A star's whispers

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Under the shadows of the night

Submitted: January 29, 2019

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Submitted: January 29, 2019



Minutes passed. Our eyes,maybe encouraged,decided to pay each other more short visits,not looking back or down,but at the reflections we gave. Her eyes played a unsteady game,not being able to calm down,but wondering off to anything they saw and which cought their attention.Mine were the same probably,just far worse than that,struck by the clear look she had,my eyes were poisoned.Captured in the unknown trap she set and lured me in,i feel without thinking.Lost in the unlimited beauty. I looked up.The stars were shinning so brightly,like they wanted to say that everything will be good,noticing us and reminding that the world is still beautiful as before,mystical,yet magical at the same time,because there is so many things we dont know.So many things to learn. See. Feel. Discover. Meet. Hear. Experience. Find. I truly got lost in the beauty of the eyes she give me to see,despite a short period of time,just minutes and i already feel like this.Maybe there is hope. Hope to love again and feel this world which we are a part of in the right and proper way.

I got my answer faster than i thought i would.

,, Sometimes i think that we are like stars too,trying to find our way to shine and be discovered,yet close though far from anyone except our own mind,its strange isnt it?But its a beautiful feeling to be alive,knowing you are a part of something,something so big,unknown yet strong to be able to give you a chance to be born,live...It makes me sad a bit.The thought of going.Somewhere i know nothing about."

,,You are feeling a lot then by this what you said."

,,What can i say...the heart feels what it feels,but somedays it can be troublesome because i get carried away in these feelings,happiness,sadness,fear,joy,that they simply take over me completly. And its hard to return back after."

,,I understand that...I must say,yes its pretty much hard to go back to the same as before...but just because it isnt the same it doesnt mean its not better"

She smiled warmly.

,,Yes you are right.So mind if i ask what is someone like you doing here in the middle of the night,talking with the person,more likely stranger they met only once?What could be your story?"

Now i was the one who smiled.

,,What am i doing?Just enjoying this absolutly stunnishing view and sharing my thoughts with a random girl i meet recently but who really made my mind curious.And my story...I think I will let you guess.Since you are really good at that."

She turned my head and stared at my eyes for at least five minutes.Those were the longest minutes in my whole life.A few more and i was convinced i wouldnt be able to speak anymore.

,,You got hurt..... Really really badly....by someone you loved.Is it right?"

,,Yes....but how did you know?How do you always know what am I thinking?Sorry i must ask this.Are you maybe from another world?Or a different planet?Are you a alien?"

,,No,silly...I just simply know how to look and read what your soul is saying with your eyes.Its not hard,you just need to see carefully and really look at the heart of the person."

Just like that my heart was beating again.Left,without anything to say,but with a slightly hope.

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