The Abduction

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Meus Es Tu

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Submitted: January 17, 2019



It was getting colder outside and her socks were all wet from running on the pavement. She was wandering by herself in a part of the city she barely knew, that was a place she had been forbidden to go on her bike and Michelle could see why as she spotted a bunch of bikers standing next to their Motorcycles in the parking lot of a bar.
That was the first place she had seen after crossing the highway and walking for 15 minutes. Not only it was getting late, but it was getting colder and she wasn't going to last any longer, so the biker bar was her only chance. Slowly approaching the bikers that were chatting between them, the teenage girl rose her hand.
"Hello, I'd like to call my father.." She didn't know what to tell and as she scrutinized a biker making his way toward her, she rapidly noticed his long dark hair, reminding her of The Undertaker.
"What are you doing outside at this late hour... in your pajamas?!" The biker pointed out that she was in her pajamas, not that she needed to be reminded of this detail. She didn't want to tell these men that The Undertaker was after her, for some reason she didn't trust them, probably because they reminded her of The Undertaker with their bikes. Michelle knew that Mark Calaway was a biker in real life, she even once sat on his motorcycle when she was around 8... She was trying to comprehend what had happened to him? Was he really taking his Undertaker's role too seriously at this point? She didn't know, but she knew for sure that she needed to enter this bar before she'd freeze her toes.
"Some men tried to break in my house and I ran away..." She explained one of the bikers and she quickly caught the gaze of the other bikers behind the biker in front of her. They looked at each other in a way she disliked.
"Alright, follow me inside." The biker invited her inside, and she followed him inside the bar. Michelle's blue eyes widened in shock when she stepped inside the dark and dusty building.  "Stiff Upper Lip" by AC/DC could be heard coming from a big jukebox located near the pool table. Big guys were gulping down large glasses of beers while some women barely dressed were dancing near the jukebox. The Biker had to step back to retrieve her as Michelle stood still, scrutinizing with rapt attention what was going inside this place...
"Are you coming? You can't stay here, it ain't a place for kids and my boss would be pissed!!" Michelle nodded her head and followed the biker in a small office at the back of the bar. He closed the door and Michelle sat down on a chair.
"Alright, what's your father's number?" Michelle answered his question and he frowned at her.
"Sorry, no long distance calling!" Her lips departed apart when he refused to dial the phone number since it was a long distance calling.
"Well, how about the cops?" The Biker smirked at her when she mentioned the word cops.
"Yea, right... You think I want the pigs to stop by here!? You aren't the sharpest tool in the shed, aren't you Miss McMahon?" She didn't know why he knew her last name and the fact that he had insulted her didn't please her at all. The man in front of her took a place at the desk and grabbed the phone to make a call.
"Hey,  Your ride is here, your bike is all shiny and ready to go..." She gulped as the man informed someone else over the phone that his bike was ready to go. She had a bad feeling about this, it was almost past midnight and it was a bar, not the kind of place to wash a bike.
"Hey look, I think I have a friend from school that lives nearby here. I'll go to her place instead!" She wasn't at ease at all with this man, and plus he knew her last name, even though she was curious to know how he knew that she was a McMahon, Michelle had a feeling that she should keep her mouth shut about it.  She thanked him and stood up from the chair, in a hurry to leave this little office in the back of the bar.
The man quickly walked to her and wrapped his fingers around the fabric of her pajamas.
"Where do you think you're going like this uh?" He said in a threatening voice. As she tried to scream for help, he quickly covered her mouth with his large hands that had this cigarette stench.
"Stop screaming for christ sake! People can't hear you anyway, they're drunk as fuck!!" He was holding her against him and she hated his smell and his greasy hand covering her mouth.
"How about you take off that pajamas of yours uh? After this I would take you back home, is that a deal?? Don't worry if it's your first time, I'll be very gentle..." She knew what he wanted and if she wasn't going to do something about it, he'd rape her and she knew it. She could feel his other disgusting hand sliding down the side of her fragile body over her pajamas. As his fingers slowly made their way toward her crotch, Michelle shut her eyes while her body trembled with fear and bit into his fingers covering her mouth as hard as she could. He quickly released his grip from her and Michelle felt down on the floor.
"You! Little bitch! You bit me!!!" He yelled at her while she was still on her hands and knees on the floor. He violently kicked her forehead, knocking her out for a few seconds as Michelle's head hit the desk behind her.
"Damn bitch!!" He said to himself while he shook his hand in pain. He looked down at the young girl in tears and lying on the floor. Blood was streaming down on her face due to the wound on her forehead.  He quickly grabbed Michelle by the waist and turned her on her back before unzipping his jeans and pulling them down.
"I'm not done with you little slut! I'll fuck you so hard, you won't even be able to walk for days!!" She was trying to free herself from his clutch, but Michelle wasn't strong enough and she was really dizzy due to the hit to her head.
"Please no!!! Please!!" She begged the man not to rape her, tears streaming down on her cheeks. She screamed on the tops of her lungs when he viciously ripped her pajamas off from her trembling body. Her blue eyes caught the man pulling down his underwears and as his hard penis stuck out, she panicked as the fear invading her soul, aware that he'd rape her and there's nothing she could do about it.
He grabbed her underwears and ripped them off as well, and just when she thought her nightmare had just begun, she caught The Undertaker violently kicking the door with his foot. She quickly crawled away from the biker when The Undertaker seized the rapist by the neck and lifted him up with both of his arms extended in the air.
