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A Science Fiction Piece

Earth wasn't the best place for an Uchion to visit, not only because the humans did not have the best reputation among the extraterrestrial community, but only certain climates were livable for them. For example, Borjis had been dropped right outside a town in Arizona called Cylantown. The western, more arid areas in the United States were the best for aliens like him, as well as other alien species. It was why the grays crash-landed in New Mexico back in the late 1940s. Borjis glanced behind himself as his black space pod flew back up into the exosphere, turning invisible as it did so. He then glanced at his hands to confirm that the human disguise had activated. Seeing a pair of fair-skinned hands come into his vision, he let them drop at his sides and he headed into the town.

He had some pocket money, approximately four-hundred in United States dollars. Enough for a possible four nights' worth stay at a motel, if conditions were too extreme for him, or if he found a human to reproduce with. The planet Uchion was dying, and part of his assignment was to not only explore the section of Earth he was dispatched to, but to see if humans were able to give birth to half-Uchion babies. It was all in the name of science, after all.

Borjis had been dropped in the middle of a field of Black Angus cattle, and judging from the not-too-distant drone of cars on a road, he wasn't far from a main road. He was close to a row of trees, and a river was behind him. He walked under the cover of night through the field, and once he got to the other side he jumped up onto a tree and climbed over the electric fence that way. He made his way through the trees, heading north, before he made his way down to the road he had heard. He dropped down into some tall grasses, crouched his way to the chain link fence that bordered the road to the left, then climbed up and over onto dirt. He walked over to the road and started walking along it until he made it to the town, heading westward.

It was around a twelve-minute walk by the time he arrived to a motel. It was strategically placed, as across the street was an antique store and a short distance down the road was a fast-food restaurant. Humans would abound here, he knew it.

He wanted to save the money for when he could get a human interested in him. He got a device that resembled a smartphone out of his pocket to check the map of the area. He was looking for bars, as he knew the humans there would be easier to procreate with. There were two on this street. One was a concert hall and was closer to his current location, and one was an actual bar. He obviously chose the bar, and he headed eight minutes down the road to the place in question.


The bar was lively enough at this hour to warrant Borjis sticking around. He wouldn't drink a drop of alcohol while he was there, but he would browse around for human hosts. He headed to the restroom to fix his appearance. Walking nearly twenty minutes nonstop did get tiring. In the restroom he repositioned a few stray brown hairs and checked his cheeks for any cloaking glitches. After finding none, he just stared at his reflection for a moment. He looked to be a Caucasian male in his late thirties, with gray eyes and the beginnings of wrinkling underneath his eyes. He had the early stubble of an incoming beard around his mouth and down to his neck. He was wearing a blue, collared dress shirt and khaki pants. He could easily pass as a middle class businessman, which would probably help the humans overlook factors such as his apparent age.

Satisfied with his appearance, he started making his rounds at the bar. He targeted drunken humans, since he knew they would be more likely to be too inebriated to have any qualms about hooking up with him. And if the cloaking device malfunctioned, they could just consider it a weird dream they were having about doing the “forbidden dance” with an alien.

First, there was a woman. She had a slightly tan skin tone, black hair tied back in a manner where a few strands had come loose, a pair of plain, round, silver earrings in her earlobes, a flatter type of face, and brown, almond-shaped eyes. She sported a jade green t-shirt and black capris. The woman seemed to wear foundation and some shiny, soft pink lipstick. She was a petite woman. She seemed just drunk enough to possibly have memory issues, but sober enough to hold a conversation. Borjis slid in between her and a woman next to her, leaned against the counter, and he asked with a smile, “Could I interest you in meeting me behind the building once you're done with your drink?”

She looked him over and smiled. “Pretty straightforward, aren't you?” She had a slight accent, as if she hadn't been born in the United States and she had come from elsewhere. Yet she also sounded like she had been here for a while.

“I suppose so. Are you interested or not?” Borjis replied.

She smiled and downed the rest of her drink. She already seemed tipsy, which was a very good sign for Borjis. He backed off the counter and the two headed back behind the building.


Borjis carried the woman back into the bar and set her at a table, positioning her arms and body to make it look like she had merely placed her head down on the table. She had passed out once he had finished with her. He checked a side compartment on his device. He stored human DNA in there, and once he pushed the compartment closed the DNA would be sucked deeper into the device for safe storage. The other Uchions above the Earth were analyzing the DNA that very moment, which meant that they were now tracking the woman.

Satisfied that he had remembered to close the compartment, a human set his hand on Borjis's shoulder, and Borjis looked to see who it was. The man said, “Hola güey! I saw what you did to that woman down there. Mind doing the same for me?”

