Men and Games

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Just a few factors, far from all, but relevant nonetheless.

Submitted: January 11, 2019

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Submitted: January 11, 2019



When playing games

we know the deal

It is more fair

can't have what's real 

or in reals our share


When in the game 

we get rewards

as we loot that lair

unlike in love


Cause as a man

The deals not fair

that's why so many

do not dare,


When we play the games

We know what we'll get.


And we think

"If I try hard enough I'll receive"

But in reals

we can only hope and believe


Cause in love the truth they conceal 

While in games the truth will always reveal


In the games, the teams will combine their efforts for their task 

and often try their best

While in love, the mutual part is often just a mask.


Why men choose games, insteada love

Is not cause they lack.

It is because you do not spend gold buying trash.


But if you bring them something special, 

something better

A legendary, an epic or even a rare

They would as they do in games, do in real

Struggle to beat the boss in it's lair


Trust me, they want to work, they want to build,

protect others and sacrifice their hearts.

It is not their dreams that are empty 

It's that out of stock are the parts


To even craft a rare. 


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