The difference

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 15 (v.1) - “It’s The Two Of Us”

Submitted: February 14, 2020

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Submitted: February 14, 2020



Hudson River

Seconds Later


Allen breaks the surface near the shore and comes panting for his breath. He drags Casey out of the water. She’s seemingly unconscious. He checks her breathing, no breathing, checks her pulse, no pulse.


“God... what have I done?” Allen’s panicked, thinking he might have just killed her chills her more than the air does.


All of a sudden Casey coughs up some water then turns over for comfort, gasping for breath instead. And so Allen’s able to catch some breath.



Thirty Minutes Before Kevin Meets Annette


They keep moving, both wet. Need new clothes for disguises too. So they hit a clothing store. Casey’s still unstable on her own. But she’s been quiet since they got out of the water. Her dull face suggests that the effects of the drug is wearing off.


They enter the store and a cute customer service shows up on their way, treating them with a nice and big business smile. “Hi, and welcome. How can I help you?” So energetic and welcoming that can’t be ignored.

“Good evening. Just need some new clothes.” Says Allen with his nervous tone.

“Absolutely. Well, I’m glad you came here. But do you mind if I ask? You’re soaked as you were swimming in your clothes.” Asks the service.

“Umm, ya know. Crazy dating stuff.”

“Not asking any further. Let’s introduce you to some clothing. Mind you, we added some new purchases to our stock. You might wanna check them out. And for couples like you we have an exceptional Valentine discount!”

“Sounds good. Not too fancy I hope. Just cover, ya know, I have a part time job that pays hardly any.” Says Allen.

“Don’t worry. We take good care of your pockets.”

Allen starts picking up some clothes for the two of them. But Casey’s too out of shape to be able and put them on herself.

“Excuse me! My date is having a little bit of trauma. Would you please help her change?” Allen asks the sales associate.

“Of course. Dating must be very distressful nowadays.” She says and takes Casey’s hand, going for the changing room. “Come on, honey. Let’s see how crazy you are under your garment.”


Allen changes and waits for Casey. He picks his credit cards from his old, wet clothes. He’s soon dragged into thinking about the person who gave them to him without any charges; tokens of care and appreciation.

He turns around, and he turns around over and over again just like his mind does in the moment, thinking back, still in the alley with Casey, and that woman... He bites his tongue. His nerves are shaking like chains hitting on each other. A chaos of thoughts. It can’t be... she’s not suppose to... its maddening to believe... he doesn’t want to. But fact keeps reminding him the opposite.

Among all the safe havens he knew, that one was in priority. He actually thought about it when he was running from the agents. Now that’s not even an option. Like his own apartment, he cannot go there anymore. But there’s one more thing that bothers him like a punch in his stomach. She was working for the agency?!!


“Here’s your would-be-bride. Prettier than ever.” Says the sales girl.

Allen snaps out of his mind’s world and turns around. She delivers him Casey in a new look. “Thank you.”

“No problem at all.” She says, and looks at Casey’s slumped and dull face. “Come on, sweetie. Smile. Let him know how much you love your new looks.”

Casey looks up at Allen, like when she looked him up in that bus for the first time, with bruises hidden behind her face and an aura of pain and anxiety lurking around her eyes. “Can we go?”

The sales girl happily sighs, feeling happy for the two of them without even knowing what kind of troubles and conditions they’re dealing with.

“Thanks, for the help.”

“You’re both very welcome! Oh and, you can check at the exit.”

Allen uses one credit card for payment. Then he tosses them and their old clothes inside the trash can. But he had in mind to keep that particular ticket which Kevin gave him.


Temporary Command Post of the Deviance

10:00 P.M


“Sir, sensors are picking up a huge mass of energy in midtown Manhattan. It’s increasing. Sending all patrols the coordinates.” Operator announcement.


Midtown Manhattan, Through the Alleys


They’re back to moving in cover. Casey’s still a bit dizzy but can walk. At a turn she grabs on his shoulder and pulls him back, “not that way. It’s about to get ugly.”

