A star's whispers

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Open hearts

Submitted: January 20, 2019

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Submitted: January 20, 2019



I continued hugging her like that,unaware of my own strenght,wishing and hoping this moment will last forever,that we would get frozen in time and in this very moment,being close to each other that much that i could hear her heart beating,feel it as well.It was beating fast i thought.

She raised her head up to meet with my eyes,which were slightly betraying me in my intentions.But it didnt matter.Even if she saw me like this,completly sad,i would still want,just for a while,to support her and push her forward,watching over her as she grows and grows,taking it all and finding her own way.If i do that,i wont regret anything.Neither the tears or my broken shattered heart,which is hoping,even though its impossible now,to find comfort in her arms and heart.

This is it.

The time to finally give our hearts the words so they would speak out about everything which they were unselfishly carrying,not worrying about the bruises they would get but the pain they might cause if they speak.Dont be scared.Be open.Set yourself free from the chains we have putted you in.Find your peace.

,,Alex... your eyes..You are crying"

,, Yes,a little bit.Sorry about that"

,,No...It's my fault to start with.I know i hurt you."

,,Hurt me?Well its a bit more than that...I really liked you Rosy,more than anyone i ever liked and the wounds you give me will take time to heal,but despite that i still want to hear you out properly,because i still like you and care about you,that wont change no matter what or will,might happpen,that will stay the same so..I am just asking.. can you be honest with me this one last time?Can you open your heart to me even just a little bit?"

,,Yes...yes i can"

Suddenly she hugged me.

,, Thank you Alex.For being there for me,though i should be the one apologizing and being grateful , because you even want to talk with me after this what i did.You really want to know everything?Even if this what i will tell you will definetly hurt you?"

,,I am willing to take that risk"

She hugged me closer.

,,E-Everything started about three months ago.I got a new homeroom teacher since the last one wasnt quite well..."

,,Ah i think i remembered you telling me something about it."

,,You really remember a lot..."

,,Not really.. just if it was you..I couldnt help it..s-sorry... continue on"

,,As i was saying..We got a new homeroom teacher and this one,to my suprise..was the complete opposite.He was kind,considerate,gentle towards the students,always listening and thinking about our advices.He was always trying somehow to find ways so we could all understand his lessons,even the ones which were having troubles with it.He managed to help them.To give motivation to all of us... And later.. after a test we did and since i did really bad,he offered me help.It was point less at the beggining,but slowly as time passed and we spent more time with each other...I got better...And...I started finding myself falling in love with him...after the classes were done i decided,without even thinking to tell him how i feel.I was scared.. because i knew he was going to reject me,but i still wanted to tell him,to let him know how i felt.. even if it was selfish... because i had you by my side... i couldnt help but fall in love with him.I am mean i know..but when he told me he feels just like me,i was feeling happier than anytime in my life... since then..passed nearly four months since we are together like that,hiding our relationship from everyone. I wanted to tell you earlier but i just couldnt bear to see you broken...to see you cry,knowing i am the one who made you feel that way...."

It was my time to hug her again.My tears started falling not even waiting for her to finish the last sentence.

,,So..He's your teacher?Huh...I really cant compete with that..."

My voice was shaking,as the rest of my body.


,,Now that you told me...Rosy can you hear my heart as well?"

,,You may do that"

,,Firstly.. I want to say.. Thank you Rosy. Thank you for dealing with me,spending your days,hours and minutes,for giving me a reason to smile each day,giving me a warm place as shelter and for letting me in your heart for a while.When i saw you that day..I was really sad,all my hopes,heart,feelings were crushed because i though i was the one who made you happy and smile like that and not someone else..but even if the pain in my heart didnt go away,its lighter,much lighter than before.I want to tell you that even if after this things wont be the same,i want that you know that i am here for you,if you need something,anything..a shoulder to cry...a friend to talk with...I am here Rosy.. And thank you for being the one i like"

With that our hearts were set free.Enjoying its freedom and ability to breathe freely.

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