Forests, Our Cool Agents

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How every cooling space upon the earth should be considered as vital in the fight against global warming...

Submitted: January 09, 2019

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Submitted: January 09, 2019



In the latter part of 2018, Donald Trump declared that the devastating wildfires which occurred during the summer and fall of the year in the western regions of the United States, were due in large part to poor forest management. He is a climate change denier and has ignored scientific evidence of human caused global warming. The truth is, the polar ice is melting at an unnatural rate, and the sad fact is, human beings can't re-freeze what is the source of all major cooling upon the earth after a certain temperature is met. When it comes to our forests, we can keep our cooling spaces, those which may slow the process of world wide warming. What does forest management involve? Unfortunately, I believe the currant attitude among the vast majority in charge is of a 'quick fix' attitude of slash and burn to prevent future wildfire disasters. The density of our forests, which adds fuel to these fires, also consists of a shade filled cooling space. One might believe these spaces are vital in helping to slow the warming trend. What occurs within the forests of Northern California will affect the climate of Asia, Europe; everywhere around our planet in the future. When it comes to forest management, an intelligent understanding of our global ecological web,( that which supports us all) is needed by those in charge of the process of keeping our Cool Agents healthy, now and in times to come. 'To burn what is needed, man must think as a strike of lightening coming to earth, and as the rain which follows to put out the fire. In the balance of nature found within the creative flame'.

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