Binding Moonlight

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Chapter 26

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Submitted: January 19, 2019



It would be suicide for Gabe to transport right into the middle of the party, so his first stop was the observation tower. From here he could plan his best course of action. Plus he could take a few minutes to catch his breath. The dampening field may be malfunctioning, but it required a lot of energy to match the wavering frequency and use his mutation.

Robyn and the older man stood off to one side, watching the younger man build a crude launch pad. He set up a framework of sorts, occasionally shooting annoyed glances at the other two.

Gabe scanned the area for something he could mess with or destroy. Tobi said no explosions, so the rockets and propellant were a no-no. He could probably shoot the kid from here, but he didn't want to hurt him or put them on the defensive. He only had one chance to make this work because Robyn would know it was him as soon as he popped in on them, whether they saw him or not. He briefly considered pretending he wanted to go back to helping Robyn, but the man was too smart to buy the double agent act.

Scowling, Gabe continued to let his eyes roam over the grounds below. Seeing movement in the corner of his vision, he turned his head. When he saw what caught his attention, he cursed out loud. On the opposite side of the compound from where his new friends waited, crouched behind a pile of old vehicle tires, was Shelsea Seldon.

Without hesitation, Gabe popped down behind Shelsea and grabbed her, covering her mouth with one hand. When she turned toward him, he put a finger to his lips before moving his hand. Leaning close, he whispered in her ear, “Nrekeeka is going to be pissed. Why the hell are you here?”

“I wanted to help, so I followed,” she whispered back.

“Goddammit. I'm taking you back to your sister.” He grabbed her arms and was trying to garner enough energy to transport himself as well as Shelsea when cold steel pressed against his temple.

“Nice to see you again, Gabe.”

Releasing the girl, Gabe raised his hands. “I'd say the same thing, but we both know I'd be a lying sack of shit if I did.” He kept his eyes locked on Shelsea as he spoke. She watched Robyn with a mixture of curiosity and fear.

“Oh, you hurt my feelings, Gabe. Both of you on your feet, please.” He stepped away from Gabe, keeping the weapon trained on him. “When I chose this place, I'd like you to know you were in my thoughts.”

“Well ain't that sweet of ya?” Gabe replied, slowly turning to face his former, if not brief, employer.

A wry smirk curved the corner of Robyn's mouth. “The malfunctioning dampening fields drain your energy pretty quickly. In a way, they work better than ones performing properly. You can still teleport, but you can't extend your energy to anyone else. You have two choices: stay, or save your own skin while your friends are killed.”

Shelsea grabbed Gabe's shirt, her hand incredibly hot through the thin fabric.

“Some choice,” grumbled Gabe.

“It really is your own fault,” replied Robyn, pushing his glasses up and ushering the pair toward the older man with his gun.

“How so?”

Robyn rolled his eyes. “Really? You'd be a free man had you stayed with me instead of going off and joining the Deldin bitch.”

“Don't talk about my sister that way, you long-haired weirdo!” Shelsea shouted, trembling behind Gabe. He pursed his lips and growled at her words.

“Oh!” Delight swept across Robyn's features. “Her sister, you say? Well isn't this just perfect!” he purred, grinning his annoyingly charming grin. “Did you hear, Colonel?”

“I did,” the older man confirmed as he trained his weapon on them as well.

“Okay, Gabe. Let's stop playing around. Call your friends so we can get this cliché stand-off out of the way.”

“They aren't here,” lied Gabe.

“Really? You're going down that path?” grumbled Robyn. Stepping forward to stand before Gabe, he reached out, wrapping his hand around Shelsea's wrist. He yanked on her, but she resisted, pulling back against him. After a moment of this tug-o-war, he gave her a firm jerk and she stumbled forward, falling against his chest.

