A star's whispers

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Back to normal

Submitted: February 24, 2019

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Submitted: February 24, 2019



Soon after Ellie went i went home as well.Going back home after this entire day of happenings and meetings,sorrow and pain,happiness mixed with hope,seemed so unreal.I couldnt wait to get home and jump in my bed and just sleep until the morning.My heart felt worn out from all the emotions it felt today,like it was getting confused itself how should it feel,should it be sad because it's been broken into milion of little pieces,or happy because it felt there is a hope,hope that someone might understand and see more than the usuall...For now there was no answer.Maybe after some time passes i will be able to answer this question though until then,my heart will do its best to stay in balance,to stay in the right middle of the teeter of feelings which are slowly trying to find it's way to take me with them. I continued walking,occasionaly looking up to the sky and getting lost in the enchanting view it was able to give me.This is one of the reasons i am really feeling lucky to be born. So i could see this.Enjoy this view.And remind my self that there is so much i dont know about this world and which is just waiting for me to discover them and see.....How much this world truly is beautiful... I honestly felt like a child who had a whole playground in front of himself and wasnt sure where to play and what to do first.The world reminded me of that, because there is a lot we dont know,yet we claim to know everything or so we wished for that. I got so much lost in view of the night that as a punishment i hit my head in a tree near by my house.

,,Ouch....I guess i really deserved this...."

Sadly that wasnt the end of it.

In the moment i opened the door my mother angrily welcomed me,scolding me and hugging at the same time,trying to hide her concern with her sharp noise. But she couldnt hide that from me.I knew she worried... because whenever she feels like that or she feels sad...she just hugs me,not letting me see her face and telling me that she is really angry at me,even though she wasnt.

,,Alex!I'm really mad at you!You missed summer again and on a nice that all you didnt even call me to say you will be late!What if something happened to you?What would i do then?"

I kissed her forhead in attempt to calm her down a little.

,, Sorry mom ...I didnt mean to make you worried.I just went to meet with Rosy..so we could talk...And on my way back i went to the beach and there i meet a girl with who i talked a bit but as you see nothing happened.I am here,right and safe.Sorry i promise i wont make you worried anymore.I promise."

,,You better keep that promise,young mister.And now as for your punishment for coming home this late,you will have to eat dinner with me.I mean it would be a waste for all this delicious good to be thrown away...since i made your favourite."

,,You made me my favourite meal?"

,,Of course.So,what are waiting? Lets start eating!The one who finishes first gets to chose the movie we will watch!Sorry in advance dear."

,,Why are you saying sorry when obvisely you're gonna be the one who will lose?"

Racing to the kitchen and rushing to eat first,not caring about how silly we looked while doing that,but enjoying ourselves.

This is why i love my mom.She was always like this whenever i would get sad...trying her best to make me smile again.

And she did...it almost felt like everything is slowly getting back to normal.

Slowly.But safely.

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