An Unexpected Day Part 1

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A crazy unexpected day brought two woman together

Submitted: January 10, 2019

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Submitted: January 10, 2019



An unexpected day

Part 1


Brianna stretched her muscles, getting ready for the trial run, she discreetly looked around, but the brunette she has noticed at previous trial runs does not seem to be here today. She felt disappointed, then laughed at herself, she has been doing these runs to lose weight, not to develop a crush on a fellow runner.


As she towards the starting line for the start of the race; clearly late. This morning got a bit brighter. The gun went off, and the race was off to a start. She started her run at a slow pace as she was not fit enough for a full on sprint.


The brunette ran past Brianna, much fitter and more in shape. Brianna smiled and then went back to concentrate on her running. As she progressed her breathing became laboured, as it was a hot day, and her muscles started to cramp. She did not see the green vineyards they were running through on this glorious Saturday morning, as all she could do was concentrate on getting one foot in front of the other, while her breath burned through her chest and her legs threatened to give out under her. One foot in front of the other, it became like a mantra in her brain, as all her focus were on her feet.


She did not see the tree stump until it was too late, her painful muscles had no reflexes left in it, and she went down hard. It happened so quickly, and she did not knee. The blood flowed in long red streams down her leg. For a moment, the pain got the upper hand, and she rested her head back on the ground, she must have zoned out for a moment because when was leaning over her. Brianna closed her eyes, not knowing if this was a dream, but the pain contradicted that thought, this was very real, “I take it the earth will not open up and swallow this clumsy fool,” the words came out on a higher tone and with a tremble.


“It’s ok, don’t worry.” The brunette’s voice was calm, gripping Brianna’s hand. “I am a doctor. My name is Cameron, I will have a look at your injury, that ok?” Brianna could only nod. She looked on as Cameron inspected her knee, twisting it to see the wound better which made Brianna grimaced. Cameron looked up. “We will need to get a stretcher to bring you to the finishing point and then an ambulance to the hospital.”


Brianna moved to see if she can get up, there is no way she would be carried down to the finishing line. “Nope,” Cameron’s hand came to rest on Brianna’s shoulder, “You are not going to be brave and walk down, your leg is hurt pretty badly.” Brianna’s moment of bravery left her, as the pain was so intense that all she could do was lean her head back on the ground and let the pain flow through her. She must have blacked out for a moment, because as she came too she on a stretcher being carried to where the ambulance was waiting. It was strange how she saw the vineyards and the roses from a different vantage point. It glided past almost like in a dream.


All she could think about on her way to the hospital was what about her car, her house keys, who will feed her cats. The ambulance stopped at the entrance of the emergency room, and as they opened up the ambulance door, she saw Cameron waiting outside, “How you are feeling, we need to get you into X-rays as soon as possible. I did not like how that leg looked?”


“Thanks, doctor,” Brianna shot Cameron a half smile, which did not last long as the pain shot through her because of the jostling of being unloaded from the ambulance.


They hooked Brianna up to a monitor to check her vitals while the nurse on the other side tried to get personal information from her to complete the admission form. Brianna was concentrating on all the wires, the pain in her leg and her trial run crush hanging around the bed, so the dreaded question caught her unaware, “Next of kin’s name or anyone else we can contact?” the nurse’s question hanged like a loaded gun in the air. Brianna put her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes for a moment, “Nope, no one, well that is if you count Uber,” the nurse did not get the joke as her head snapped up from filling in the forms, annoyed with Brianna. “There is no one to call. I’ll get a colleague or someone to take me home when necessary,” Brianna saw the growing look of pity on the nurse’s face and balled her hand into a fist, immediately angry about the presumed pity. Cameron must have seen the growing murderous look on Brianna’s face, “Don’t worry about that, put me in as next of kin for now, until,” Cameron look at the form, “until Brianna feels better and can complete the form.” Well, at least she had the decency not to ask for her name in front of everyone.


“When is the doctor coming or am I just going to bleed to death here?” the grumpy comment was not lost on all around.


“I know you are in a lot of pain, but no need to take it out on the people around you,” the new voice came walking through the opening in the curtain. Brianna’s feeling of a clumsy fool escalated to that of a beached whale as the ER doctor was a woman and a beautiful one at that.