"You had one job, and trying to fuck her wasn't it! You'll pay for disobeying The Lord of Darkness!!!" She reached one of the corners of the office room and pulled up her knees to her chest, trying to cover her nudity while keeping an eye on The Undertaker. She was still crying and her body was quivering uncontrollably, still traumatized by what just happened.
She jolted when The Undertaker finally chock slammed down the guy through the wooden desk, completely destroying the furniture. Once he was done with the man, Michelle locked eyes with The Undertaker and she was deadly frightened by his infuriated regard.
"It's not my fault, he tried to rape me!" She explained, sobbing, gasping for air. Even though it was obvious that the biker had tried to rape her and that he had clearly hurt her, Michelle was scared to death of The Undertaker's anger plastered on his face. When he opened the front of his dark robe, her eyes widened, terrorized. She thought he was taking off his robe and his clothes underneath it to rape her as well.
"Please Mark, please!!! Don't... Please!!" She didn't know what to tell him anymore in order to stop the Deadman from taking off his dark robe. Running away wasn't an option since she was naked and that her pajamas had been ripped off from her. He then lowered himself to her level and she shut her eyes, not desiring to see what he was up to with her, she just kept praying in silence that he wouldn't hurt her...
She opened one of her eyes when she felt The Undertaker wrapping her naked body with the hooded robe. She gulped loudly realizing he hadn't hurt or rape her... Her blue eyes were glued to his face when he put up the black hood over her small head and that he dried her tears with his thumb. A shiver ran down her spine when she felt his long fingers brushing the side of her face as he fixed the hood correctly. A sensation she had never experienced before and quite frankly, it was so powerful that she became confused, not really understanding what was going, or perhaps she just didn't want to believe the true way she felt about him...
She held the fabric of the robe close against her to keep herself warm. She didn't know what he had in mind to do next with her, but when the strident noise of police sirens erupted from outside, Michelle knew what would happen to The Undertaker. He stood back to his full impressive height with his large hands resting on his hips, and she noticed the way he licked his bottom lip, probably annoyed by the cops making their way to the bar's parking lot...
He kneeled down at her one more time, and with his thumb, he traced the sign of the cross on her bleeding forehead while speaking in tongues at her in a deep and sinister tone of voice.
"Meus Es Tu!"
As these words penetrated her ears, her blue eyes widened and her regard turned into a lost one as if something had taken possession of her... Tears slowly filled her eyes, her blue eyes still fixing the wall across her with an empty gaze. The Undertaker finally left by the office window few seconds after and The Police erupted in the bar in search for Michelle McMahon.
When the cops ran in the back office, Michelle finally came back to reality and watched the men in uniforms approaching her.
"I need an ambulance, we have an injured child..." The police asked for an ambulance with his two-way radio, while the two other cops arrested the biker still stuck in the wooden desk, and his cock well exposed. She watched with disgust the man who had tried to rape her when the cops lifted him back on his feet and handcuffed him. They quickly left the office with the biker, dragging him toward the front entrance of the bar.
The ambulance arrived almost 10 minutes after the police had asked for it and even though she had been injured to her head and almost raped by this stranger, Michelle felt calm, not even answering the cop who had tried several times to make her speak. She was brought to the nearest hospital to receive the appropriate treatments. She was completely absent-minded when the doctor stitched the deep cut on her forehead, she wasn't even feeling the pain caused by the curved needle penetrating her skin, something the doctor had never seen on a 13 years old girl before. He even thought she had been drugged, which would've explained her quiet and sedate state of mind. When the doctor was done with the stitches, he asked for a female nurse to check on the teenage girl.
Stephanie had been called by The Hospital and the 22-year-old woman drove to the hospital to retrieve Michelle. Stephanie entered nervously by the Hospital ER Entrance and demanded to the woman at the information booth where Michelle was located. She rushed herself impatiently through the busied halls of the hospital with a bag in hand. When Stephanie found Michelle wrapped in The Undertaker's black robe in a small room, the young woman burst out in tears at the view of her young sister.
"My Poor baby sister!! Did he hurt you???!" Stephanie grabbed Michelle's face, locking her blue eyes on her baby sister's face.
"I'm ok Stephanie, don't worry, I'm ok!" The 13-year-old tried to reassure her sister. Stephanie smiled at her and kissed the top of her head.
"There, I brought some clothes for you." Stephanie set the bag next to Michelle on the bed, but the teenage girl didn't seem to be impressed.
"No, I wanna keep the robe. It's warm!" Stephanie narrowed her blue eyes at Michelle when she mentioned she wanted to keep The Undertaker long dark robe. It was way too big for her and plus it was belonging to The Undertaker, she just couldn't keep this thought, Stephanie.
"No, no, you won't need this anymore. It's all fine now!" Stephanie tried to remove the robe from Michelle, but the teenage girl let out a high pitch scream and burst into tears. Stephanie backed off from Michelle when her reaction startled her deeply.
"Shhh, ok, ok calm down Michelle!!! Ok, you can keep it, it's all ok!!" Stephanie didn't fathom Michelle's reaction, why her teenage sister had reacted this way. She knew she was naked underneath the robe, and perhaps she didn't want to change in front of her sister, which was totally normal thought Stephanie.
"Ok...hmm.. Perhaps you wanna use the restroom to change yourself?" She didn't know what to do anymore with Michelle, but the teenage girl shook her head, not wanting to change her clothes. She was comfortable in the long robe.
"No, I just wanna rest..." She said before lying down on the small bed.
"No, we have to go home, Michelle. They're not keeping you for the night..." Even though Michelle was small, Stephanie didn't really feel like bringing her to the car in her arms. She instead used a wheelchair and rolled Michelle to her car. They then left for home and Michelle went straight to bed as if nothing had happened which left Stephanie perplexed...

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