Planning For Smile

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Let us awaken a deepest gift we can share as a loved smile in this message. :)

Submitted: January 14, 2019

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Submitted: January 14, 2019



Some plans God made is known only when destiny never ends,

Life has challenges yet if you think,

One day ever we wish for a smile never ignored,

A heart with many scripts make our days so special,

May be your mind can read these times as I write down a plan,

This planning emotes rare gift we cannot ignore,

You must travel and find this unmatchable dreams always unite humanity,

A voice within tells you are made from somewhere you will come back home,

What magic you will love in real life?

Behind the gimmicks of religion and whips of rituals that play the game,

Yet you know God made this order so that we can feel the life born into this world as the truth,

How are your ways today light a born one within this heart?

A smile so longest ever mark can enlighten a message of deepest gift,

Miles they reveal still makes the days better for all,

Yet it is not God who reframed us against sharing this compassion,

We fear whom we attract from this gesture,

May ever bring us troubles,

So do we alienate what we can express as a gesture of the true love?

Unknown when the giver of our home so gave the world from his longest trials we have witnessed now,

Today we know how miserable there are billions who live here without any hope,

It is a strange story we still want to enlighten what we say as a home for all,

They face the daily battle to survive,

Yet are united to bring a gift for their greatest tribute we all experience,

Do you feel everyone who write and never break their questions at risk will only remain so thanking the gestures we may feel as true givers of peace ?

It is so strange we feel humanity is united for this comeback in every heart who feels the same, right?

Can you just request someone who may read all these writings so far a gift that thank our Lord so we are given as a blessing for this day? 

If you may ever forget this message,

Dont just wake up the soul untidy,

But go back to light a candle and save the vision for a better day ever lived now.

I hope you will ignite this smile,

For all you will see a love in your hearts smile,

A blessing true for the truth so loved every moment we are here.

© Copyright 2019 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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