Gabe watched as Robyn squeezed her arm, pressing the muzzle of his gun against her chest. He licked his lips, nudging the swell of her left breast with his weapon. “You're cute for a Deldinite,” he told her. Releasing her arm, he trailed his fingers up her shoulder, her neck, and her jaw. Sliding his fingertips over the point of her ear, he combed his fingers into her curly hair gently before grabbing a fistful and tugging her head back. She narrowed her chocolate colored eyes and clenched her teeth. Robyn returned the sour expression with a parody of affection.

“Too bad you have Deldin blood, little half-breed,” Robyn told her before bending down and kissing her.

Gabe cringed, averting his eyes.

The kiss was long but passionless. When Robyn parted from her, he licked his lips and smiled. “Too bad indeed.”

Shelsea glared defiantly at Robyn. “Don't call me a half-breed.”

“Robyn, could you stop screwing around please?” the colonel asked on a sigh.

“It's all up to Gabe.”

Taking a deep breath, Gabe closed his eyes. “There's no point in hiding anymore, guys,” he called. An unpleasant tightness settled in his chest.

“Everyone is so lively this morning!” chirped Robyn as the team filed out from behind the building, their weapons raised.

“Sorry,” Gabe mumbled, hands hanging by his sides.

Tobi and Nrekeeka stopped dead when they saw Shelsea. Tobi swallowed hard. “It's not your fault, Gabe,” he growled through clenched teeth.

“Don't be shy, come join our little party,” Robyn invited the group. He did everything he could, short of calling it out, to make the gun pressed against Shelsea's chest more obvious.

“Private!” the colonel called the young man. “Collect their weapons.”

Lifting his arm, Tobi pointed his weapon at Robyn and shook his head. “Not a fucking chance, asshole.”

“Not this again. You wouldn't want me to put a bullet in the precious little sister, would you?” Robyn jabbed the weapon into Shelsea's flesh. She squeaked.

“Tobi,” Nrekeeka said, half warning, half pleading.

Tobi held the gun steady while everyone watched him. Gritting his teeth, he eventually relinquished the gun, handing it over to the young man.

“Shelsea, what are you doing here? What is wrong with you?” Nrekeeka demanded to know, hands fiddling idly with the wrinkles in her jeans.

“I just wanted to help,” the girl whimpered.

“You know what? She reminds me a lot of you, Max. It really is too bad you left me for them. I thought you had potential,” the scientist said on an exhale.

Max scoffed. “You make it sound like I broke up with you.” She sneered at him, disgust dripping from the words.

“Don't be silly, Max. As much as I toyed with the idea, I always got the overprotective watchdog vibe from Ekie. I wasn't a fan of the concept of getting my nose broken for a little flirting,” Robyn told her.

“I would have broken it myself,” Max snarled.

“Max,” Robyn clicked his tongue and shook his head. “You wouldn't have done anything of the sort. You were petrified when I only attempted to kiss you. Anyway, enough talking about what could have been. Let's start talking about what's going to be.”

Max took a step back, edging closer to Ekie.

Nrekeeka glanced from Robyn to the colonel, to the private, and bit back a scream. How did this turn to shit so fast? “If you want to talk Robyn, talk. But let my sister go.”

The man pretended to think about it for a moment. “No, I don't think I will.” He spun Shelsea around, wrapping one arm around her chest while he drove the gun into her side. “She's good leverage. And since all of you showed up, I'm going to assume I'll need it.”

“I want to know why, Robyn,” Nrekeeka said, gaze sliding from Shelsea to Robyn. “Why do you want to commit genocide? How would killing an entire race pacify you?” As she spoke, she was well aware of the eyes on her, but for the first time, she wasn't nervous. She was in charge.

“Genocide? No.” Robyn shook his head. “Think of this more like an... extermination. The Deldinites are insects, annoying little pests which need to be swatted. They ruin things.”

The colonel made a sound of approval as he wandered around the others, weapon moving from one to the next. The private did the same.

Nrekeeka stuck her chin out, narrowing her eyes at Robyn. “How?” she inquired. “How are the Deldin people doing this?”

