A star's whispers

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - And now

Submitted: January 11, 2019

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Submitted: January 11, 2019



After what happpened i came straight home,ignoring my mom and going to the room.

I couldnt look at her.Because she would see it right away that my heart is broken in a milion of little pieces,still trying to properly process everything.If she saw in which state i am currently,she wouldnt hesitate,not even for a single second,to offer me kindly her warm hugs,trying to save what has left after this storm.I couldnt do that.I couldnt be so selfish and i didnt want to be.Instead,i shut myself in the room,isolating and pushing these feelings as deep as i could,in a place no one can find and see them,not even me myself anymore. I didnt think it would hurt this badly when someone breaks your heart.Guess i never really liked anyone this much to actually be hurt.I wasnt angry.And strangly for some reason i wasnt mad too.I was just sad.Dissapointed.Upset.Jealous.Because i was never able to give her happiness in the first place.

Without noticing,i started crying like a little child.Tears couldnt seem to dry as fast as the new ones came falling.My eyes hurted.Suddenly i got a urge to shout to the whole world until my throat started hurting me.But i couldnt do that..if i let my voice out,my mom would hear me.So in order to pervent that,i put my hand over my mouth.

,,Shhhhhhh!Be quiet!" I told myself.Stop....or you will make them worry...

That whole day i spent loocked in my room.Not talking with anyone,not going out,eating or anything.My mom must have been worried to death by now.

,,What time is it? It's night?"

I didnt realise until now how slow does time pass when you are in pain.Every day becomes a year and every hour becomes a day.I felt weak,since i didnt eat anything the whole day,tired,because of so many tears i shed and broken.. because my heart is broken as well.I slowly reached for the door and when i opened them i felt like i'm on the edge of tears again.Leaning against the wall,with her eyes closed,she was waiting all this time for me to come out. Shivering slightly,coughing as well,her face covered with her beautiful sunset like hair,she was there.In the moment i needed her the most,when i wanted to run into her arms,she was,just like always,waiting for me to stop hiding. I kissed her forhead.

,, Thank you mom.Thank you for loving me."

All of the sudden she opened her eyes.I know she did but i only kept looking down,not saying a word.

,,You know you missed dinner."

,,I know i know.I am sorry."

,,Well,to make up for that,let me hug you.I feel like i want to hug now and i wont accept no as a answer."

,, Alright...but just for today..."

,,Yes,just for today."

She continued to hug me until i was completly worn out.And then i feel asleep in her arms.

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