This man had a particular look about him. Borjis remembered fellow aliens discussing on the spaceship about how this one alien went to Mexico to accomplish his task, and this guy in front of him matched the alien's description of a human he had met. The man had a bronze skin tone, black fluffy hair, brown eyes, a wide nose, and the beginnings of a beard underneath his nose and around his mouth. He was wearing a light gray t-shirt and khaki shorts. He looked worn enough to be considered mid- to late-twenties.

Borjis pocketed the device with a smile and asked, “Behind the building or elsewhere?” This was too easy! The thought of leaving this planet, with sub-optimal conditions, filled Borjis with glee.

“How does a car sound?” The man asked. Borjis and the man headed out front to the parking lot.


Borjis exited the car, pushing the compartment on the side of the device closed. He had met his two-host quota, and now all that was left to do was explore this town. As he walked away from the car, the man came out and locked it back. He then caught up with Borjis with a smile. “Hey! You weren't going to just leave me after that, right?”

“I need to be elsewhere right now.” Borjis said.

“At least give me a name!” The man said.

“Wynne Justin Pope. You can choose which name you would rather refer to me as.” Borjis said, putting his phone away. It was his human alias, assigned to him by his superiors.

“Wynne is much easier for me to say! May I have your number?” The man got a phone out of his pocket.

“I can't give numbers, I'm using a work phone.” Borjis explained. It was true, in a sense. This was an Uchion-issued phone, restricted for members of the Uchion alien species.

“Alright then, how else can I contact you?” The man's smile was beginning to fade. He pocketed his phone.

“I will be in the area for a few days. I likely will be spending my nights at the Lazy Daisy Motel down the street.” Borjis said.

“Okay, business trip?” The man asked.

“Yes.” Borjis answered.

“Alright güey, I'll be seeing you around.” The smile returned, and the man headed back into the bar. It was amazing how he didn't pass out from any of that, but that was trivial to Borjis. The alien headed down to the Lazy Daisy Motel to get a room for the night. He was certain the daytime hours would be more enjoyable to him, for the nighttime hours were too cool for him.


Borjis woke up to some angry knocks on the door to his motel room. He grabbed the cloaking device from underneath his pillow and activated it, before slipping the device into his pants pocket. He got up and answered the door to see that woman from last night, with that man from last night standing next to her. She had her hands on her hips, and she was angry. The man was looking off to the side, and he looked uncomfortable and afraid to say or do much. When the woman looked Borjis over, her expression softened and became smug. She said, “Hello Wynne. You have a pretty stable office job, right?”

“Hello, what brings you here?” Borjis asked.

The woman produced a pregnancy test from her purse, and showed Wynne two lines. It must've meant she was pregnant. “I haven't been sexually active in over a year. Logic says that this shouldn't be possible, but it is. And I feel like I could puke all over your floor!”

The man looked at Borjis and said, “Yeah güey, did you have some kind of disease? I'm not feeling so good either.”

Borjis moved aside and said, “Come in.”


The three had seated themselves on the bed after the two humans had to take bathroom breaks, and Borjis had made sure the door was locked and curtains pulled. Borjis explained, “You two are carrying half-Uchion offspring.”

“Excuse me?” The woman asked. The man seemed to be trying to figure out if he misunderstood something.

Borjis pulled out the device from his pocket, and decloaked himself. His true appearance consisted of having lilac skin, solid black eyes, and he lacked any kind of body hair. His ears were just two holes drilled into the sides of his head, about where human ears were located. He looked to see how the humans were taking this. The man seemed terrified, and the woman seemed interested, her anger seeming to have dissipated. She asked, “You're an alien?”

“Dios mío...” The man muttered under his breath.

Borjis didn't think that warranted an answer. Instead, he said, “You both will give birth in approximately seventy-two hours.”

Both?!” The man asked, turning pale.

“The female human will give birth as female humans usually do, and you will give birth through your rectum.” Borjis said.

“I have a name.” The woman said, seeming irritated. “It's Amy.”

“Oh no no no, I don't think I can handle it! I cannot handle being constipated for three days!” The man wailed.

“Your waste will pass around the child. Uchion offspring are half the size of human offspring.” Borjis said.

“So it will be like giving birth to a baby doll? That sounds way better than the alternative.” Amy said.

“Oh? Is that so? Will it still hurt?” The man asked. The adrenaline seemed to be decreasing in his system.

“Perhaps a little. However, the offspring should slide on out.” Borjis got his device back out and cloaked himself once more. “Is there anything else?”

“I forgot to tell you my name. It's Miguel Armando.” Miguel said. “Sorry we weren't better acquainted last night.”

Borjis got up and went to unlock his door. He said, “I will be here until you two give birth. When the labor pains start, come here. I am trained in delivery, and you humans use chemicals in your hospitals that are a death sentence for Uchions. I would like to have two healthy, alive offspring. Earth is not my favorite planet to be.”