Allen listens to her. He’s happy that she’s back. She probably had some visions of their future. The diamorphine is washed off in her veins. That might as well be the cause of her dullness and deep depression.

In the alley they pass Casey lingers behind. She suddenly halts. Allen gets back to her and before she collapses on the ground picks her up. She looks devastated, muttering under her lips about something. Allen tries talking to her. “STOP.” She yells at him. Her voice spreads all around the alley.

She steps ahead, denying his helpful hands to keep her up. Again she collapses in a lack of strength. He tends to pick her up.


He lets her hang on to the wall, touching foreheads, he handles her face with gentle hands, closes his eyes and whispers. “It’s ok. Everything’s gonna be alright.”

“Alright?” She sighs. “You don’t know.” And sobs with a trembling voice.

“It doesn’t matter. At least you’re not alone. It’s the two of us!” He says.


He doesn’t know and he never knew at all. But she is not willing to tell him about it, like every other damn time she tried to. She senses it. This is Allen. The same and all time Allen. She wants to hug him, feel him. For it feels like it was a lifetime ago last time they were together like this. But her wavering hand falls again and she loses her consciousness.

Allen grabs her before the ground does. This time she’s completely fainting. At least her breathing and heartbeat haven’t changed. He puts his arms around her and keeps her close to his chest. He randomly turns his head to glance at the moving street. But the street is not moving at all.

Sounds are blocked out and the whole street with everything and everybody inside it is frozen. He’s staggered so quick. His brain sends messages towards his eyes and ears and challenges his intellect for answers. Nobody’s moving. They are held motionless in their walking statures. Vehicles at thirty miles per hour have stopped. Even the pigeons in the sky are frozen like hanging birthday balloons.

He takes a look at Casey. She’s so passed out to be able and answer his question. Did she trigger this, the whole time freeze!? He takes on the pavement and starts walking. It’s too huge. Things are quite still as far as his eyes can catch in both ends of the street. It’s like watching a three-dimensional photo from a panorama landscape.

He finds agents solidly still while reached for their guns. They were stopped in time as they were on their way towards them. Does it have anything to do with Casey, or some other disaster have taken place? He kinda likes it. It feels safe.


Aryan’s Place, Smith’s Manor

10:40 P.M


Comes the sound of the door bell swift as if the one ringing it were afraid to push a little harder. That’s just how he knows him; Allen’s very way of ringing. Aryan always leaves the door to Noah. But knowing Allen’s behind the door, he jumps down the stairs and tends to the door himself.


“I got this, Noah. You can go back to, whatever you were doing.” Says Aryan and opens the door.

Allen appears with an unconscious girl in his arms that he’s never seen before. Aryan could never picture him showing up at his door like that, so the confusion and shock holds him still. “Allen, what are you doing?”


Allen is tired after handling Casey for half an hour walk long. His arms are about to slack off. And he doesn’t expect Aryan to stand there and give him the ‘what the hell’ look. “Can we come in?”


The Clothing Store

An Hour After Allen And Casey Left


She arrives at the exact location. The signals last picked up his location somewhere nearby, when he used his credit card for purchase. But now it’s gone. The stores are closed. She senses every last little detail that could possibly remain after them. It brings her towards the trash can.

She finds their clothes in a bag, and his all four credit cards she provided him with in addition. It hurts to know that he had to toss ‘me away. After what he saw in that alley of her this couldn’t be avoided. It’s broken, that relation and bond of trust between them. But she cannot live on with the idea that he doesn’t trust her anymore. She has to fix what’s broken!


Aryan’s Place, Smith’s Manor

11:00 P.M


Allen is holding the door half closed, watching Casey sleeping in peace. He closes the door without making a noise and heads down the stairs into the main hall. The burning fireplace in the calming dark of the room feels like a seventeenths century medieval house.


