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Chapter 1 (v.1) - How it Started

Submitted: January 11, 2019

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Submitted: January 11, 2019



Camilla, we had finally agreed on a name after days of arguing on what name was going to be perfect for our child. Up until the day Camilla was born life while being a pregnant teenager was not easy and it was about to get a whole lot worse. For a teenager being a mom was the last thing on my list, all I wanted was to go for prom, go to college, get a job, get married before considering having a kid.

 being seventeen and still single I was so desperate to get a boyfriend before graduating high school. I was willing to date anyone just to lose my virginity but I had to get someone to ask me out. I did not know how, I was terrible at flirting and barely spoke to people, barely left my house except if I was going to my best friend’s house, Emma’s house. Since all the hot, cool guys in my class all had girlfriends. All that was left were the geeks, nerds, and some I wondered why their parents even bothered. If I was going to get a boyfriend he had to be perfect or at least good enough to make me look Good, I wanted a boyfriend that would make Ashley jealous, the one person in my life that till date I never understood why she hated me, her life seemed better than mine so why was she always picking on me. I was sitting in class imagining the perfect boyfriend when I felt a sharp pain on my head, I placed my palm on my head and there was blood, I knew who did it without turning I stood up from my sit and was planning on going to the school nurse when I was pushed to the ground. I was getting tired of it, everyone as always gathered around just watching, taking pictures, videos, yelling fight fight fight.

“You’re always going to be a loser.

“Ashley why can’t you just leave me alone”

She laughed then said

“No one will ever want you”. “No guy will ever date you”. “You are so ugly and you clearly dress terribly.”

She kept insulting me and making fun of me, why everyone laughed except for Emma. I knew she wanted to help but I did not want her getting involved. I knew it was annoying for her, seeing your best friend getting bullied and you are not allowed to do anything about it. There were four of them and we were just two, she was my best friend and I cared about her, that I would rather get bullied than see her get bullied, that was who I was back then. I always put the people I care about first. After all Ashley had said, I was even more determined to prove her wrong for once I wanted to show her she was wrong. Ashley and I were friends in grade school, best friend even. She changed the way she dressed and suddenly became popular, she was desperate to be with the cool kids, while I was not. She had to decide if she would be my friend and lose her popularity or stop being my friend and keep her popularity. She chose popularity. Soon it got over her head and she overtook the most popular girl in school and when I was the only girl that did not agree to be her slave, it made her angry. I was going to get a boyfriend before the end of the year, just to prove that I could get a boyfriend. It was just the first semester two months into the first semester so I had ten months to get a boyfriend. Then he came, Noah a new student, He wore a leather jacket, with jeans, he was a brunette, his hair was a bit curly and but sides where low cuts leaving the middle with a lot of curls, his eyes were deep blue, you could get lost in them. He looked like the biker boys you see in movies but instead of a bike, he had a car. Don’t worry we didn’t start dating immediately, in fact, I was the last person he spoke to and that was weeks after he had moved to our school. I was sitting with Emma, eating Lunch when I looked down and saw a journal, I picked it up and it belonged to Noah, I opened the first page and it seemed personal so I closed it and kept it beside me. Noah came up to me and said

“hey is that my diary”, “I mean journal”. “I want it back”

 I swallowed what I was eating and said

: “well if you wanted it you wouldn’t have thrown it away.”

“I did not, it must have fallen out of my backpack”,

“Well I am keeping it”

He stood there, thinking of what to say next. I ignored him and continued eating my leftover pizza and my favorite key lime La Croix soda  

“you are Armani right”.

I nodded,

 “you are the girl always daydreaming in class”.

To be honest I was a daydreamer. I would rather daydream than have real-life conversations with people. I took the last gulp of my soda and said to him

“Okay, Noah I will make a deal with you”. “if you want your diary back, you will have to do something for me”.

”it is not a diary, it’s a journal”

I rolled my eyes

“fine Noah, do something for me and you get your journal back”

Emma looked at me puzzled she had no idea what I was about to say.

“if you want your diary and all its secret in it to remain a secret”, “You have to agree to one thing”

He looked at me with one eyebrow raised

“and what might that be he asked”.

“I want you to pretend to be my boyfriend”,

 “Why do I have to pretend to be your boyfriend”

“Just do it and you get your diary back”.

