A star's whispers

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Out of the blue there was just pain

Submitted: January 11, 2019

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Submitted: January 11, 2019



,,Hey Alex!Are you meeting your girlfriend today?"

,,I am not quite sure.Maybe.She said she will finish a bit later today."

,,Dont give up man!You worked really hard so that she would notice you.It would be such a shame if it would end like this when you two finally got together."

,,I suppose that is true.Anyway,i will wait for her so no need to worry,i've come too far to give up now when my wish finally became true."

,, That's the spirit!See ya tomorrow at practise!"

,,Sure,see you."

He is right...I shouldnt give up now.Not now.But why do i feel like this is not it?What i am searching for?It's not that i dont like her,i do in fact.I like how she helps people,even though most of them are boys(sadly)she simply cant avoid anyone who is having troubles,she likes cats,h as charming blue eyes in which you can get drowned just by looking for one second,one second and you are already falling without being able to return and when she smiles,the world starts to melt.But then again...even with all of this,i cant seem to bring myself to talk with her about the stuff that have been interesing me...It's not her fault,its mine.Completly mine.

The wind started to blow as the clock ticked twenty minutes since i got here.

,,She is still not here.Maybe something happpened?"

I started thinking about many possibilities which might have happened so she was this late.Maybe a stray cat got stuck in a tree and she wanted to help her?But she would have messaged me then saying she would be late.Maybe her parents took her home?No,that cant be the case,since they never pick her up on Thursdays.What else could there be? Her friends?In that way she would have messaged me also.. Panic has slowly started to come across my body as i tried fighting these dark thoughts.And then....

,,Hey what if Alex sees us?"

,, Dont worry about it sweetie.If he sees us i will make sure that he doesnt say a word."

,,You are so cool!This is why i love you so much!"

The unknown figure lovered himself so he would get his sweet reward....In that moment i ran away.I couldnt stand the pain which hit my heart so suddenly and made a wound so deep that i dont think it can be fixed...

So this was the reason she was late.I would have never thought that...she always seemed so happy and cheerful when she would finish school but i always thought it was because we got a chance to be together even for just a while.Turns out i was wrong.....

So wrong....And a fool for actually beliveing that i made someone happy....

It was so selfish of me to even think that...

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