The Abduction

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - A Powerless Father

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Submitted: January 14, 2019



The cops called Mr. McMahon few minutes after departing his house.
"She's fine Mr. McMahon, we checked the whole house from top to bottom and there was just your daughter in the house." McMahon's dark eyes widened as confusion took over him.
"Do you mean that you left my daughter by herself after checking on her??? You should have waited for her sister Stephanie to come back!!!!!" He was enraged after the cops, they should've known better than leaving Michelle by herself, especially after Vince had informed them that The Undertaker had surrounded his house with His Ministry of Darkness.
"Look, sir, she told us that her sister was on way home and she also wanted to go to bed... We saw nobody when we went to your house. They're probably gone..." Affirmed the cop to Mr. McMahon. The Owner of the WWF couldn't believe his ears. He thought the cops were dumb as hell as one of them told him that The Undertaker was probably gone since they hadn't seen him or his minions nearby the house.
"Seriously? Just because you didn't see them, it doesn't mean that they weren't there!!!!! You know what you'll do? You'll return to my place and check again and this time you'll stay with my daughter until I say so!!! AM I CLEAR???!" McMahon yelled at the cop on the phone and slammed the phone as hard as he could when the cop told him he'd return to check on Michelle.
"Calm down Mr. McMahon, everything will be fine!" Added Brisco, giving McMahon a slight tap on his back in order to cheer him up a little. Not in the mood to hear this kind of bullshit, Vince pushed away Brisco's hand.
"Come on Brisco, you think everything will be fine? She's 13 years old, she's a child for crying out loud!!! He better not touch her or I will kill him with my bare hands!!!" McMahon finally sat down on a chair, holding his head between his hands as he tried to calm himself, muffling his cries in his hands...
The phone's ring echoed loudly in Vince's locker room, taking him out from his dreadful thoughts. He picked up the red phone thinking it was the cops calling him.
"McMahon..." He rapidly recognized The Undertaker's low and sinister voice at the other end of the phone.
"If you touch her, I'LL KILL YOU!!!" Vince threatened The Undertaker right away thinking he had abducted his daughter.
"Ohh, I see that you're worried for your little princess. I can hear it in your trembling voice. I have to admit that she's smart though... If It can reassure you, she ran away from me after I've tried to kidnap her with my minions. She even sent my Acolytes to the hospital. She's a fierce little once Vince..." Vince's face changed rapidly when The Undertaker informed him that she had run away from him. It should have been good news, but he didn't know where she was and what she was up to at this late hour. Maybe The Undertaker was lying to him?! He didn't know for sure.
"What kind of pathetic excuse of a human being are you for chasing a harmless child??? Just tell me when and where we can meet and I'll give you whatever you want!!" Vince caught The Undertaker's satanic laugh through the phone.
"I'll tell you what kind of pathetic excuse of a human being I am Vince, I'm surely not the kind that would leave a 13 years old girl at home by herself while far away. Don't worry though, I will find her way before your two clowns dressed in a cop costume... Perhaps I could be that father figure she never had Vince."
The Undertaker let out a demoniacal laugh for Vince before ending the conversation, leaving Vince McMahon speechless. Brisco and Patterson looked up at Vince, wanting to know what had happened with his daughter, but the owner of the WWF burst into rage, destroying everything around him in the locker room, sending the two stooges running out of the locker room, frightened by Vince's reaction, they didn't know what had happened or what the person on the other end of the phone had told Vince, but McMahon didn't need to tell them that something was wrong.
Vince finally erupted out of the locker room and headed down the hall, not even telling Brisco or Patterson where he was going. He couldn't help thinking about how frightened his daughter probably have been by The Undertaker. He didn't know if he had harmed her, but he hoped she had found a safe place to go, or that she had succeeded in calling the cops at a neighbor's house. He entered in the men's restroom and tried to calm down after he convinced himself that she had run away from The Undertaker and that she was perhaps ok... He looked up at his stressed face in the mirror across him, unable to think about something else than his baby girl that was alone by herself in the city, with The Undertaker at her heels. 
