The Abduction

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Chauffeur

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She unlocked the door for Vince as soon as she saw the car making its way into the driveway, and ran to him.
"She's ok... She's upstairs and she's sleeping!" She explained Vince when he stepped out of the car driven by his chauffeur. He was such in a hurry to see his youngest daughter that Vince didn't even take the time to retrieve his luggage from the automobile's trunk, he simply rushed upstairs to his daughter's bedroom. He didn't care that it was 5 in the morning, he wanted to make sure she was alright and that The Undertaker hadn't harmed her. He turned on the light in her bedroom and walked up to her bed... His brown eyes enlarged at the view of his 13 years old daughter wrapped in that black robe belonging to The Undertaker. He couldn't fathom why she was sleeping with this robe.
"What the hell is this???" Stephanie was seen arriving in her sister's bedroom few seconds after Vince.
"She didn't want to take it off. She said that The Undertaker saved her from this man who wanted to rape her. " Vince snorted in disgust when Stephanie explained to him why Michelle had kept the robe. Vince slowly leaned onto his sleeping daughter and tried to shake her out of her sleep, but the teenage girl was deeply exhausted from her traumatizing experience. Vince noticed the stitched wound on her forehead and groaned, thinking that The Undertaker had inflicted this to his daughter.
"Trust me, he'll pay for what he did to Michelle!! And Stephanie, can you tell me where were you??? You were supposed to be with your sister, you knew that your mother was away and that I wasn't home as well!!" Just when Vince began to throw the blame on Stephanie, the landline phone's ringtone interrupted his discussion. He clenched his teeth focusing his eyes on Michelle's phone.
He furiously answered the phone, carefully bringing the phone to his ear.
"Vince... Count yourself lucky, I let her go. But make sure to keep an eye on her, because, next time she's in my radar, you won't see her again. She'll become part of My Ministry of Darkness." Vince's face boiled with anger when The Undertaker threatened to kidnap his daughter again.
"Wait till' I'll find you, I'll kill you, Undertaker!!" The mere threats thrown by Vince didn't scare The Undertaker at all as this last one chucked loudly at the other end of the phone.
"Oh Vince, did your daughter tell you that I'm the one who saved her? She was about to get raped by some dirty biker in the back of a hell hole, and without me, I really doubt she would've made it alive!"
Vince's jaw dropped down in shock when The Undertaker revealed him what had happened with Michelle.
"One last thing McMahon, it's already too late...Make sure to enjoy these last days with your precious daughter, because she's already mine... I told you, I'll be the father she never had! She'll quickly forget about her loser of a father..." The Undertaker ended the conversation cackling deviously at Vince before this last one threw the phone against the bedroom wall, fueled with an intense rage.
Stephanie was startled by her father's behavior, not understanding what had triggered this violent reaction in Vince. When Vince let out a loud scream of anger, Stephanie tried to calm him down since Michelle was sleeping.
"Calm down dad!!! Please!!" Even though Vince had screamed and tossed the phone against the wall, the teenager had remained asleep. Something that was out of the ordinary, usually Michelle wasn't a deep sleeper, but there she was, still breathing slowly and sleeping heavily in her bed.
Stephanie tried to bring Vince out of the room in order to leave Michelle by herself.
"Why don't you try to calm down. We'll call the police and explained to them that The Undertaker threatened to Kidnap Michelle again?!" Even though Stephanie's idea seemed logical, Vince shook his head at Stephanie while drying his tears away from his eyes. 
"The Police? Tell me about them... They didn't even stay with your sister last night. The Undertaker was still there, I'm pretty sure of it!!" Vince was really pissed toward the police and was also blaming the agents that went to his place. In fact, he was blaming everybody around him and he knew as well that he should have brought Michelle with him in San Jose for that Monday Night Raw Show. She'd have missed two days of school and they wouldn't be there dealing with the aftermath of the chaos generated by The Undertaker and his Ministry of Darkness.
"I'm sorry, I know I should've been home, but I wanted to spend the rest of the night with that guy..." Stephanie finally admitted her dad why she had been absent from home on Monday night. Vince rose up his head and stare at Stephanie, disappointed to hear that Stephanie had failed her task in keeping an eye on Michelle.
"Great, just fucking great!!! I had asked you one little thing and it was to keep an eye on Michelle!!! You could have brought this guy in here. At least, she wouldn't have been alone and none of this would've happened!!!" Vince yelled at Stephanie, once again blaming her for what had happened to Michelle.
"Oh no, you're not going to accuse me, right? You really think that even though I'd have been there, The Undertaker wouldn't have tried to kidnap Michelle, and why is he after her???" Vince swallowed loudly at Stephanie's question.
"The Undertaker wants the company and he knew that by targetting Michelle, it would make me move about his proposition." Stephanie placed her hands on her hips when Vince finally revealed why The Undertaker was after Michelle.
"Well, just get him arrested!! Michelle is with us right now, we'll keep an eye on her. Do you think he'd try to attack us again??"
