The Abduction

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - See you on the other side

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Submitted: January 08, 2019



The Undertaker stood few feet from the petite teenage girl, he thought how easy it would be to kidnap her and Vince would have no other choice than giving him full control over the company in exchange of his precious little daughter... He smirked down at her as she grew scared of him. He was rather surprised though, he thought Vince had once told him that Michelle's favorite wrestler was The Undertaker, but there she was, shaking like a leaf in his presence.
"What's about to happen is the entire fault of your father my child! I'm not the one to blame, but your so-called father..."
He let out a groan of pleasure before approaching Michelle. Just when he was about to extend both of his long arms to catch the teenage girl, he watched her sprinting toward the staircase where she rushed herself to the second floor of McMahon's house. While she had hidden upstairs, The Undertaker unlocked the main door and let in the rest of the Ministry of Darkness inside the house.
"She ran upstairs!" He pointed out to his acolytes, still keeping his hands crossed together. He was in no hurry to catch the child, it was way too easy and he wanted to torture Vince... The longer it would take, the more it would hurt Vince, and that's what The Undertaker wanted.
The Acolytes climbed upstairs and searched for Michelle McMahon. She had locked all the bedroom doors on the second floor making it harder for the Ministry of Darkness to find her. They had to smash down the doors completely in order to look in the bedrooms for her. The Undertaker finally arrived upstairs and realized there was a problem as his Ministers informed him that she wasn't upstairs.
"She probably hid in a wardrobe or something of that sort!" All the bedrooms have been checked by Mideon,  the Acolytes and The Brood, she wasn't there at all. Not believing that she could have disappeared like this, The Undertaker checked by himself in every room that his guys had checked. Underneath the beds, in the wardrobes, even in the pieces of furniture. He also checked the two bathrooms upstairs, but she wasn't there either. To say that he wasn't pleased, was an understatement. He had been tricked by a teenage girl...
She was small compared to them and could easily fit in areas that were rather small, areas they couldn't even think of. Even if The Undertaker hated to admit it, she had clearly an advantage over him... She couldn't have jumped from a window, it was too high and she would've ended up injuring herself, something she didn't want. He wasn't underestimating her intelligence, but he knew she was still upstairs, but where...
He tried to think about where he'd hid if he was as small as her... He decided to head back in her bedroom. When he stepped in the teenage girl's bedroom, he stood still for a moment, inhaling her gentle powdery scent left by her presence in that very room.
"I know you're there Michelle, I can smell you... You're making it harder than it has to be..." He opened the wardrobe door and decided to give it a better look this time. He turned on the light as his green eyes rose up to the top shelf inside the wardrobe, there was a pile of clothes covering something and he knew she was underneath that pile of clothes, he could see the clothes moving due to her chest rising up and down while she was trying to breathe in silence.
As he tried to grab her from underneath the mountain of clothes, the teenage girl screamed at him and jumped on him with a baseball bat in her right hand. He fell back on the ground and looked up in anger at the young teenage girl that was over him. She, of course, tried to escape him but The Undertaker quickly extended one of his arms in direction of her ankle and made her tripped on the floor.
"Come here lil' Brat!!!" He groaned in displeasure at the teenage girl as he tried to wrap his long fingers around her delicate ankle.
"LET GO OF ME!!!" She yelled at him as he once again lost his grip on her. The Acolytes heard the commotion coming from her bedroom and they ran in there to help The Undertaker, rapidly standing in the door frame, blocking her the way.
She was armed with a baseball bat and even though she did not try to hit The Undertaker once with it, Michelle didn't hesitate at all to swing the wooden bat in direction of Bradshaw and Farooq's faces, sending both men on the floor, painfully moaning as she had injured them seriously to their faces...
The Undertaker's eyes widened in fury as the red-haired adolescent had hurt his Acolytes. He stood back to his full height and kicked Bradshaw out of the way as Michelle was once again escaping him. He couldn't believe how a 5-foot teenage girl could cause so much havoc...
"Come on Gangrel, she's gone downstairs!!!" The Undertaker ordered Gangrel to catch Michelle, but as Gangrel tried to grab her from behind, the teenage girl swung her baseball bat at him, almost knocking him down as well. The Undertaker was growing really impatient with Michelle by now, he had perhaps underestimated her. She wanted to live and he could tell that she wouldn't give it easily to him.
Christian and The Edge tried at their turn to catch Michelle as she headed toward the main door of the house but to no avail. The Undertaker could swear he had seen both of them backing off from her when she tried to hit them with the baseball bat. Having enough of her little games, he abruptly grabbed Christian by his collar and shook him.
