A star's whispers

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - We meet again

Submitted: January 27, 2019

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Submitted: January 27, 2019



My heart was feeling better and more alive than before,because we finally talked it out. I was relived for those feelings,yet again,on the other hand,i was still carrying the sadness and the pain she give me.It wont pass easy.It might even take a long time until i start trusting someone again,until i decide to open my heart...

Half of the sky was white,while the other half was grey.Having a battle to see which one will take over and rule the free kingdoom,enjoying its view while the one who loses will have to settle down for giving in,nothing less than that.If in that moment i had to explain how i felt i would just say..."Look at the sky.It will show you everything you need to know"

Once again i found myself going to my hidding place,not thinking,just going there where my legs where bringing me.At least there i can be all alone with my feelings,without anyone to question me,pushing their worries and thoughts into me,wondering am I going to be alright,despite knowing perfectly what my answer would be.Finally,i can get carried away by these feelings which are capturing my heart and slowly taking over my soul.At least that was what i thought i will be able to do,but destiny decided something other,not asking for my permission or anything,just continying with her plan.

As i got there,i soon came to realise that i wasnt alone.There was another person there.Sitting on the sand and looking at the sea,not seeming to notice they got company.

,, Maybe they had a bad day as well" i thought.

But as soon as i got closer and closer,with each step towards,i couldnt help but not think i know this person.

It was a girl.With beautiful white hair and blue eyes like crystals. She was once again here.

The thought of that seemed so unreal and magical at the same time that for a split second i was thinking that this cant be real.It must be a dream.Because there wasnt a chance that she is here,right here,at the beach,after this what happpened to me.

But yet she was. And it couldnt be more real.

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