Antonio's choice of career so far isn't the greatest but it pays the bills. As a contract assassin whose been on his own since his mother's suicide Antonio is the best at what he dose. So when a contract comes his way from a mysterious woman who works for some mysterious guy it comes as no surprise that she makes an offer he can't refuse. Little dose he know that this woman is about to turn his life up side down. Follow Antonio and his accumulating crew of interesting characters through an adventure of a lifetime. Where the limits of Antonio's will power will be tested and his patience even more so in a tale of friendship, love and overcoming all odds while going through a plethora of things like mythology, facing majestic creatures that would love nothing more than to have him for dinner and broadening his knowledge of the powers that drive the world he thought he knew. Delve deep into each Characters back story and found out all about these Characters past and the skeletons they hide. Will Antonio, his crew and his banana yellow minivan ,he insists upon is manly, be able to figure out the true evil that lurks behind the scenes plotting and scheming and face it down and defeat it or will he be forced to watch as everything he loves gets destroyed as he watches helplessly as he is unable to stop it. This book is full of twist and turns that will keep you guessing whats going to happen from him sitting in a coffee shop to the very end of the book.

Warning: reader discretion is advised due to language that may be inappropriate for some viewers, sexual innuendos, jokes and talk, mild mention of drug use, talk of murder, plus many potential triggering topic points which I will try to warn of at the beginning of each chapter in the description of the chapter in consideration for the readers.

Message to Readers:
Due to most of the previous work to chapter nine being done when I worked over nights ,while having a demanding personal life,to which some of is described to an extent in my poems if you wish to know more, and was suffering from being sleep deprived there are many spelling and grammatical errors that need fixing along with Chapters missing some important content needed for the progression and lore of the story. So chapter ten will take some time to be posted as I go back and edit all of this. This would be a very good time to post feedback and reviews to help me improve the quality of this book. Please bear with me as I take the time to fix these mistakes to improve the reading quality of this book. Thank you and enjoy.

Table of Contents

The meeting and the mysterious man.

A vital meeting among leaders has been called into order and a unexpected visitor shows up.
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Ms. Johnson and my stupid mistake.

Antonio is sitting at his favorite Cofee shop drinking a peperment mocha cappuccino when a skinny blonde with dazzling green eyes and blonde hair approaches him with a contract to kill a Mr. Body.
Does he even have a clue as to what is about to happen?
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Prepping for pest control

Antonio was just assigned to kill Mr. Body by Mrs. Johnson. After some let's say negotiations he gets a check for one and a half million dollars Now it's time to set up for pest control. Still not
yet having a clue as to what's about to happen he gets to work.
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Me with a knife but where.

Antonio now has Mr. Body in his sights and now has a plan to take care of the pest but unbeknownst to him things are going to take a turn for the worse in the end. Will he finally get a clue to
what's going on?
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A cage, an idiot, my own stupidity, betrayal, and loons

Antonio just completed his contract to kill Mr. Body He was about to make his grand escape through the back porch when all of a sudden it opened up and swallowed him soon to find he is trapped in
the cage he is about to make a new friend. What will he find out and who are these Loons that will pop up and what the hell are they talking about.
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Crazy Beautiful and..... hey wait my money

After a night dealing with the loony bin convention and Tylor getting his car stolen all Antonio wants to do is go home and relax and hope the Shyan person that they were told will find them never
dose but let's see what happens when he gets home.
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Oh! you brought an army. How cute! We have a crazy bitch with a hammer. Everything goes kaboom damn "gas leaks"

Antonio just met Shyan who already broke into his house and spent his money on pizza but before to much could be explained a group of black sports cars and Suvs pull up with some not so nice people
in it. Will Antonio Taylor and Shyan get out of this? Will the banana yellow minivan allow them to escape? Let's find out. Everything is edited up to this point those of you following a long
definantly want to reread this chapter as stuff was added to it. Thank you
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Family reunions suck at Uncle Neds luxurious Hotel.

Antonio's home just got invaded and exploded now where will they go. Antonio has a place in mind but is he ready to face what's to come.
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Antonio needed to blow off some steam after the talk with Uncle Ned so Him and Shyan hit a club with a fight ring and scheme to make some money. What will happen and will they succeed in doing so.
read and find out.

p.s. Thank you for your patience a lot has been going on in my personal life and it took me awhile for this chapter to be finished and ready to post. Sooooo sorry about that. So thanks again and
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Goddess of the ring, Fighting the lion hearted, Win or go broke

Sorry finishing this chapter took so long life has been extremely hectic lately thank you for your patience.

Finally done editing Chapter Ten will becoming soon.
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My morning coffee gets shot, More fun at Mr. Oblin's bank, Holy shit just Holy shit that's all I can say.

Shyan, Antonio and Tylor wake up in the morning at Uncle Ned's Luxurious Hotel to start there day but soon things go extremely fucked up and side ways as They try to just get things done so they
can start on there mission. Shyan also drops a very shcoking confession that will make jaws drop as she opens up about her tragic past. Will they survive the day or will their Journey end before it
truly even began.
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hopefully a party? nope it's a gun fight at uncle ned's luxurious hotel, returning to my child hood home.

When Antonio and Shyan arrive back at Uncle Ned's hotel things are in chaos? what new information may they learn and what info may we learn about them.

Trigger warnings: drug use is mentioned but not described Rape is mentioned but not described

Thank you for reading and as always feedback and critique is always welcomed
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don't piss mr. h off, i invent the manly fetal position because of just holly fuck, and on the road again the manly banana yellow minivan gets more manly.

Antonio and the crew are off to Mr. H's workshop but when things get a little heated Antonio realizes he winds up biting off more than he can chew. The manly yellow minivan gets some upgrades to
make the crews life a lot easier and somewhat safer and after wards the get on the road and makes a pit stop where more will be revealed about the ever continuing connections of the chosen's lives.

Just finished this chapter next chapter will be coming as soon as I can. Sorry for the long waits and the inconsistent updates life has been so crazy and a lot has been happening thank you for your
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