“Understood.” Amy said, and she and Miguel left the motel room to presumably go about their normal everyday lives.


Earth was an interesting planet. Then again, every planet was. In the area of Earth that Borjis had been dropped in, it was arid. It was almost like home, if it weren't for the humidity in the air. Borjis spent his time plucking up leaves, soil, and grass that looked interesting, then he stored the plants and dirt in the other compartment on the opposite side from the human DNA one. The other compartment operated the same way, but stored its things in a separate compartment from the DNA tracker one.

To his disappointment, aside from getting pictures of animals like birds, dogs, and cats, there wasn't anything remotely new or interesting to document. He was on the environmental team after all, so he wasn't part of the “interesting” team of human studies. But that wasn't going to shake him from sightseeing! One such interesting thing he found was the attempt to mimic UFOs. There were two sports fields where this was the case, and these fields were the adult softball field and the youth complex. It was nightfall when Borjis found himself plucking a leaf from a tree, then putting it into the plant compartment of his device. When he finished, and looked up, he saw a peculiar sight. He had laid eyes on a female human around nineteen years of age.

She was dressed in a gold and white dress, white sneakers, and had on what appeared to be white pants underneath her dress... or perhaps it was just an illusion. Her hair was down to about the middle of her back, she had brown eyes, and she was fair-skinned. Borjis stared at her for a moment, before calling out, “Hello?”

The female human had a swaying gait, almost like her mind was elsewhere... yet she seemed perfectly cognizant. It was just that weird gait. She approached Borjis, who prepared to flee if it came to it. There was something otherworldly about this human. She was not the typical human, that was for certain. She paused a short ways from him and said, “Hello.”

“Are you alright, miss?” Borjis asked.

“Yeah, are you?” The girl answered.

Borjis got his device out and scanned the girl with it. She did not seem to mind. He couldn't shake this odd feeling, so Borjis asked, “Are you... from here?”

The girl tilted her head in thought, as if trying to recall a long-forgotten memory, then shook her head. “I'm here to escape. What are you here for?”

“To work. I'm studying the plants and the animals I find. Are you the leader of this town?” She had the air of one anyway.

She shook her head, then smiled. “You seem otherworldly yourself.” Borjis felt his heart skip a beat. Was it really that obvious?! He checked his hands. Yes, he was still in his human disguise. The girl giggled and said, “You aren't as subtle as you think.”

“Are you someone important?” Borjis asked.

The girl tilted her head in thought again, acting as she had a few seconds prior. She said, “Yes, but not to you.”

This was too weird for Borjis. He wanted to leave, yet he was also intrigued. “What's your name?”
“Romaine, and you?” Romaine replied.

“Wynne. Well, it's getting late. I should be heading back to my motel room.” Borjis said.

Romaine smiled and said, “Happy travels.” Borjis power walked out of there. Was he creeped out, or just plain cautious? He thought he was some mixture of both. At least that was more entertaining than plucking parts of plants up all day.


Seventy-two hours had passed, and Borjis was running low on cash. He spent the evening waiting for Amy and Miguel to show up. As he waited, he contacted his spaceship via voice call. He asked in his language once he heard someone pick up, “What was Romaine?” That girl was driving him crazy.

“Something powerful, but that isn't our focus. Where are your hosts?” His captain said.

“I don't know, where are they? They should be coming soon.” Borjis answered. He knew they were being tracked by his superiors, so why ask him? He heard a knock on the motel room door and ended the call abruptly. He cloaked himself and answered the door. Both Miguel and Amy were huge with child. Well, not near as large as they would be carrying a human baby, but still round nonetheless.

Amy snapped, “My water broke!”

“I pissed myself, does that count?” Miguel asked. Borjis moved aside for the two humans to enter the room.


Both babies came out lilac, with black eyes like Borjis's own. However, they had ears like humans did. Amy and Miguel had been cleaned up and were fast asleep on the bed. The babies were clean as well. The process for two humans to birth half-Uchion babies was about one hour. Most of the complications stemmed from Miguel, as expected. Borjis had taken detailed notes over the entire process after the fact, as his memory was pretty accurate and lasted for a while. Once he typed it all in and sent a copy of his phone's contents to his superiors, he gathered up the sleeping infants and left the motel room. He had already paid for another night, and he only had a few nickles and dimes left. He remained in his human disguise all the way, returning to where he had been dropped off at. It was a good thing that he could jump over and into these humans' cattle enclosures.

Upon arriving to his drop-off point, he set both infants on the grass and sent a signal up to his space pod via his device. Once the space pod became visible, he climbed in with his half-Uchion offspring, and returned to space. The planet of Uchion may have been burning to a crisp, but the humans could help keep Uchion's alien race strong.

Submitted: November 22, 2020

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