A star's whispers

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Questions

Submitted: February 03, 2019

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Submitted: February 03, 2019



I truly came across to meet a shinning light.A light which is brighter than others,glowing little yet it can warm up the whole world around it.With its shades of colours,which are just like a field of most unforgetable flowers,it gives you a chance to experience the happiness of being alive.A chance to get lost and lead by the lights,which will surely guide you until you are walking on your road.

I was standing still.Moving,yet not going forward or anywhere,just being there,but then again,not being as well.My body was living.I knew that much.But did my heart really live before?

Was it ever able to feel this way with anyone who i called and considered myself close with?It definetly felt moved,but not in this way,not like this.It was far more simple than that.Simple...yet a part of me was still missing. Wondering is this really what you call love? Maybe to me then it was,but now i cant say the same.Of course i had crushes and girls i liked....Rosy was special to me too. And she still is.I know that.But why i am still feeling this way?That even though we had something,it wasnt deeper than from the surface? It's truly strange. And i cant say i understand it.Because i really cant do that. But....here,now,at this moment,i felt something. My heart moved,got moved,for real...the first time. There was someone i can share my thoughts with and who can understand them. Someone....Who.. enjoyed this moment with me.

It was funny.How now,when i am heart broken,actually rather dissapointed in everything...I meet her. Was it truly a coincedence? Or was it fate? That we were able to meet,without even knowing who we are and where can we find each other? My mind said yes. It's just luck,nothing more than that.Though my heart was telling a different story.There is a reason we meet now. And not later.Not before. But now.At this very very moment. At this day.At this beach. The day before that.

Fate.....there is something which i cant explain but it gives me a feeling that our meeting wasnt just pure luck.Like...It's more than that. Unexplainable. Yet strong. Mistical,on the other hand magical.

So....I must ask...do you think our meeting was fate as well?.. It's a question which answer i will never know....

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