A star's whispers

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - The smell of roses

Submitted: March 07, 2019

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Submitted: March 07, 2019



Unknowingly sleeping,lost in the dream land i was brought to,enjoying myself and exploring the wonders of the world i was cought in,not realising that this is nothing more than just a iliusion,a fake image apart from the real world,similiar yet diffrent at the same time,like there wasnt a line which was keeping them apart from each other,they were so close,yet again so far from one another and unreachable.Lost in the wonderfull land of dreams i was having i didnt notice that someone was trying to get my attention.Slowly coming and making a entrance,a little light was just waiting to catch me defensless so that,in my most weak moments,could take the opportunity and take a win in this battle,which was honestly at my loss from the very start of it.After taking a completly win against me,which couldnt resist to the strenght of the light,it letted itself just come and wake me more than the previous light did.

I barelly got up,my eyes tiredly failing to keep open,making it even more difficult for me to get ready for the start of the day. I finished dressing up as soon as possible trying to make sure that i wont fall asleep and just to be safe,keeping a safe distance from the cause of it so that it wouldnt turn out like that.Opening the windows to the fullest and letting all the warm sunshine come in,welcoming this brand new day with a smile and slight singing of the birds,which were obvisely enjoying.

,,Ah,yes.This is a beautiful day indeed.Now all that is missing....are just roses...."

But thanks to someone else,my dear mom,the roses were brought as well. Now the morning was completed.

With their beautiful smell,taking and giving energy to the rooms and putting all of the attention of themselves,they were unbelievebly dazzling.Enchanting in some point as well,acting all highly because they knew very well that they were the center of the room now,putted everything else which was in it,in shades of jealousy. Beautiful yet harmfull. But able to protect themselves from any trouble they had. So admirable....

,,Alex,come on,hurry up!If you dont get ready for ten minutes we'll be late."

,,Yes,mom.I'll be ready in a minute."

Taking a few roses with me,i got ready as fast as i could making sure that i didnt cross the limited ten minutes which i was given.

,,I hope she will like the roses..."

She always loved them. And that never changed. Before and after....

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