A star's whispers

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - At the sunset i meet her

Submitted: January 11, 2019

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Submitted: January 11, 2019



Slowly taking over with it's brightest colours the sun give me a note that its already morning.I opened my tired eyes and next to me,laying while soundly sleeping was my mom.She had dark circles around her eyes.

,, Sorry i made you worried again.I hope in return for that you sleept well."

I got up,carrying my whole weight on my heart.The pain didnt get away yet,though now it feels like it hurts more than yesterday.Probably because i am fully awake and aware of my surroundings.In the corner of my desk,completly forgoten,was my phone.I didnt dare to look at it.Even if i knew that i shouldnt be avoiding her,right now,honestly i didnt have the strenght to listen to her excuses.Why?Even though she caused me so much pain i still think of her?Why?Why?Why? The questions were too much for me to handle currently.I could not bear with them.

In order to give my mind and heart a break,i decided to go to the beach near by.That place has always seemed to calm me down in moments which i thought will never vanish.

The beauty of sea.The scent of it.The dark red sunset 's shadow thrown across and mixed with water looked so captivating.For one second i felt temptation to just jump and simply dive in the water,not caring about anyone.But when i was right about to do that,i saw her.

Water dripping through her hair,going down all the way to her face and landing gracely in the water,from which it originally came from.Eyes partly closed,showing the beauty of her eye lashes,with the small water drops on the end of them.Ears covered by small,gentle hands,protected by the long clouds which are reaching the half of her back,as her white beautiful hair.Along with dazzling,clear like the sky,cristaly blue eyes.

I couldnt help but stare at her.And as it seems,i got too much cought up in the staring that i didnt notice when she came close to me,that much that i could almost perfectly see and capture the beauty of her eyes.

,,Am i that much interesing?"

She said with a gentle voice.I awoke from my state,apologizing and asking for forgivness.

,, Dont worry about it."

I couldnt say anything to that.My voice got lost.

,,So...You are probably wondering why is someone in the water in this time of the year,l am guessing?"

Even though i didnt say or look at her,she completly figured out what was i thinking.

,,Yeah...how did you know that?"

,,As i said,i am just guessing.And as the answer for your question i will simply say that if you have a warm heart,the cold water isnt really a problem."


After that sentence we spoke out just a few more.And she left.Vanishing the same way as she appeared.Leaving me and my heart with a slightly less weight to carry.

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