“Could anyone just kill me now,” apparently her muttering was not so much to herself as the nearest nurse grinned while Cameron looked uncomfortable. Brianna thought it good to rather act like a coma patient.


The ER doctor half smiled while looking down at her chart, “Hi, I am Dr Connor, let me have a look,” she bent over Brianna’s leg and lifted the gauze, “We need to get an X-ray done on this knee so we can decide on a course of action. Please get her to X-rays and let me know when she is back,” she looked back to the chart, “Brianna, at this moment we don’t know if your knee back, we will make a call on how to proceed. Questions?”


“No, I just need to know what is going on, as I need to plan if I am here longer than today,” the doctor shook her head,  ”Make your arrangements, you will be here at least until tomorrow, and depending on what is wrong maybe longer. I will keep you updated,” and with that, she left.


The nurses left as well, , I know you are a doctor, but this went beyond the call of duty.”


Cameron lifted her hand to silent Brianna, “Don’t worry, I have to admit your leg had me worried when I got to you, and I saw you were on your own there, so I helped. That ok?”


“Thanks, I might have to impose more on you. and most of all my phone is in my car,” Brianna hated the feeling of depending on others and put her hand over her eyes.


“You ok?” she felt Cameron’s hand on her leg. “Yeah, I am fine.” Cameron pulled her hand away. Brianna hid for another few moments behind her hand. When she looked up, Cameron’s face was unreadable.


“Sorry, I am grumpy and hate to depend on others, favour because in our technology forward life I haven’t memorised a single telephone number,” she admitted.


“No problem, I Uber to the venue and bring your car and phone here.”


Brianna took out her keys and handed it over to Cameron.


“You just hate to have someone do something for you?”


“Yea, I hate it, and I am eating humble pie here asking a stranger to help and,” the way Cameron raised her eyebrow made Brianna rephrased her words, “Thank you for helping.”


“And she can be polite.”


“I am the one with an open wound here.”


The eyebrow shot up again.


“What car do you drive?”


“A Hyundai Tucson, it is silver, and the registration number is………” Brianna looked at Cameron blankly. “And now I cannot remember that.”


“Then, I will have to go around the parking lot and try to unlock every silver Hyundai Tucson. Maybe my next call might be from a jail cell for attempted theft. If I find it and not end up in jail, I should be back within an hour or so. Where did you put your phone?”


“No more jokes, today has already been disastrous. The phone is in the right-hand door pocket.”


“Ok, I will be back soon.”


“Thanks, I appreciate it,” and with that words, she was rewarded with a beautiful smile from Cameron.


The shock and rush of everything that has happened to her caught up with Brianna after Cameron left, and she was alone in the hospital bed, surrounded by the smell of disinfectant, hearing worried family members murmuring to each other sitting at hospital beds and doctors that gave orders to nurses. She never had a problem being on her own, but here in this moment, she was in pain, she had to ask a stranger to help her, and she really needed a shoulder and to be comforted by someone. She didn’t realise there was a hand on her shoulder until she felt a slight stroke. She looked up to see the ER doctor standing alongside her, “I will not ask if you are ok because you clearly aren’t but just breathe, I will try to get you answers on your leg, but in the meantime, there is nothing you can do now but wait?” Dr Connor smiled and walked away.


She must have fallen asleep as she suddenly felt her bed moving on her way to the X-ray division. They attended to her and before she knew she was back in the ER again. Her bed and Cameron entered the ER at the same time. “Well, at least she came back,” Brianna mumbled.


Cameron handed her the keys and phone, and then looked uncomfortable. “Ok, I have parked your car outside, in front of the hospital. And you have your phone now call someone, I will then just wish you good luck with your leg and be on my way as you probably want to rest,” Cameron turned around as if to walk out.


“Hi, hmm, do you have to be somewhere? I, uhm, well, if you don’t, well, need to be somewhere, would you mind…. mind terribly to sit with me for a while and keep me company?” Brianna never knew where she got the courage, but at that moment she didn’t want to be alone. Cameron stopped and turned back, her expression unreadable, but she pulled the visitor’s chair up to the bed.


“You so hard up for a company you are asking a stranger to keep you company?”


“Look, if you are busy and don’t want to stay you can go, I am fine on my own.