Vince was really exhausted from his suspenseful evening and with all the stress he had accumulated, he was by now drained and he just wanted to enjoy the fact that his daughter was safe and sound.
"Look, Stephanie, we'll talk about it next morning, go to bed and get some rest. I'll keep an eye on Michelle for the rest of the night!" Vince was indeed afraid for The Undertaker to show up again at his place to kidnap Michelle, so instead of going to bed after his shower, he returned in Michelle's bedroom and sat on a chair while keeping his eyes locked on his sleeping daughter. She was still asleep deeply with that dark robe wrapped around her, he could almost smell the spicy wooden aroma emanating from the black hooded robe, which sent his mouth twitching, repelled by the sight of The piece of fabric belonging to The Undertaker.
Vince finally fell asleep on the chair near 8 In the morning. The house was pretty silent since everyone had gone to bed late, except for Michelle McMahon who was standing still in the middle of the hall on the second floor, simply staring at the wall across her. When Vince woke up near 10 and realized that Michelle wasn't in her bed, he boldly stood to his full height and went looking for Michelle, only to find her on the second floor of the house.
"Michelle?" He ran to her and bent down to her level when he noticed that she was staring at the wall in front of her. She wasn't even moving, not even batting an eye with confused McMahon. She was still wearing that Robe around her naked body, and it was obviously way too long for her as the remaining of the robe laid on the floor, covering her feet as well.
"Michelle, baby? It's me, daddy!" She finally moved her blue eyes toward Vince before speaking to him.
"Not Anymore!" She said before narrowing her eyes at Vince and vomiting violently on the carpet.
"Oh my... You're sick!!!" Vince quickly brought her to the nearest bathroom so she'd vomit in the toilet bowl instead of the carpet. Even though her words had surprised him, he tried to focus on taking care of his sick daughter. He told himself that she was probably suffering from a concussion due to the swollen bump on her forehead. He turned on the faucet and wetted the cloth under the cold water. He then applied the wet cloth on Michelle's neck since her skin was warm to the touch.
It took almost 30 minutes for the young McMahon to feel better, which reassured Vince. He was afraid it was something worse, but her condition got better and Vince was even able to convince Michelle to take a shower. While the teenage girl washed under the shower, Vince took advantage of this moment to retrieve the hooded robe laying on the bathroom floor and got rid of the Gothic clothe by tossing it the wastebasket. He wanted to make sure that Michelle wouldn't rummage through the basket, so he emptied the wastebasket and locked the waste bag in the shed...
He was almost astonished to find out that she didn't make a commotion about the robe. Stephanie had told Vince on the phone before his arrival how Michelle didn't want to take off the robe belonging to The Undertaker. The teenage girl simply returned to bed and Vince allowed her to rest in her bed, knowing well she had been through a lot during the previous hours of the night.
The week quickly passed at The McMahon's house, Vince even went as far as keeping Michelle at home, afraid that The Undertaker would try to kidnap her while she'd be at school and plus the ginger teenager wasn't yet back to her normal self; She was still vomiting from time to time and sleeping most of the day even if she had slept through the entire night. Vince brought her to the hospital and they concluded that she was suffering from a concussion due to the blow of her head inflicted by the biker last Monday Night. When the weekend arrived, Vince had the choice to either leave Michelle at home with Stephanie and Linda that was back from Los Angeles, but he instead made the decision of bringing Michelle with him for the Sunday Night Heat show, knowing well she was still recovering from her concussion. Vince had hired a security team that would take care of Michelle while Vince would attend to his business. Linda wasn't too keen with the idea of leaving Michelle with Vince, especially since The Undertaker would be in the same buildings as Michelle for the Sunday Night Heat and Raw Is War shows, but Vince had successfully convinced Linda that Michelle would be safe with him and the guards he had hired for Michelle. 
Linda tried to comprehend why Vince so wanted Michelle to be by his side, it was absurd from her point of view but when Vince had an idea in mind, it was really hard to make him change his mind... The day and evening went without any issues for Sunday Night Heat with Michelle. The Undertaker didn't try to approach her or anything else of that sort, but Vince knew better than believing that The Undertaker had forgotten about Michelle...
On the next day, Vince prepared himself for Monday Night Raw and Michelle followed him to The Arena for the evening show. Vince was the first to appear on the ring, and Michelle decided to lay on the leather couch in the locker room. She complained to one of the guards about not feeling well, and Vince quickly came back to his daughter after he was done with his speech on the ring.
"Are you ok baby girl?" Asked Vince to Michelle while sitting at the end of the couch. She shook her head and explained to Vince that she was cold. Vince checked her forehead with his hand and concluded she was feverish. He gave her a small blanket and the teenage girl fell asleep few minutes after. Just when Vince had in mind to get a snack from the catering, outside of his locker room, his eyes caught the familiar figure of The Undertaker on the small TV in the locker room. The Undertaker was with his Ministry of Darkness in the ring and he was addressing himself to McMahon.
