Within This Vastly World

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Submitted: January 15, 2019

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Submitted: January 15, 2019



Who would have thought, we had the same tormoil to handle.

Maybe we are but they are never the same at all.

Who would blame a child without any idea what's going on, 

On what has to happen and what has to be done.

The child was clueless, very innocent.

Would you still blame the child?

There are a lot of things we do not know,

In life and in nature, but they are of one part.

Life is nature they say.


Yesterday has been done and today has been unraveled.

Hardworking it is that time takes its unstoppable tick of its hand,

Reminding of the hours that passes by.

Tress grow for how many years, yealded and also ages.

Thus comes a storm to say that can uproot.

Even when its huge because of its oldness, no one could be spared.

The sun rises and sets, wonders of the world even science not all can define and find.

Traditions of different sect/tribe or of a nation, even belief not one cannot be said to be the only correct one.

But humans sometimes become vicious and inhumane.

Forgetting of what is right leading to self-destruction and killing themselves.

The heart becomes weak and the mind becomes venomous creating a demon destroying your true self.

What comes ahead is held within him alone.

Could no one stop it nor cure it but rather maybe self-actualization itself.


Pain can make or mold a person.

The more painful it is, the stronger the personality it can be.

Be it physically or emotionally, a human turns to somebody they will never imagine.

And when it comes, they were always to be blamed.

We blame them but was it there fault? 

I think no, they may not wanted it and may not be their best choice either. 

Saying that yes, they have choosen it- to be an unjust man.

Why? Why choose it to be?

They are just like everybody, they are also human.

But what did we do? They also have the rights.

Yet you see them different, because you think they are physically altered, they were discriminated.

Bullied and most of all mistreated, why?

We think they are different but, really no, we were the ones different.

If this is a mistake ask yourself, what you ever did to make a difference for the betterness of a person.

That you never intended to harm a person/somebody.


In this world no human cannot do bad things and we do commit mistakes.

But repeating the same mistake they say is already a crime.


What we know, things we cannot have or be undone of what has been seen and on what is unknown.

Possible things can be done, possible thoughts could be formulated and words are strongly influencial.

Wether it be the right or wrong information, true or not, people may believe or not.

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