He agreed. I did not actually think he was going to agree this diary most mean something to him.

 “But first you need a makeover”. “Meet me after school”. If I have to date you, you have to look good all the time”

Was Ashley right did I dress terribly but if I was going to make Ashley jealous I was going to do anything to make sure it happened. When he had left. Emma said

“What was that all about.”

Well, my dear Emma, that is one way to get a boyfriend”.

“Don’t you think that is blackmail.”

She was right but I did not have enough time to make him fall in love with me or want me. I had less than a year. Later that evening we went to the mall, Noah, Emma and I, I let them pick out all the outfits. Even though I felt bad for blackmailing Noah, the day went pretty well and he wasn’t like all the other popular guys, in fact, I think he only acted that way when he was around them so he would keep his popularity. The day ended up pretty well, Noah dropped me off at home. I went in, mom was in the kitchen and dad was out at the back with my younger sister Lindsay. Mom had recently lost her job so she was at home all the time, I knew she was not happy about it but she kept saying it was fine. I went up to my room, the one place I was the happiest and like always I locked my door, put on my headphones and listened to music while I danced, I turned the volume up so I couldn’t hear if someone was knocking or yelling, it kind of made everyone angry. The rest of the day went by really quick. After dinner, I went up to my room, watched a movie and did whatever assignment I was given. When I was done, I waited till everyone had slept before I did my workout, why did I choose to do it at midnight, well I didn’t want anyone knowing I still did it cause once I dislocated my shoulder while working out and my mom was so worried and mad at the same time and she forbid me from working out again. By 3 am I was tired, I had to wake up early to make my hair, I had 3 hours. I know I wasn’t going to sleep at 3 am exactly. I had to wake up by 6:30 am or 7 am. I decided to just take a shower before bed in case I woke up a bit late. I woke up at 7 am, brushed my teeth, made my hair, picked out one of the outfits Noah had picked out for me and went downstairs, Noah had already called and said he was waiting outside, so I had no time for breakfast. Lindsay was already outside talking to Noah, I kissed my mom goodbye, said nothing to my dad and went out the front door into Noah’s 2015 white Audi r8.

“You look great”

 I blushed, it had been long since someone complimented my outfit, we got to school you could image the shock on everyone’s face when I came down from Noah’s car wearing a blue crop top with white ripped jeans, my hair was curly and I had dark blue sneakers on it was completely different from my t-shirt and joggers or my hoody and plain black or blue jeans., Noah, whispered to me.” I think everyone is staring at you”

” No kidding”, “of course they are staring at me but also at you because”.” they are surprised you came to school with me of all people and not any of the popular girls”.

Ashley came up to us.

“What are you doing with this dumbass, you shouldn’t be talking to her, she will ruin your reputation.”

“and what reputation would that be” Noah replied to her.

“You mean I will suddenly lose my popularity because of her or what”, “in fact for your information She’s my girlfriend”,

he held my hand and we went into the school, in the hallway I heard people murmuring while Noah and I held hands. I even heard someone saying, what is he doing with her, has he lost his sense of taste. I ignored it, couldn’t be bothered, going to confront this person was only going to make things worse. We got to my locker. They were 5 lockers between ours. His locker was full of love letters from girls that had a crush on him, while mine was filled with only books. The only letter I got had nothing to do with a crush. I did get a letter once but it was years ago before Ashely had changed and I never found out who had put the letter in my locker

“You know we will have to kiss eventually right otherwise no one will believe we are dating.”

 I looked at him. Kiss him, is he serious

“when you say kiss do you mean a peck on the lips?”. A part of me hoping he would say yes and the other part hoping he would say no

“No Armani”, “I mean a real kiss maybe even a French kiss”.

Kissing Noah was going to make Ashley angry and every other girl, not that I was trying to annoy every girl at school. Ashley was the one I wanted to annoy

“Hmm, you are right, should we do it now or later”.

I saw Ashley coming towards us and without thinking. I grabbed Noah and started kissing him, I let go after I was sure she had left. I hope she saw that. She probably is filled with anger right now.

