A star's whispers

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - What do you think?

Submitted: February 10, 2019

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Submitted: February 10, 2019



Unaware of my own words,they left my mouth,not asking for permission,just doing what they want,leaving me with no excuses to use.

,,Sorry sorry i didnt mean to say that out loud...i am terribbly sorry...."

The sand looked the same as always.Not chainging its characteristics,though feeling heavier to lift than before,probably because i ,myself felt that way.My head and both heart,were feeling heavy,heavy from the thoughts i was carrying,heavy from the question i asked knowing she would probably never ever think the same,heavy.....from the feeling to be dissapointed again...

I looked up a bit,to meet her eyes,which were carefully hiding a little,knowing their beauty might take me forever with them.She stayed quiet for a while.Just occasionaly looking back at me,as if to see and check am i still here.Her mouth moving a bit,yet whispering so quiet that not even the stars could be able to hear what is she talking.Yet,there was so much beauty in that silence i couldnt explain,a silence i would gladly get lost it.... Exploring and wondering off in the most hiden corners of it,searching,looking and getting to know the feelings of the silence she felt.What did she think?What was she thinking about?How did she see all of this? I know there isnt even a slight chance....that she thought the same as me...that is impossible..but is it wrong to have a little hope?

,,Hm....Wow....so you think that?That our meeting was more than that?"

I nodded.

,, Yes....i think that....but i mean i dont excpect you to think the same of course as me..."

,,So...wanna hear my opinion?"

Her hair slightly covering her ears,but not enough to hide....her ears which were colored in multiply shades of red.... though the darker shade was definetly overcoming all of them,taking the win.

,,Hey...um...its not just you who thinks that...you know...."

Not just me? So she was thinking the same? That was too much for my heart to take..... Because now...it was filled with happiness....

Out of the blue,i hugged her. Letting her heart feel the warmth she gave me.

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