A star's whispers

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Moment of truth

Submitted: January 14, 2019

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Submitted: January 14, 2019



,,Alex, you have no idea how much i missed you yesterday!"

,, Oh really? It's not that i didnt miss you as well...but Rosy we need to talk.We need to talk honestly and i would like to start this conversation first,if you dont mind that."

,,Of course i dont mind Alex.Just how do you mean that we should talk honestly?I am always honest with you."

,, Always?With everything?"

,,Yes.Completly honest.''

That answer hurt more than anything, because i knew it was a lie.

,, Alright ...I will try to pretend i didnt hear that.So...Rosy..."

,,Alex wait! Actually there was something i wasnt really honest about...."


My heart was beating so fast at that time,as each second passed by,it was beating quicker and quicker,making me worried whether it will or wont jump out.

,,I wasnt honest...about....about....."

,, A-About?"

,,I dont know how to say this....bit the truth is...that i dont like you Alex.....I think I love you!"

My hopes,even if there was just a little bit of them,got crashed in a instant,shattered and broken.As she said that,i felt we were further from each other more than before,more than any time ,thousands of worlds coming between us,proving me wrong and showing the truth,we werent made for each other and the universe knew that. It was just me who didnt.

,,Um...Rosy i really dont know what to say on this."

,,Of course you know Alex!You just say the same to me now,because you love me too,right?Am i right?"

A tear dropped.And short after,many of them were.

,,Rosy....Why are you doing this?Why?Why are you lieing to me?"

,,I am not laying!I love you Alex,i really do"

,,If you claim to love me.....Why did you break my heart like its nothing?Like it doesnt mean anything to you at all?"

,,What are you talking about?Of course it means to me!"

,,No,Rosy.It doesnt.If it did,you wouldnt say you love me when you dont feel that way at all,you wouldnt be with someone else...And you would definetly not be giving your kisses so easily to another guy...."

,,Oh Alex!You were there that night,werent you?"

Now it was her turn to cry.We were both crying.Cought in the pain which she caused,starting from the deep parts of my heart,which i tried to bury,to her own heart,which was left feeling shamefull...

,,I....I.....am sorry......I am really... really sorry..."

,,Hey....dont cry.You might have broken my heart,but that doesnt mean that i dont like you anymore....I do I do like you.So just let me hug you one last time,so that i can throw my feelings away...."

She accepted my request.

This will be the last time i am hugging her like this,holding her close to my heart,hugging her tighter than anytime.Because i knew that after...We wont be able...I wont be able to do it...to hug her....feel her warmth..her soft hair...her hands around me.. They will go to the one they belonged to.Sorry.Sorry because even with that..I am that much selfish and cought in liking you that i dont regret it all.

,,Rosy....please tell me... everything properly....I will listen..."


Hugging like that,we were closer than anytime before,letting,finally our souls to be honest at once.

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