“Wow, seems like someone couldn’t wait”, Noah smiled

finally, I had my first kiss even though it was with a fake boyfriend but still, I liked it. We held hands and walked into class, we had history first period and since we were dating now, we had to sit close to each other. I was so occupied with Noah the whole day I total forgot about Emma, she must be angry I let her sit alone at lunch today. I left the cool table and went up to her. “

Hey Emma, sorry I didn’t really pay attention to you today”, “it’s all this Noah and stuff”

she smiled at me and said

” It is fine you guys look good together even though it just pretends”.

“Shush before someone hears you, “no one can know this is all fake”, “if anyone finds out especially Ashley”

 I am never going to stop this bullying it will just get worse cause then I will also be labeled a liar and the girl that was desperate to have a boyfriend she had to pretend so this stays between us, now I have to go back to Noah

 “Armani you know; you are going to end up falling for him for real eventually or he will or both of you will”

 I left but while walking up to Noah, I started thinking what if he falls in love with me and I don’t feel the same way, what if I fall in love with him, and he doesn’t what happens, what if I fall in love with him and he gets his diary back and decides to end the whole fake relationship, No I can’t fall in love with him. We were having a conversation with Noah and his friends when one of them said,

“so when do you guys plan on having sex “

I choked on my drink and emphasized the word Sex. He looked at me

“Do not tell me you are still a virgin”.

 I lied to him,

“of course I am not, I lost my virginity when I was 16th.

I knew it was a lie but they didn’t have to know that. I just think it’s too soon to have sex. I stood up and went to the bathroom. I was just watching my hands when Ashley came in. I honestly don’t need her problem right now. Let me just leave but knowing Ashley she wouldn’t let that happen

“He is going to realize he made a big mistake and dumb you”

“At least I got to be his girlfriend, and he chose me over you even though you are the most popular girl in school”

“I was about to get him”

“Yeah right, I rolled my eyes”

I knew if not for the fake relationship Noah and I had, she would have had a better chance of dating him.

“and you spoilt everything” she continued.

 nothing interesting happened for the rest of the day and When Ashley tried to pick on me in class again. obviously, I knew she was not going to let it go because I walked out of the bathroom before she was done talking. But when she tried to pick on me, Noah defended me. It was a great feeling. A month went by our fake relationship was going on pretty well, Noah had thrown a party and we decided to go down to his basement, he called it his playroom. It was cool though, we were making out for the first time, like full on make out. he took my dress off and I was so into making out with him, I barely noticed he unzipped my dress and took it off. He took a step back looked at me and said. I wore my matching red lace bra and my matching lace thongs, not that I matched on purpose it was just mere coincidence because I hardly matched. I had always imagined myself having sex in matching underwear but that day, it was not intentional

“You have such a hot body, we do you hid it under those jumpsuits and hoodies”.

“Just shut up and kiss me”

We continued making out, he was skeptical at first when I had told him I was a virgin but I told him it was alright.  I had lost my virginity that day, it wasn’t as amazing as I thought. it was good and a bit painful at the same time. By the time we went upstairs people had already started leaving.

“Do you want to stay here for the night or go back home?” he asked me.

 “well, I told my parents I was sleeping at Emma’s house” I will just call her and ask her to cover up for me in case my parents call”.

I called Emma and she had agreed to cover up for me.

We spent the rest of the night all cuddled up and watching scary movies, I wore one of his t-shirts, it was grey and a bit long. I slept off before he did he wrapped his hands around me, it felt nice and I felt safe even though there was nothing to worry about. We woke up the next morning, I made breakfast for both of us, blueberry pancakes and made fresh orange juice while we ate and chatted. I think I’m beginning to like him for real,

“Hey Noah, about your diary”, “if I should give you back would you end this fake relationship? “

“I completely forgot about the diary”.

“Oh okay then”. I changed the topic.

we finished breakfast and I went upstairs to take a shower while Noah played video games. I went into his bathroom, it was quite bigger than mine, I loved it. I took a long shower, while I sang on top of my lungs, I was not the perfect singer but I was not terrible as well. When I was done bathing, I picked up a towel and wrapped it around my body and another one on my hair, because I had washed it, with only conditioner, he was a guy so, I was not sure if using a man’s shampoo was going to be a good idea. I brushed my teeth and went into the room, where I saw a whole outfit arranged on the bed for me, this is not mine and Noah is clearly not a girl, so who does this belong too. I was about to go and ask him when he walked into the room.

