m sure your girlfriend won’t be bothered.” “No Theo! She’s weird. Hey! She’s not my girlfriend!” Theodore laughed and told me to wait before leaving the grass. I think Sophia knew because as Theodore was picking the herbs, she just smiled in my direction and kept waving. “AAAAHH!!! HOW DOES SHE KNOW!!!” I thought in my head. I jumped up and ran to Sophia. “If you knew I was there, why didn’t you say anything? Theodore just laughed. “Well it’s cute you were thinking about me.” Theodore gasped and I replied, “Pfft* Me!? I was not!” She whispered in my ear, “Remember earlier? I lied. I kissed you.” I blushed and then became puzzled. “Oooooh..” Theodore replied. “It was a joke. Sheesh you’re so gullible.” Sophia touched her lips and smirked. Then a guard yelled at us. Sophia kissed my cheek and told Theodore, “Keep an eye out for other girls. He’s mine.” Theodore laughed harder. Then as the guard approached our direction, we fled into the forest.

“Did you get the herbs Theo?” “No duh! What do you take me for? I’m not stupid!” Theodore showed me the herbs. “Great! I won’t get punished! Let’s head to my mom and bring her the herbs.” “Sure thing, buddy.” Theodore followed me, but halfway through the forest, I was pulled away from Theodore, who was in front of me and singing about nature. I was slammed against a tree and in front of my eyes was June. “You’re giving me what I want.” She began breathing heavily then she forcefully tongued me. As tears shed down my face she seemed to have grown happier. Oh how I hated her sadistic personality. She released me for a few seconds to grab a rope she had brought along with hand-made handcuffs surrounded by thorns from a bush. Seeing the pain she could potentially inflict, I ran and quickly caught up to my singing friend, Theodore. “Hey! You didn’t notice I was missing!? Some friend you are.” Theodore looked at me cluelessly. “You’re here now. What do you mean? “UUUUGH!!!” I screamed. “Well lets just hurry home. I want this day to be finished.”

Awakening from my dream of eight years ago, I cried. How can I have such a lively past but terrible present. I was summoned by the king. “Tomorrow is a special day. I shall become one with the queen after our marriage. I need you to prepare the bed. When you’re finished, return to me at once.” I replied while bowing. “Yes sir!” This was only my first week as a servant for the king. I was unsure if I would mess up and be punished. He was a very selfish king and hated flaws. “Uhm” I cleared my throat thinking nobody else was around. I headed to the king’s room to clean and was stopped. Someone had grabbed me by the mouth and pulled me into a dark room. “Dejavu” I thought to myself. I wasn’t prepared to die this way. Then a light came on. In front of me was my worst nightmare. “JUNE!!! Why are you here!?” She picked up a whip and swung it in my direction. “hmm hmm…you thought you could escape me? I always get what I want.” My body grew numb and my vision became hazy. “Rest now…you’ll be in paradise soon.”

The next day, a funeral was held by the new queen, Sophia. June’s body was discovered next to mine. For whatever reason, she had poisoned my last meal and committed suicide. No person was sure of the reason. They thought of it as a homicide and continued with their lives. My sick mother passed away from the shock and there was nobody left to miss me, or so I thought. The queen left behind the legacy of my past. She wrote a book about her first lover and published it a year later. Even today, she cries about not telling him of her arranged marriage and just abandoning their relationship.


Background Information

Narrator: You’re the narrator

Why Narrator’s A Servant: He believed he could get closer to Sophia and find the answer to why she left him. He held a grudge and couldn’t move past her. With his strong desire to be with her, he abandoned freedom just to be able to see her daily.

Conclusion: I have many ideas and don’t want to spend too much time on just one. I decide to make the stories short so that they’re not left with cliff-hangars...unless you want a repeat of the past stories. Meh…I guess I’ll leave cliff-hangars for some and allow you to imagine what’s next.

Title: N/A (You can make one)

June: Idk…trying new things. (Maybe I’ll never make another June in my future stories. I apologize for the inconvience)

Submitted: January 06, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Xenos. All rights reserved.

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B Douglas Slack

Same here. Interesting story, I think, but very difficult to read with the dialogue all mashed together. Break it out and you'll have a good short story.

Mon, January 7th, 2019 2:02am

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