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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Shredding in the Storm

Submitted: January 10, 2019

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Submitted: January 10, 2019



The day started like any other, snow covering the trees and ground, but there was one diffrence to this day that most people would be scared of. There was a snow storm coming, and it sounded like it was gonna be bad. The news cast said there would be a wind speed of 56kph, with snow and ice. Although most people would be inside at this time. Enjoying a nice cup of coffee, or hot cocoa by the lit fireplace. children playing on their Iphone 100's, samsung universes or even game consoles.Nowdays, people are exclusively on their phones checking social media, and watching people shred the powder, or shredding the powder themselves while heading to work or school. Either on ski or snowboard, even on a snowmobile. My friend Joe Mike told me their used to be things called “Cars” where another vehicle called a “Snowplow” would plow roads shredding the snow till there was none left so roads made out of rock or cement could show, and cars would ride on the rock. I immediately replied to him. “Jeez the people before us were crazy. You would have to be insane to do that!” Although, now I ride as a job. No, not race. I do stunts, and really dangerous ones. Tonight was one of those nights, people informed to stay inside and stay warm. But for me, I chose to do the opposite. I chose to ride in the storm. Do some sick tricks, shred the powder and get some good video coverage. I grab my snow pants, sweater, and jacket. Putting them on, I look at the time. "10:00," I tell myself. "I still have time to shred before sun falls. Hopefully I make it before the storm dies down, I need that sick coverage." While saying that I realized I'm talking to myself. I shake my head laughing at myself. grabbing my board, and helmet. I put on my red, wool beanie, and place my helmet on my head grabbing the two strips with fur on them and wrap it around my neck, and click the two together. once I put on my helmet I tell myself, "Okay, good. now I have less of a chance to get a concussion." I put on my boots, and latch my goggles to my helmet with a "click!" as It snaps in. I grab my board from the showcase bars above my bed that it rested on. I pull up my mask thats attached to my helmet, and I jump on my board. "Click!" I move my feet a bit, noticing I’m locked in. I stand there in the storm, the wind blowing at my scarf, jacket and pants. As I stand there, I whisper to myself, "hell yeah, this storm is gonna make some good coverage!" I reach to the back of my helmet and push a button, "beep!" I start to record my ride. As I ride, I grind on some pieces of wood. Smashing against the powder with ease. The bone chilling cold hits me as I suddenly hit an unexpected jump, as I'm falling I start to scream, "Hell yeah!!" I do a trick, with a melon put in the mix as I fall. I land on the ground hitting the ground with a loud "Ploof!" While in the open world, not paying attention to anything around me, getting the footage of The pine trees and, the endless snow. Suddenly I see a small cliff, I get ready to jump it, when out of the blue. I hit a piece of ice, tumbling down the small cliff, I break my right leg from the sudden impact, and slam into the snow at the bottom. I scream in pain. I fall onto the ground, as I lay there, sprawled in the snow, the bone chilling cold hits my leg giving it a sharp pain. I knew I broke something, and even though I knew that. I try to get up, getting another sharp pain. I fall back down on my back, and whisper to myself. "That was stupid." While laying there, I start thinking that no one will find me. My leg giving me severe pain. I whisper to myself, "Maybe I should rest that might help me." As I start to shut my eyes, I see a figure dashing towards me, it looked like a girl.

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