The unnamed man

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The unnamed man has a reasons for everything. Continue the story to find what the reasons were.

Submitted: January 15, 2019

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Submitted: January 15, 2019



Holding my steering wheel and thinking about what brought me here today. I knew I should’ve written this down. Hopefully just walking around the store will help refreshing my memory. I would have been pissed off if I drove thirty miles for nothing. I turn off my car and gather my phone, wallet, and my keys. I locked my car and walked toward the entrance of the store. Enjoying the cool breeze that the store puts right when you walk in.

“How are you doing today, sir?” Said the employee in a green vest and black pants. He seems to be too young to be working here, but maybe he older than I thought.

“Terrible” I responded. Waiting to see his reaction.

“Why is that sir?” He asked as if he really cared about why I was doing terrible.

“Your damn doors take forever for it to open, and I’m looking for your ... guns.” I asked him. He took a while to respond. He seems shocked when I shouted damn doors to him. Poor kid, maybe it was his first day working.

“It’ll be right this way if you just want to follow me. My name is Tray and what is your name, sir?” Tray asked.

“Is Tray short for Tracie” I laughed while he gave me a death stare. “But my name is none of your business.”

“Alrighty sir. Guns would be on your left and ammos will be on the right. Give me a holler or … don’t. Totally up to you sir.” He said as he walked off.

Alright so, I’m looking for an automatic gun that carries a lot of ammo. Maybe an AK or a M16. Great, where the hell did Tracie go? How dare he leaves a customer unattended.

“Tracie!” I shouted.

“Yes sir. How can I help you with sir?” He said with an unsatisfied tone.

“Where are y’all AKs, M16s, or more assault rifles at? I’m looking for any of them and I need them for tomorrow.” I told him with urgency.

“Why do you need them that soon? We don’t have anything like that here sir. The only type of guns we have are a hunting rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and handguns. Not assault rifles.” He informed me.

“You’re fucking kidding me right, Tracie?”

Watching him shake his head, maybe he can’t talk anymore. I wanted to yell at him that god gave us a mouth to speak so use it.

“Where can I find the guns that I’m looking for, Tracie?”

“Sir, my name is Tray. It is short for Trayton. I don’t know where you can get an assault rifle. I am only 17 sir.”

“Whatever, Tracie” I walked away from him.

“Asshole.” Tracie whispered.

I walked out the store and into my car. I need to find an assault rifle for tomorrow. Pulled out my planner and my phone. I started googling stores that had assault rifles and their hours and location. I went to four stores in the past week and not one store has the gun I’m looking for. Started my car and drove around the city. I stopped at an intersection and I spotted a pawnshop. It was in a shady stripe mall the type where you know they have guns and drugs for sure. The type of neighborhood that makes you triple lock your car as you drive by. The pawnshop was called “Fat Guy’s Junk” it was a shitty name. It sounded like a strip club for the morbid obesity. It has a number on the side.

I called to see if they had what I was looking for and they claim to have a M16. I went inside the store and the interior seem to be losing its life. The display cases had some cracks, bullet holes, and even blood. It reminded me so much of home. I saw a fat ugly guy that I swear is Jabba the Hutt twin brother. He waved at me and greeted me. This time was different, because everyone looked at me when I walked in. I felt like I was in a spotlight in a sold-out arena. Every single eyeball is staring at me like if I was holding a sign against their belief.

“What are y’all looking at?” I shouted. Everyone turned around and continuing being lowlife scums that I once was.

Jabba the Hutt twin brother approached me and asked if I was looking for anything. I told him that we spoke earlier on the phone about a gun. I came by to look at and see how much it is. I had all my cash in my car.

“How much are you selling this for?” I asked

“What the M16? Depends on you.”

“What do you mean depends on me?’”

“If you want me to sell it to you legally then it would be about one thousand and four hundred dollars. If you want it illegally then the price is going to be two thousand dollars. I don’t have any ammo for it so that sucks for you” said the fat man.

If I do it illegally then the people can’t trace it back to me. This will be perfect.

“Deal, I’ll get your two Gs tonight. What time?”

“Perfect, we close at 3. Just knock on the back door five time. See ya at 6. What is your first name sir?”

“None of your goddamn business.” Everyone grabbed their weapons. I saw one grab a bottle of Jack, crowbar, shotty, glock, and throwing knives.

“I need to run your name, so I know you ain’t feds.” I am not going to give you my name that is for me to know and no one else.

“Why? I want to do this transaction without knowing each other’s name. It makes this easier and quicker. You just gotta have faith and trust.” Why did the Jabba start laughing as soon as I said faith?

“Faith?! Ha That’s funny! My daughter was named Faith and she died from a gunshot. She took a goddamn bullet for me and you coming in here and tell me that I need to have faith...” He shouted. He is Jabba the Hutt. I wasn’t scared. I can kill all five of them in four moves. I studied the floor and where I need to step when it’s time.

