A star's whispers

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Something to settle

Submitted: January 12, 2019

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Submitted: January 12, 2019



By the time i was going back home,it was afternoon.As i walked towards the mostly crowded road,i couldnt stop thinking about the girl i had meet at the beach.There was something about her that made me curious.I just didnt know what.But as i was looking at her,i couldnt help but feel like she is different.Special.Miles apart from the girls and people i had meet in my life and even if it was just for a bit,by looking in her eyes,i was convinced,for sure,that she saw so much more than me and all the other people.I wonder will we meet again one day?Who is she?Where did she come from?What is her name?And why did she say that if you have a warm heart the cold water isnt a problem?What did she mean by that?And...How?How did she know what was i thinking?Maybe she is a mind reader?Or she simply saw more people like me in the past who were looking at her in the same way?So because of that she knew what i wanted to ask?Too much questions and options were coming to my mind.Maybe its far more simple than that,but on the other hand,it could also be more complexed as well.For the time being i decided to not get too much carried away.Besides i had other things which i had to deal with,starting from talking with my girlfriend...I still havent replied to her,if she even sent a message at all.But i knew i had to talk with her,even if it hurts,we have to settle and talk out everything properly or else this what happpened will stay a burden which we have to carry through our whole life,wondering later why didnt we speak out when we had a chance?I just had to do it.No matter what happens or how hard it might be,i had to. When i finally got home,my mom,who was waiting me in front of the gate,was scolding me.She didnt do that because she was angry i know,but because she was scared that something might have happpened to me.I got in the house and went to my room to get my phone.I couldnt wait any longer.I wanted to end this as fast as possible.As i turned it on,i saw a message.It was from her.

,, Hi Alex! Sorry we couldnt meet up yesterday,the teacher kept me longer than i thought he would :'( I missed you a bunchhh and if its fine for you maybe we can meet up today?^_^ Love ya "

My heart was aching again.How will i be able to meet her like this?

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