Suicide may just be an option

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sometimes its okay to let go

Submitted: January 10, 2019

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Submitted: January 10, 2019



When your plan for life isn't what life plans for you alright

Sometimes we dont get another chance. It doesn't give us alnight

whe the sorrow takes hold.Life becomes meaningless

What you grieve about what's left of it. It seems to make the pain more or less

when suicidal thoughts holds me strong. Steadfast like a stronghold

the thoughts's latched on to me like in that moment i begins to cringe

get together doesn't work no more. It saps my energy. I'm left, with no hope for living and then slowly and steadly

i let go of the little chair on which was my last support. Which had supported me, moments ago

i let the noose take hold. It dangles, on it a body.

struggling to break free. Forgettin' i'm lactched onto it. Slowly, slowly i let go

Giving the noose permission to let it take final power

i do not fight it.

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