A star's whispers

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Sharing thoughts

Submitted: February 02, 2019

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Submitted: February 02, 2019



Beating slowly,yet beating more alive than i last felt it beating,slowly the heart was getting on the right track.Slowly,but safely it will be better i am sure in that and the absolute proff of that is standing right next to me,informing me there is something,something which is worth searching and finding for.

I looked over and saw her smiling at me and it was like the whole warmth of the world got cought in that one sweet smile.My head started sorting out all of the sweet things i could think of and not a single one could compare with what i saw.That would be impossible.Because maybe,here,at this beach,at this very moment,i am a witness of something even greater than all of that.Something more deep.Which sees beyond these limits,beyond the closed sealed windows of mind,exsists something which is able to be free and open.

,,I honestly didnt think you would get it right way,what happpened to me.But somehow i am really glad you did."

,,Well,its nothing really just as i said you need to look carefully or you might not be able to see more than what you are already,you need to look deep...to the very heart."

,,Wow,i knew eyes can speak to us but on that much of a way,i really wasnt aware of the fact.A unique way of speaking..indeed...."

,,Yes and its a language which not a lot of people can speak.I,myself belive that this kind of a way is meant for a certain type of people,people which are able to see and find that,something more than a look in someone 's eyes.They can,despite the colours which attracted them,see their story,which is hidden beneath it."

,, You are right.In every way.But that type of people are hard to find.Though its not impossible to do that."

,,I am a born optimist so I think I will definetly catch a person like that!"

A smile came across her face.She really looked determinated to do that.And beautiful as well,her eyes glooving as a pair of two most dazzling jewels. I hope she will be able to do that .To find what she wants.

Until then...We continue to talk,both of us wishing and seeking to come across what we truly wished for.And as we both looked up to the sky,we saw a shooting star. But we didnt have enough time to wish for anything,because as we both saw it,we turned around to each other wanting to say that and while we did that,it had already passed,leaving both of us a bit dissapointed but at the same time happy,because we were here,together to see the star which fall.

,,We missed it!Now we cant wish for anything!"

,,We will see another one for sure.I am positive about it."

,,You are really a optimist."

,,Now yes,but before i wasnt like that.I was negative about everything,looking at the world yet not being able to see it actually.And.. suddenly i changed. I came to realise that the world we all live in,is truly fascinating itself and slowly i began to change my opinions,engaging more in knowing our world and here i am now.Still doing that.Still trying to do my best and not lose the way which i am going."

,,You are doing better than me...I was a optimist and now,i just think I lost that...."

,,No you didnt. I understand your heart must be going through a lot and its diffucult to mantain that,but a heart needs a reason to beat and i am convinced you will soon find yours.It just takes time.But dont give up,because you might miss something beautiful."

Something beautiful....was right here next to me....I thought that,yet i couldnt say it.

,, Sorry for changing this,one of the most greatest conversations which i ever had in my entire life,but i 've been wanting to ask you something."

,,Ask freely."

,, Could you tell me your name prehaps?I mean its not really okay since we talked for two or three times and i dont know your name and you dont know mine as well."

She was thinking.Thinking.thinking. And my heart was trying really hard to not stop beating from the impatience it felt,waiting for her to answer.

,,I guess that is alright.So,mister could i know your name?"

Heart struck. Embarassed as well.

,,My name....Is A-Alex....."

She didnt say anything.Instead she just continued smiling and looking up to the stars,making me a bit scared from what would she say.

,,Alex..Alex..I like it.I like your name.It really fits you."

,,You d-do? Thank you. And ... could the miss tell her name as well?"

,,Ellie.That is my name."

A shinning light. It fited her perfectly.

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