A star's whispers

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Talk by the beach

Submitted: January 27, 2019

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Submitted: January 27, 2019



I slowly started walking,getting closer and closer to her,with each step i made.Despite the noise i was trying so hard not to make,she still didnt seem to realise i was here.Why would she do that?I am just a stranger she meet once.Nothing more than that.. And then,she turned around.

,,I thought i heard someone walking.Its you!The guy from the beach...Nice seeing you again"

So she remembered me.I smiled a bit.

,,Hi.Do you mind if i sit here?"

,,Not at all.Be my guest."

I sat next to her.Not looking at her,just feeling her presence next to me.We havent said a word for a while,but somehow it didnt matter.Despite not saying a single word,i felt that this silence which we shared,was fullfiled with something which,cant be explained so easily.It was warm.Yet peacefull at the same time.There simply wasnt a need to say anything and i liked that feeling.

I didnt know how she saw it or what did she think about it,but in that time,i was really feeling grateful for being able to enjoy the quiet time like this.With someone.

,,I really like this beach.You know this was the place where my mother and father first meet and the place they got married."

,,That is really beautiful..How long have they been together?"

,,Until and after death."

.... Silence.

,,I am really sorry to hear that...."

Words couldnt come out of my mouth.The pain i felt,was completly forgoten,instead i came to realise that there is someone else who is feeling pain,just like me,but much worse.

She looked at me and smiled so brightly that i couldnt figure out was she really alright or is there something more behind that smile, something which is just waiting to be told and said,to be opened and be honest about.

,,Sorry...You must be troubled with what i said.I just said that without thinking,so dont think about it too much."

,,It's alright..sometimes its easier to tell these kind of things to someone you dont know,i know that.So if you want to talk more..I am here to listen to whatever you have to say..."

,,You would really do that? Thank you so much!I actually havent told this to anyone... really close to me...but i appreciate your words and thank you for telling me that"

Our eyes meet. One second. Five seconds. A minute.

And I will always remember that....her eyes....her smile...

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