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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Frostbite

Submitted: January 17, 2019

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Submitted: January 17, 2019



As I try to stay awake, the women dashes over to me, even though it's a blizzard and she has only a wool hat jacket and pants on. My leg is nearly frozen, my hands are numb, and I can't feel anything. I can't move, and I'm in pain, "and I thought this day was gonna be good" I think to myself. The women makes her way over to me and notices that I'm awake. She tells me "stay awake, everything is gonna be ok!" I wake up in some sort of cabin. I'm in a bed, it's made out of logs though. The sheets are white and the cover is plaid I try to shuffle to my side so I can get comfortable and I get a sharp pain as my leg twists, whimper like a baby I whisper "Agh! that stung!" I sit up and take off the covers. Noticing my leg is strapped in a foam brace that is tied to the bed, and barely holding on to my leg. I was confused if they were kidnapping me or trying to help. Suddenly the door opens, and I quickly try to act like I'm sleeping. A woman's voice says, “you can cut the act now, I know you're awake.” I open my eyes to a beautiful girl, with black hair with a red stripe down the side, pale white skin, beautiful red lips. She would be in a t-shirt and jeans. Holding a steaming mug. "How did you sleep?" She asks. Half awake and really weak I say "Good, who are you and where am I here though?" She sets down the mug, it's hot cocoa. After setting it down she says, "my name is Emily, your here because last night you broke your leg." scared for my equipment, I immediately say "Is my board alright!" After giggling, she says, "yes, your board is fine, it’s a bit scratched from the fall but it's perfectly fine. What were you thinking when you rode in a blizzard? Did you not think about what would happen?"


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