God Has No Religion

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If you have ever thought about god does it not seem probable that he knows exactly which one is the true belief? This is a simple muse. The beginning of the question. The search for the reason why. Or why not.

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Submitted: January 12, 2019

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Submitted: January 12, 2019



GOD . . . .

has no religion


~ mahatma ghandi





So many Gods!  So little time.  In which one do you place your hope, and your faith, and your eternal existence?  And for some people, what is the ' saveur du jour '?If you choose the wrong one are you destined to burn in hell, or get stuck in Cleveland for all time, or will it just seem like an eternity?  But aside from your arbitrary choice, there is something else to consider.

The Better question would be, does God believe in you?  Do you really think that he could possibly care about one religion over another? Even with infinity staring him in his divine face, I find it hard to believe him debating the pros and cons of each of mankind’s religions.  Especially when he already knows the answer.  The audacity and hubris people must have, to think that they know the one true God.  And most of the time, simply through an accident of birth?  God is irrelevant, people, and the only thing that holds any importance in your life is what you do next. What you do, why you do it, and how you accomplish it.  If God exists, he is watching and judging you on that, and not where you go on Saturday or Sunday to profess your goodness.  He could care less what direction you face to pray.  And I am pretty sure he frowns on human sacrifice.  Define your own path.Set your own objectives.  Create personal value.  Discover the best way to get there.  You will not find it in any book or from any other individual.  You may find some direction and advice there, something to help, but not the answer. 

 The answer lies in philosophy.  It lies within yourself.  Look for it.  You will find it.  Your path is before you to bring you peace.  It should bring a smile to your face.  And God, whoever he is, wherever he is, and whenever he is, will smile with you.  And that, my friend, is what religion is all about.  It is not complicated.  Let God believe in you.  Believe in yourself.

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