Who Am I

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Future Poetry Book will be entitled: Don't Be Afraid, Pray, God Wipes All Tears Away

Submitted: January 11, 2019

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Submitted: January 11, 2019



Like a fuzzy peach, I have an interesting heart. 

Like a tree, so strong-rooted, spread out in the mist to be: more like diamonds that shine so divine. 

Like a deep blue ocean, I roar in a rage of desperation even though many can’t see past my misery. 

Only the bind could see. 

Like an eagle soaring high in the sky, that provoked my motivation for more. 

I open my arms with joy and expectations.

I’m just one person trying to live in this nation. 

Like a mansion so great so tall, I would stand and tell the truth to all: That what goes up must come down, which is my favorite rhyme. 

Moreover, I’m like a car.

 I’m wheeling myself to new heights for a better day. 

Just like the stars that fuse so intelligently.

 I’m like that outer shell; it will take a lot to destroy me. 

Like the galaxies, I’m seeking and thriving on the most advance proximities. 

Like the vast universe, I’m expanding on ideas and advance knowledge from known and unknown sources. 

Like the Sun that gives plants their energy; food and aid are being spread to France. 

A motherly land; I never said I CAN'T! 

Like that tree again, I’m deeply rooted, my mind wonder and at times all I hear is the roaring thunder. 


All take action and thus do not know what the next day may bring...my dreams.

We say “NO”, but we are all witness to some type of conflict. 

Whether it’s being rainy days, sorrow, or pain you stand to talk about the fame. 

Now like a fish to water, I can not complain in life there are limits that must be sustained. 

Due to the weeping willow, we have much in common. 

Especially, when the winds go south in the summer. 

Like a highway, so full of road rage, I have what it takes to satisfy a whole DAY! 


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