"McMahon... I know you're back there watching me. I know you have your precious little baby girl by your side, and that you have your arms wrapped around her feverish body... You should've listened to your wife, bringing your daughter with you was just not a good idea Vince.  Better keep your eyes on her, she could disappear from your sight at any moment, and you'll be the one to blame for this!"
Mr. McMahon was fuming in anger when The Undertaker once again threatened to kidnap Michelle. Not only The Undertaker knew that she was with him, but he also knew about her health condition, which frightened him. How could he know that Michelle was sick? She hadn't got out of the locker room as far as he was concerned, and no one in this locker room could have leaked this information, or did someone have? He gulped anxiously wondering if one of the guards had informed The Undertaker of Michelle's whereabouts.
He glanced down at his daughter sleeping on the couch. She was so vulnerable as her eyes were closed, deeply resting and at the mercy of those guards that had only one mission; To protect her from The Undertaker and his Ministry of Darkness. The show eventually went on during the evening and McMahon decided to send Michelle to the hotel when 10 O'Clock hit. It was getting late and she was very feverish which worried Vince. She'd be better in her hotel room with the guards watching her. That's what Vince thought anyway.
He gently shook Michelle out of her slumber and informed her that a Limousine would bring her back to the hotel.
"But dad, I wanna wait for you, I don't want to go back to the hotel without you!" She exclaimed with a groggy voice, not yet fully awakened.
"No, you're going to the hotel right away, you're sick and you'll be more comfortable in the hotel bed than on this couch, alright?" She shrugged her shoulders and Vince ended the conversation with her. She was just a child after all and Vince always had the last word with her, No simply meant no with Vince. Even though she was his youngest child, she wasn't having more privileges than Shane or Stephanie. Of course, it was different with Stephanie and Shane, they were adults, whereas Michelle was just a teenage girl living in a world of grown-ups.
McMahon ordered the Guards to follow them to the parking lot garage, making sure The Undertaker wouldn't try to attack them while they would be on their way to the Limousine. Vince held Michelle's hand while they walked down the hall to the Limousine, once they had reached the black limousine, Vince opened the door and Michelle stepped inside and took place on the backseat of the limo.
"I'll be there in an hour Michelle. Get to the hotel and get some rest, ok?" Michelle nodded her head and waved at her father before he closed the door. Vince tapped on the limousine top before allowing the driver to depart the parking lot.
"Alright driver, you can leave..."
The Limousine slowly departed the Arena and Vince returned to the arena, beaming with joy as he met a wrestler female in the hallway.
"Hi, Mr. McMahon!" Vince winked at the female wrestler before turning right to reach for the catering area. He was a bit hungry and thought about getting himself a bowl of Cheerios cereal. He narrowed his eyes and tilted his head to the side when he caught the silhouette of a man leaning against the wall near the catering.
"What the hell are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be driving my daughter to the hotel?" Vince had recognized the chauffeur and apparently, he wasn't behind the wheel of that limousine from what he could see.
"What? Nope, I'm here, waiting for the show to end to drive you to your hotel!" The chauffeur informed Vince and The WWF Owner's face turned white as if he had seen a ghost when he realized what had happened.
"Oh My God, Michelle!!!!" Vince's chauffeur looked at him, confused, not really understanding what was going on. Vince quickly ran away from the catering area and ran for his life toward the parking lot garage, hoping that the limousine was still there, but he knew the Limousine had already left the parking lot garage and it was too late.
That's when The Ministry of Darkness grabbed Vince by behind and dragged him against his will to the ring, so he'd be able to see the message The Undertaker had reserved for him on the Titantron. Vince was melting in tears when he set his eyes on the Titantron and recognized the inside of the Limousine. He could see his daughter crying on the backseat and slowly the camera moved to the left, revealing The Undertaker also taking place on the back seat next to a frightened and sobbing Michelle.
"McMahon, I've warned you several times to keep an eye on her... It's too late now, not only you failed as The owner of this company, but you also failed as a father. She's mine now, and tomorrow she'll be part of my Ministry of Darkness. Her soul is so pure Vince..."
Vince kept throwing insults at the Titantron while The Acolytes held his arms, forcing him to stay up in the ring and looking up at the video playing before his eyes. He couldn't do anything about it as Michelle was in the clutches of The Undertaker in that limousine.
"Shhh, don't cry little one, Daddy's here now..." Said The Undertaker while caressing the top of her ginger hair with his long fingers. She was indeed afraid of The Undertaker and Vince could feel that giant knot in his stomach as he witnessed in terror what his daughter was going through.  The Video ended on a sour note for Vince as The Undertaker chuckled in a sinister way and rolled up his green eyes in the back of his head, leaving Vince worried as his daughter was trapped with The Undertaker in the Limousine.
The Ministry of Darkness beat up Vince before leaving him almost lifeless on the ring and they headed back to their locker room. Vince had been injured by The Undertaker's minions and required an ambulance in order to be brought to the nearest medical facility to treat his injuries. The Monday Night Raw show ended on that note, leaving Stephanie and Linda in tears after they witnessed Michelle's Abduction and Vince's getting beat up by The Ministry from their home in Connecticut...

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