The body

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This happened to me in real life.

It was a sunny day and my dad and I were walking on Polly Ann trail, which is near my house. As we walked my dad was telling me the types of trees we were passing like Birch, Oak, Hickory, and pine. We were having a great time. The birds were singing and the sun was going down. I watched my feet and we walked, looking at the pebbles move when I stepped on them. I just zoned out. I could hear my dad’s laughter in the back ground, so I looked up. 

“what.” I had said 

He just shook his head and said 

 “you’re going to miss the sunset if you keep zoning out.” 

I looked at his hazel eyes and studied him for a few minutes, his brown hair starting turn grey and even though in adopted we had the same chin.then looked out in front of me and looked at the sky, colors of orange, and pink mixed together. Then I looked at the trail up the road. There in the front of us just a little up the trail was a dog. It was not an ordinary dog, it was big spotted brown and black. As we got closer I realized the dog didn’t have an owner with it, so I thought maybe he got lost. I called the dog over and looked at its collar and sure enough the dog lived in the neighborhood but this street was deep in the neighborhood. I looked at my dad 

“we should take him home” I said 

My dad just nodded and started walking again. I quickly followed and so did the dog. We keep walking till I noticed the dog wasn’t following any more. I looked back and the dog was staring at the edge of the road. As he walked over to the edge I called over to my dad 

"hey dad wait!" 

 He turned around  as I walked to the edge. I Knew already that over the edge was a swam but  I got a feeling that today there was something else. A dog, with no owner around, in the middle of the trail. I knew what was coming next, but I didn’t want to believe it. I slowly looked over the edge and there is was. The body.  

It was a male, his hair and body was pale pasty white. He was in a position of trying to get out of the water but seemed to have failed. I choked out 


"what!" He yelled back 


It was barely a whisper but my dad seemed to have heard. He walked over to where I was and just barely glanced. 

" Its just a dummy." He said before turning away. 

"Dad." I said again 

He looked over and saw the dog trying to wake the man up, licking his head desperately. My dad walked closer this time and looked hard this time. Then he turned to me and slowly moved me away from the body. All of a sudden he reached for his phone and dialed 911. With that quick movement I knew that it was all true, I knew what and just happened, I knew that I had just found a body. 

I broke down after that. Just cried I was worried. What if it was the dog that pushed him in. What if the dog pushes my dad in. I spent the whole time crying as the police came and carried him away. They came up to me after that, Questioned me on what happened exactly what happened. Then what they said ill never forget. 

"You saved his life, He would have been dead by sundown" they told me 

I was so happy all I could do was nod I wasn’t that young but young enough that seeing something like that is scaring. I will never forget what happened and I have a story to tell. I can always be proud over the fact that I saved someone's life. If I just left with my dad and agreed with him that it was a dummy then he could have died but I followed my instincts and grabbed my dads attention. But ill never forget the body and the way he looked 

Submitted: January 08, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Daria Westbrook. All rights reserved.

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