“Nrekeeka,” Tobi whispered.

With a small flick of her hand, she warned him off. “Tell me, Robyn.”

“They killed so many people. They tried to wipe us out! My father was a damn good man, in his prime, and they slaughtered him!” spat Robyn, gesturing with the gun in his hand.

“It was a war, Robyn. Your father wasn't the only one killed. The death tolls were high on both sides,” Nrekeeka reminded him, keeping her voice calm. “What makes this different from any other war?”

“Deldinites are barbaric monsters! Our people endured bizarre torture and inhumane conditions,” he told her, his fingers digging into Shelsea's flesh.

Nrekeeka spread her arms wide. “You're a smart person. Surely you know about the conditions and torture subjugated populations have been made to endure at any point in human history. You've read the books. Humankind is its own worst enemy. The Deldin people treated their prisoners no worse than they treat their own petty criminals. So what, other than your own personal xenophobic rage caused by the death of your father, makes you think an entire race of people needs to be eradicated.”

Robyn clenched his teeth, pointing his weapon at her. “Quite the smart mouth you've got. I think I'll start with you.” To punctuate the last word, he pulled the trigger.

Shelsea screamed.

Tobi and Theo called her name.

Nrekeeka didn't flinch. The hot plasma round burned her cheek as it sped past. “Your aim sucks.”

Tobi stared at her, eyes wide. “Are you fucking kidding me? Stop egging on the psycho who's holding your sister hostage!”

“Keep your mouth shut, kid,” the colonel snapped, cracking the butt of his pistol across Tobi's head. Grunting in pain, Tobi went down on one knee, clutching his head in both hands.

Theo moved to help, but the second he stepped forward, three guns aimed at his head. He stayed put.

“My bullet may not kill you, but my virus will,” stated Robyn.

“You are too cocky,” Adonis said, startling the others. “You may think everyone feels the same as you, but the war is over.”

Turning his attention to Adonis, Robyn bared his teeth. “Shut up, you useless rat. You know nothing.”

“I know people like you are what is wrong with humanity. Just because you are a privileged, whiny brat with a daddy complex, you believe everything needs to go your way. Too bad for you, this is not how the world works,” Adonis informed the bespectacled man, his face and voice devoid of emotion.

Robyn's nostrils flared in anger. He shot a glare toward the colonel, who stared with half-lidded eyes beneath a raised brow. “Shoot him, but don't kill him.”

“If you say so.” The man shrugged, pointed his gun at Adonis, and pulled the trigger.

Adonis let out a strangled grunt as the round passed through the muscle of his thigh. His leg gave out and he hit the ground, clamping his hands around the wound.

“Stop hurting my friends!” shouted Shelsea, taking advantage of Robyn's distraction to bring her leg up and kick him in the crotch. He released her, doubling over in pain. Shelsea sprinted across the open area to where Nrekeeka stood. “I'm sorry! I swear I just wanted to help,” she declared, hugging her sister.

“Bitch!” snarled Robyn, aiming his pistol at Shelsea. His finger curled around the trigger.

“Wait!” called Nrekeeka, quickly stepping around the girl and throwing her hands in the air.

“Why? Why should I?” Robyn's hand quaked.

“Because I have something to show you.”

“You don't have anything I want to see.”

“Don't be so sure. I just...I just want you to look at these.”

Despite himself, curiosity sparked in Robyn's eyes. “These what?”

Moving slowly with one hand still raised, Nrekeeka reached behind her back. “They're in my pocket. I'm going to toss them onto the ground in front of you.”

The colonel and Robyn shared a glance before the older man nodded. “Go ahead.”

Nrekeeka slipped her hand into her back pocket and pulled out a stack of papers. Tossing them to Robyn, she watched as they fluttered to the dirty cement. Her jaw twitched as she looked from the old photos to Robyn's face.

“If this doesn't change your mind, nothing will.”

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