Memories and Anticipation

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What are the texture of memories and the taste of anticipation?

Submitted: January 15, 2019

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Submitted: January 15, 2019



The texture of memories can be anything that the individual wants it to be. It depends on what the memory is and what the emotions that the individual has towards that certain memory. For example, if the memory is delightful then the memory can feel soft like cotton. If there is a memory that is negative then that texture of the memory can turn sharp, hard, or any negative emotion that the individual feels can change the texture of the memory.

As with the texture of memories, the taste of anticipation can also be different to the individuals. If an individual is anticipating a grade from a test that they studied hard for, then the anticipation tastes somewhat sweet. Individuals that anticipate something that excites them the taste of anticipation can become sweet from chocolate, strawberries, and also tartness. But for those who anticipate something that can be negative for example a break up the taste of anticipation can become very bitter. The best possible way to describe the taste is someone drinking vinegar, but the worst taste of all is blood which can be frightening for those who have experienced it.

I hope you give yourself the choice of remembering the positives in your life and to also anticipate wonderful things as well. Your life should be spent looking at the positives because only looking at the negatives can be very distressing.

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