A star's whispers

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Heart's memories

Submitted: April 06, 2019

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Submitted: April 06, 2019



Ahh..The smell of fresh roses always pulled me back in the memories i had of her.So cheerful,charming and beautiful...And strong until the very end...I couldnt believe that five years have passed already,they seemed to me like they have passed in a blink of a eye,making me notice that much time passed without her being along our side. Whenever we would go and meet her,i felt nostalgic.Drowning in the emotions which the cemetary give me.Lonely.Scared.Lost. I felt scared because there,on that place,she couldnt hear my words,there was no way they could ever reach her...I also couldnt see her,due to her being under ground.But it shouldnt be like this,if anything she should be standing up compared to me,because she was so much wise,she thought a lot and most of all,she thought me to smile whenever i feel like giving up.

,,Dont worry Grandma.I'm doing my best to keep my promise to you"

My grandmother was a slightly older miss,though a lady in behaviour.Despite her age,she would always do what she wants,even if that meant to go rock climbing or sky diving,she was never affraid to do anything which was her dream and she made them all come true.She was a hero in my eyes,and so in my mom's eyes as well,thought i know the feelings she had were probably more deeper than mine,considering she was the daughter of that kind of a woman.I remember once asking my grandma isnt she affraid of doing something like that and what if something goes wrong.But she always had a answer and this is what she said:

,,Alex,sweety,let your grandma tell you something.This world where are we all living now,is just like a big big playground,filled with so many toys and games which we all want to play and sometimes yes it can happen that a game isnt good and something bad happens,but that doesnt change the beauty of the game.It makes it even more beautiful than before because it passed so much struggles to be like that.So that is why i'm not affraid.And you shouldnt be also,you're still young,so enjoy in the colours of life,alright?"

I still remember that answer in my heart like it was yesterday when she told me that.

And my heart remembered many more.

As well as the roses remembered her smell.

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