“Don’t get your back up. I don’t need to be anywhere.”


There was a moment of awkward silence, and Brianna felt she owed the woman who helped her all day some explanation.


“I hate being helpless and this, today, the fall, the ambulance, worry about my leg, my car, I am not handling it too well, I am not used to the one being in the hospital bed.”


“Seems like you have experience on my side of the bed?”


“Yes, my ex got sick a lot, she was in and out of hospitals a few times, and then I had to take care of everything,” she stared at a spot high on the ceiling, not seeing the little smile on Cameron’s face. “I have been on my own for a while, but when one goes down, like literally, you realised you need contingency plans.”


“Why didn’t you put down an emergency contact?”


“I don’t want to burden anyone, my parents are about six hours drive away, and my brother has his own life and,” a half smile formed on Brianna’s face, “besides that, I know no one’s number by heart,” she waved her phone in the air, “modern technology.”


The next two hours flew past as they talked about random topics. The ER was busy with nurses and doctors coming and going, monitors going off and people and families coming through with a variety of ailments. There Cameron, she felt as if she was in a bubble. It all came to an abrupt halt when Dr Connor walked up to the bed.


“Your results are some ligaments torn. We need to stabilise your leg, and you will have to stay off your leg for the next six weeks.”


“That will be fun,” Brianna felt disheartened, that was a long time to be on crutches.


“You will be in hospital till tomorrow afternoonstabilise your knee. I have prescribed a pain killer and some antibiotics which will be administered. I know this will not be easy, but it could have been much worse. You were lucky.”


“Don’t feel like it,” Brianna’s mind worked overtime, she has to plan.


“Don’t, I can see the wheels churning, as there is smoke coming out of your ears,” Brianna laughed and slapped Cameron on the arm. She did not see the strange look on the ER doctor’s face, as Cameron laughed back at her.


“You going to stay, while we patch up the patient?” Cameron seemed to sense something in the doctor’s voice, as she got up with a fleeting uncertain look crossing her face.


“No, no,” turning back to Brianna, “listen let them patch you up, I will come and visit you this evening if it is ok with you?”


“Yes and thanks for everything today, I must have ruined your day.”


“No, it was the perfect day, an adrenaline rush, meeting a stranger, playing the white knight and then spending the rest of my day, not couch surfing.”


“Well, there is that, see you later then.”


Cameron walked away with a glance over her shoulder, smiling back at Brianna.


“You know her well?” the question caught Brianna unexpected, but she could not read much on the doctor’s face as she was looking down at the chart.


“No, I haven’t met her before this morning, she helped me after the fall. Why?”


“Just wanted to know if I have to put her on your visitor’s list to visit you anytime, thought she was your girlfriend as she was listed as your next of kin.”


“No, yea, apparently they needed a name for next of kin to complete the admittance, and she volunteered as I did not have my phone with me and knew no numbers, I will change it now as I have my phone and will give them my brother’s number.”


“Ok, sorry didn’t have kicked in, hour, they were busy with her, stitching and bandaging her knee. The drugs were doing its work and not long after she arrived in the hospital ward, she fell asleep. She did not know what woke her up, as it was dark in the room, but she saw someone sitting in the visitor’s chair.


“You know that you drool and snore and making little piggy noises in your sleep,” Cameron chuckled.


“I don’t, well the snoring I will give in to, my ex used to break my ribs with her elbow, but the drooling and well, whatever noises you might have heard, that is all in your head.”


Cameron laughed and put a bag on the bed, “I know you are exhausted, so I am not going to stay long,” she pointed to the bag, “On my way here I thought you sort of did not plan to be here today, and as I might or might not be on your next of kin list anymore, I thought as a stand-in next of kin, that you might need a few things, so I bought you some toiletries,” Cameron looked sheepish.


“Thanks, you are a life saviour.”


“I will go now, but I would like to come and visit you again before you get out of the hospital.”


“Yea, it will be great.”


Cameron squeezed Brianna’s hand, “See you tomorrow, don’t drool too much.”


“In your head, all in your head.”


Cameron walked out, just to appear back a second later. There was a determination in her stride, as she came to stand alongside the bed. Then she a weird, but interesting day, so when you out of here, you want to go on a date?”


Brianna was speechless, and could only nod.

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