“Master Nelson?” Noah, Aryan’s favorite old man and family’s tireless housekeeper, comes forth, asking to handle Allen’s jacket.

“Noah. For the thousand times, just call me Allen.” He takes off his jacket and puts it on his respectfully held out arm to carry.

He silently walks his way off. And Allen sits on the sofa beside the fireplace. The gentle crackling sounds tangle up with his thoughts. Aryan comes with two cups of coffee, giving Allen a cup.


“Wanna tell me about it?” Aryan sits and asks.

“It all came up so fast. I don’t even remember how I winded up being here.” Says Allen.

“Where was the point when it all started?”


“And do give the necessary details.” Aryan adds.

“Ok. It was yesterday? Or the day before yesterday. I was heading home in a bus that this girl, Casey, she sat beside me and said that the woman in the next row seats is going to die today.”

Aryan titters, “like in tense movie scenes?”

“You could say so.” Allen continues after a deep sighing. “I followed that woman. Turned out she was right. I had to jump in and save her from crashing into a car, with her baby.”


“Yeah. It was tense. And people saw me snapping out of nowhere like some fast forwarded footage.”

“Then what happened? Did they call the folks?” Aryan asks.

“No. I guess they were too shocked to do anything. Everybody was just staring. Then some guy gave me a heads up that agents are coming. Had to turn my way off and skip out of there.”

“That cool vanishing thing you do? You did it?” Aryan shows some excitement.

“I’ve been forced to do it more than ever, just recently.” Allen replies with signs of regret.

“What happened next? You started meeting up with her? Teaming up like badass superhero guys to go after crime and saving the world stuff?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I tried to find her, yes. But it wasn’t without trouble.” Allen says. “I asked this other girl, Emma, another one with powers. She helped me find her.”

“Seriously, I’ve never known you to be an active stalker of night guy.”

“She was the one who stalked me. She was like, ‘hey guess what, you got a friend for life.’ And we started out friendship.”

“Uh huh, a friendship?” Aryan smirks and nods in disbelief. “Allen Nelson, commme onnn.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. There’s nothing funny here, Aryan. Agents chased us down. I’ve been on the run for my life! Those bastards don’t even mind killing us. They draw their guns and start shooting at us like we’re some serial killers.”

“Chill out, man. Your story’s winding up with agents, chase and run. How did you get yourself so much attention?”

“I?I mean we, broke into a rehab center, false identity for a lab that was ran by the agency.” Allen says and looks at Aryan’s locked up in shock face. “We had to rescue Casey.”

“Wait, lemme drink my coffee. You say that again.” Aryan says, lifting the cup to his lips.

“We broke into a lab.” Allen says as withered as his face gets.

Aryan pushes the coffee out of his mouth, “What the hell?”

“That’s true.”

“You’re blowing up my mind right now.”

“I’ve never been so reckless, and stupid. But for a funny fact, I’ve never felt so relived before.” Says Allen.

“How did you broke into a lab and took her out of there exactly? And how does that make you feel relived?” Aryan asks.

“We had some help. Me, Emma, and an expert of crashing nerves named Sam.”

“Which I guess stands for Samantha?”

“You bet. But there was this other guy... I didn’t see him during our rescue mission. But he was there and he lent us a big hand.” Allen continues. “I met him later. He was like fancy gentlemen of Wall Street. And he vanished right before my eyes, just like a ghost. But before he disappeared, he gave me a ticket...” He draws the ticket from his back pocket.


Aryan is quite surprised to see the white ticket. He suddenly gets up and runs up the stairs towards his room, leaving Allen to question for himself why he had to hurry all without a reason. He comes back and brings a ticket all the same. They both look at each other, shocked with the odds that bring this all together.


“Wow, I swear it was completely white a second ago.”

“Fifth Ave, 10022.” Allen reads the writing that just appeared on his ticket. “Does your ticket say the same?”


And they’re both enticed to visit that address.


© Copyright 2020 Liar-A. All rights reserved.


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