 “I got you something to wear, do not worry, it is not for an ex, it belongs to my sister”.

“I did not know you had a sister, where is she”.

He looked at the floor as if he did not want to answer my question

 “We have not seen her in years” then he smiled again.

“You should get dressed, I am taking you out”.

“Where are we going to,” I asked

 “Do not worry babe, you will see”.

Babe, he just called me babe.

 “What I am not allowed to call my fake girlfriend babe” he winked and left the room.

 I did my makeup, wore the outfit he had picked up for me, it was a floral romper with yellow sandals, it wasn’t my color but it looked cute, I packed my hair in a ponytail with my favorite Scrunchie. I walked downstairs, where He was waiting for me,

“you look good”

 I thanked him and we got into his car. So now where are we going to? “Do not worry girl, you will see”. He began to drive while I turned on the radio. Hey Noah, can I ask you something. What did you think of me before we officially met? He went silent for a while. Then said


What did he mean by simple?

“I mean you were different in a simple way” it did not look like wearing the latest outfit was your problem or wearing makeup or having the most expensive outfits or getting people to like you.”” I liked that about you plus when I first came you were the only girl that was not all over me or tried to talk to me”. “It made me wonder why I mean every girl wants me”

 I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, not every girl.” Anyways, if you liked the way I was why did you try to change the way I dress.” He looked at me and smiled

“Well when you said you wanted me to pretend to be your boyfriend, “I knew immediately you were trying to make someone jealous”, so I decided well if we are going to do this, we have to do it perfectly” and what makes another girl more jealous than seeing an ordinary girl that wears joggers all the time suddenly wearing clothes more expensive than she has” and dating the hottest guy in school”.

 “You are not that hot you know”. I smiled and turned my face towards the window.

“You know you are lying just admit it”. I am the hottest guy you know.

 I turned to look at him,

 “no you are not, there is Ryan Gosling, Cole Sprouse, Alex Pettyfer, Liam”

 before I could complete the name he stopped me and said.

“Hold on, I meant people you actually talk to not celebrities” besides I’m pretty sure I’m hotter than most of them, if not all of them.”

 I laughed, “you wish”.

We came to a stop after driving for almost an hour

“We are here”. I looked around, trying to figure out what this place was. It looked like no one had been here in a very very long time. we stood in front of a mountain. Why did he bring me here to stand in front of a mountain?

” Why are we standing in front of a mountain”. “Are we going to climb it”

I asked in fear because I was afraid of heights.

 He said nothing and just started hitting on different parts of the mountain and then a passageway opened. I took one step back. Wow, this is so cool, just like the movies I watch. He saw my expression. “It is pretty cool right?”

“Yes, just like the ones you see in movies”

“ we need to go in before someone sees us”. while looking around

Maybe he didn’t want anyone to know about it for some reason. there was a massive house made with Mahogany wood and glasses. It looked like it cost a did not seem like there was anyone living there. If I had such a house I would never want to go outside. the whole place was inside the mountain, the only way in and out was through the passage door. He told me his Granddad had discovered it years ago. He told me I was the first person he had ever brought there, only his parents, granddad and sister knew about the house. Hearing him say I was the first person out of his family to ever come here made me feel important. With all the girlfriends he had in the past, he chose to bring me here, his fake girlfriend, not even real girlfriend.

“Why am I the only girl you have brought here?” He responded to me while looking at the sea,

“I never saw the need to bring any girl before I met you.”

I blushed and we sat on the sand for hours talking, getting to know each other more. We made s’mores at night, he tried to tell me scary stories but that did not work, he was terrible at it but the day was wonderful. We were laying on the sand looking at the stars.

“Isn’t it beautiful”.

He sat up and I did the same. Is there anything wrong.

“I need to ask you something. Armani, would you be my real girlfriend”.

 I froze and said nothing, I knew deep down I wanted to say yes but why could not I admit it there and then. I quickly stood up and ran into the house. When I got in I stood behind the front door.  Armani you just made things awkward now. Emma was right about him going to fall in love with me eventually. Now do I love him back. How do I know if I love him back? I mean I want him to be happy, all the time. Does that count as love?


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