"Are you afraid of a child??? You're a coward, this is pathetic! You're all pathetic!!!!" He then released his grip from Christian, pushing the man out of his way. The Ginger girl lowered her guard to open the main door which almost costed her freedom as The Undertaker grabbed her baseball bat and pulled her toward him.
"Come to Papa!!"
 He was almost on his way to get his hands on her as he kept on pulling on the baseball bat, she was wearing a pair of socks, which wasn't helping her at all, sliding helplessly toward The Undertaker. He saw the fear caught in her blue eyes and just when he thought it would soon be over, Michelle let go of the baseball bat, in order to avoid being trapped in The Undertaker's clutch.
Furious as the teenage girl made her way outside the house, The Undertaker sent the baseball bat flying against the wall in the hall. He couldn't run after her with his long dark robe and knew that he had two men down...
"Come on, let's get in the Van!" He ordered his ministers to get in the van in order to go after Vince's daughter. She was still in the driveway, trying to get on her BMX bike which slowed her down since she had two flat tires. Mideon decided to run after her instead of getting in the van as The Undertaker had ordered him.
He clenched his teeth, exasperated by everything. Not only she had outsmarted them, but she had also injured two of his guys and he was about to lose her. A God damn child dressed in a one-piece pajama, thought The Undertaker as he finally stepped inside the van to take place behind the wheel. The Brood finally joined him in the back of the van and without any hesitation, The Undertaker pressed hard on the gas pedal, reversing dangerously from The McMahon's driveway.
Once The Vehicle was back on the street, The Undertaker spotted her from afar, she wasn't riding her BMX anymore, but running as fast as she could in order to escape The Ministry of Darkness. She wouldn't go far dressed like this, thought The Undertaker, but again he had learned the hard way not to underestimate her. The Undertaker accelerated quickly with the van and abruptly pressed on the brake pedal when he was close to her. Knowing that his robe would bother him while chasing down Michelle, he stepped out of the van and quickly pulled it over him before tossing it on the driver seat. He was only dressed in his formal black sleeveless costume he usually used for wrestling, and even though the temperature outside was getting colder, he didn't care. He just wanted to get his hands on the girl before she'd escape him for good.
She kept on running toward the dead-end street, and he could tell that she was breathless as she paused for a moment to catch back her breath. It would soon be over, he would catch her and be the owner of the entire company. That's what he thought until he heard the distant horn sound belonging to a  freight train. He narrowed his green eyes at the young girl who was back at running toward the railway located behind a large wire fence. He was well aware what was her intentions and it was hard to admit, but if she was crossing the railway before the train would pass by them, he would lose her.
She crawled through the wire fence since a lower part of the fence had been cut previously, once again she had an advantage he didn't have, she was small, and he didn't need to try to pass through that cut section, he knew he was way too tall and big for this. He had to climb over the fence which slowed him down, she was almost on her way to cross over the railway. The train was almost arriving at their location.
"Don't even think about it!!!!" He snarled at her, frustrated as she climbed a mini hill to reach for the railway. The Train's horn echoed loudly as Michelle was about to cross the railway while the massive Freight train was few feet from her. It was too late for him as she had joined the other side of the railway. He couldn't run after anymore and while the train was passing by, it would give her plenty of time to disappear from his sight.
He placed his hands on his hips, waiting for the freight train to disappear away on the railway. He knew she wouldn't be waiting for him on the other side... Just like he thought, when the train finally vanished in the darkness of the night, The Undertaker couldn't see any trace of the teenage girl. She had probably run toward the highway located right after the railway.
When Mideon and the others joined him near the railway, The Lord Of Darkness simply inhaled loudly while rolling his eyes in the back of his head, massively irritated by the fact that he had been defeated by a teenage girl. He wasn't done with her yet though, he'd contact his creatures of the night and released her picture, so they'd know who to look for. He wouldn't return home until he'd get his hands on the ginger little one...
The returned to The McMahon's house and brought Farooq and Bradshaw in the van. They required Medical attention as Michelle had injured them to their heads. Once The Undertaker had gotten rid of his Acolytes at the nearest Medical facility, he called a close friend of his and explained him the situation.
"No Problem, her picture will be distributed in the circle and as soon as we have any signs of her, we'll let you know..."

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