A star's whispers

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Nothing more,nothing less..

Submitted: February 23, 2019

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Submitted: February 23, 2019



Hugging her without a single warning,she was cought in a suprise attack,which didnt even allow her or didnt even give her a proper chance to consider this offer.Pushing my will and wishes into her,selfishly hoping she might bear with it and let me rest in her arms,making me feel protected and safe from the outside world. I continued hugging her,pulling her close,but in allowed lines,making sure that i dont go overboard and make her scared.My heart was beating loud.I was sure of that fact.It was also beating fast as well.I was wondering.. could she hear my heart right now? Could she really be able to sense and listen close to the beating of it,which until recently,couldnt even be heard? Could she....perhaps be able to figure out that it was because of her that my heart is beating so fast now.There wasnt even a sign of that..yet no matter did she or she didnt know or didnt want to know i know my heart and arms wanted to hug her.Like a summer day,warm just like that,yet so peacefull,it felt like i could rest there forever.Not caring what is happening around me,forgeting all my worries and troubles and letting my heart and mind rest to its contents.

Her hair was soft and long,beautiful as the morning sky,soft like a pillow on which you would fall asleep as soon as your head would land on it,just like that,though perhaps her hair was much softer.Like a feather,light that it cant be lighter and soft just as a cloud.Because her hair was in my way,only a little,i couldnt see her face.I couldnt see her beautiful dazzling eyes to see what is she thinking about this,this hug which we are sharing under the shadows of the moonlight,along with his guards,stars which are going to guard the sky until the mood doesnt leave,leaving the care to the light to handle.Until it was time for the moon to go,it didnt bother about giving a bit of his light to shine up a bit is who were down here,instead it give us all,making no room for complains.But i still had a complain.Because even after some time passed,she didnt bother to say a single word to me,not even one.

It was time. Time to let out some words.

Of course it was me who started off firstly,hoping she might continue as well.

,,Ellie...sorry for hugging you all of the sudden...you are probably thinking that i am giving my self too much freddom with doing this and i cant agree more with you.. But i wanted to show,what i mean is,i wanted you to hear how you brought my heart a beat...That is all there is,nothing more,nothing less than that."

To my very suprise she replied back.

,,So... nothing more and nothing less?"


,,I see.Glad to hear that then.Could you maybe let me go then?Its gettting late and i should be going."

,,Of course!Sorry my bad...."

,,Its fine.Well,this was a lovely night and thank you for spending it with me and oh...dont worry about the hug...as you said its nothing more....than what you said.I really hope we will be able to meet again.Until then....Bye Alex"

,,Bye Ellie..."

As she was leaving i couldnt help but feel there was some sadness in the way she answered me and as clueless as i was..i probably wouldent even get to the right answer...

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