Even though he hated to admit it, he knew he shouldn't have let Michelle by herself while Linda was away in Los Angeles and him in San Jose for Monday Night Raw. He had counted on Stephanie to be at home early that night, but it did seem that she was probably enjoying a night out with her friends... He didn't know anything and had no way of contacting Stephanie as well.
Patterson and Brisco joined McMahon in the restroom few minutes after.
"Are you ok Mr. McMahon, what happened on the phone??" Demanded Brisco while McMahon passed a hair in his thick dark grey hair.
"What happened? You know what Happened!! The Undertaker his threatening to kidnap my teenage daughter!!!! The cops have seen nothing when they checked my house earlier tonight. She's out there by herself in the city, and The Undertaker is trying to find her!!"
Vince returned to his locker room, and Shane arrived few seconds after McMahon had sat down in the locker room's couch. Right now, Vince didn't care about that Stone Cold Steve Austin Match that would be live on Raw. He just couldn't help thinking about his precious little daughter, and even though Shane pretended to care for a moment about his baby sister, Vince realized that he quickly changed the topic to that epic fight that would occur at the end of the show.
"Shane! I don't care about who will fight Stone Cold tonight. Do you realize that your 13 years old sister is out there by herself? And That The Undertaker is looking for her as well..."
Of course, he didn't care, Shane never really cared for Michelle. She was the youngest of the McMahons and she was that annoying little girl that shouldn't have existed... Vince wasn't stupid, he did remember well how Shane reacted the day he learned that Linda was pregnant back in 1985... When Michelle was brought to The McMahon's house few hours after her birth at the Hospital, Shane had refused to meet her, informing his parents that he didn't care about that useless addition to the family...
Lost in his thoughts while Shane was trying to feel sorry for him, Vince slowly extended his arm to snatch the phone at his side and dialed a phone number to reach for the sergeant that had checked his house earlier on tonight.
"It's me, Vince. I just got a call from The Undertaker... He said that my daughter escaped him, she could be anywhere in the city and it's getting really late." The Sergeant was already aware of this since he had gone to Mr. McMahon's house, only to find a panicking Stephanie. The police had found traces of blood on the door of Michelle's bedroom which alerted them. They had no idea what had happened but as the sergeant explained this to Vince, Mr. McMahon informed him that two of The Undertaker's guys had been taken to the hospital...
"Please, tell my daughter Stephanie that I'll be home as soon as I can and please, stay with her. I wouldn't want something bad to happen to her as well..." He was already stressing enough with Michelle's situation, he didn't want to imagine what would happen if The Undertaker would try to harm Stephanie...
"Alright Mr. McMahon, we'll look for her and display her picture on the News. She probably didn't go far!" Vince nodded and thanked the Sergeant before hanging up. Shane quickly glanced at Vince.
"So, where is she?" Vince shook his head in disbelief at Shane.
"I don't know where she is Shane, she ran away and she's wandering around in the city by herself..." Vince was desperated as his teenage daughter was all by herself in the cold weather in Greenwich. He just couldn't wait for the cops to call him back with some good news. Vince scratched his eyebrow and let out a long sigh as Shane stood nearby him.
"Go on Shane, I'm just going to stay here and wait for that call... Go back to The Corporation." Shane finally left the locker room, Vince just wanted to be by himself, he wasn't in the mood be surrounded by the Corporation, his priorities were set on Michelle for now, he couldn't care less about his company right now... That's how disturbed he was. His eyes were fixing a spot on the wall and Vince wasn't capable of taking his eyes off this wall.  Brisco approached McMahon with a cup of coffee and offered it to his boss.
"There you go, Mr. McMahon, I brought you a cup of coffee just for you..." Brisco sat down to Vince after he noticed that he was in tears while he held his head between his hands.
"It will be fine Mr. McMahon, your daughter is smart, I'm sure she probably found shelter somewhere in the city." Even though Brisco could be an idiot from time to time, Vince was counting himself lucky to have his support tonight. He wanted to believe that everything was fine with his daughter, but she was his baby girl and even though he wasn't underestimating her strength and intelligence, she had The Undertaker after her and Vince wanted to believe that The Undertaker would never try to hurt a child and that he was just doing this in order to torture Vince so he'd obtain the company...

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