“...when faith was taken from me! I don’t need anyone coming in here and remind me that I shouldn’t be here. My daughter deserved to be here, but God wanted her back.” They started getting closer and closer. I had my fists closed and ready for the war.

“Go. Go get my money. I’ll be here with your gun and I’ll have the serial number scrapped off. Just leave and come back at six.” He said. I walked backward to the doors and walked out. I took my jacket off and threw it in the car. I started the car and firmly grabbed my steering wheel. I was so relief that I didn’t kill anyone a day before I had plan. I need ammo for the M16.

I parked outside of a gas station. I got out of the car and opened my trunk. I grabbed my knife and popped out the subwoofer out and pulled out a wad of Benjamins.

“Nice car, bro! What year is it?” Someone asked. I hid the money and turned around and inspected that guy. He didn’t seem harmful, so I sat the knife down.

“It’s a ’68 charger. I just got it restored.” He approached my car as if it was in a showroom. He walked around in circle about eight times, then stopped.

“How much for the car?” He asked. Is he fucking kidding me? I just restored the damn car. It cost me more than you could ever offer me.

“What is your offer?” I asked. It never hurt to know how hard people tries to lowball you.

“I have twenty thousand in cash, right now.” He confidently said.

“No deal. I have someone offering twice that. Good luck bud.”

“Hold on. How about… thirty thousand. I’ll pick up more cash in a second.” He said. He pulled out his phone.

“I told you earlier man, no deal. Maybe restore one yourself?” I suggested him.

“Why not man? Is my cash not good enough? Do you want drugs cause I got a whole lot of them?” He desperately said. I am already getting irritated with him. I close my trunk and got in my car. I started my car and I’m enjoying the growl that it makes. He grabbed my arm.

“Here’s my card. Let me be the first person that you contact in case you end up selling it. Have a good one sir.”

“No promises, but I’ll keep it just in case.” I grabbed his card, hid it in the glove compartment. I can’t believe that a drug dealer had a business card. A drug dealer has a business card. It had typical druggie business name something like high for days or high in a minute. They would deliver the drugs to you off an app like uber eat.

I rolled down the window and drove right out of the parking lot. I need to find another lot, so I can gather my cash. I can’t lose my cool and kill this druggie. I can’t mess up my plan, because of him. I planned this for 9 months. I got this.

I locked my car and walked toward the entrance of the store. Enjoying the cool good breeze again. I love these fans, because a hot day like this it helps cool down.

“How are you doing … Oh it’s you again.” Tracie recognize me.

“Why the disappointment Tracie? I thought you were a giving me a great customer service earlier today. I am looking for ammo for a M16.” I lied to him. I thought his service was one of the worst one I’ve ever gotten and maybe the last.

“Ammo for a M16? Wasn’t that what you were looking for earlier? Did you already find the gun?” He asked five more question I dazed off looking at the hunting gear. I could use some camo, but I’m not going to be in a field.

“Yes. I have a deal going down in a few so I’m planning and buying the ammo now. Just lead the way Tracie.” Back at it again with the death stare.

“Right this way sir. I still want to know your name sir. Tell me what your name is?”

“Don’t worry about my name.” I repeated to him.

I had Tracie take my ammos to the front, because I wasn’t ready yet. I spotted a window breaker. I could use that tomorrow, because most windows have chicken wire in them. If I break the glass and poked the gun through the wire. It would be faster and unexpected. Yes, I am going to get that.

“Tracie, can you take this window smasher with you? I just have to check a couple things quickly and I’ll be right up.”

“Yeah, I guess I can do that. Just hurry it’s super heavy.”

“Five- or ten-minutes tops.” I told him. I remember that I had one thing left on my list. I needed a stop watch to remind myself that it takes fifteen or twenty minutes for proper authority to arrive. I grabbed one and I didn’t even check the price. I mean there’s no reason to, because tomorrow money is going to be the least of my worries.

“Alright, Tracie this is going to be it.” I placed the stop watch on the counter to check out. Tracie looks puzzled when I sat it down.

“Coooooool. Weird transaction, but whatever man. Do you want them in a sack?” He asked. I stared at him. There are millions of ammos and you are asking me if I want them in a sack? Of course, I want them in a sack.

“No, I’ll just put it in my pocket because obviously it going to fit in. Of course, I want a sack for those.”

“Asshole.” He murmured.

“What did you say?” I knew what he said. He is exactly right. I am an asshole and I’m proud of it. If it wasn’t for me being an asshole, then people would step all over me. I had to stand my ground.

“I said ok. Do you need any help taking it to your car sir” He really wanted to see me leave.

“Sure, you can. I’ll just take the receipt and my change.” Tracie handed me my leftover change and the receipt. I just grabbed one bag and made him carry the rest.

“How old are you Tracie, because you look twelve to me. I know I’m wrong cause child labor is illegal in the US.”

“I am seventeen sir. I am finishing my junior year in high school.” Tracie said.

We walked out the exit to my car. Tracie seem to be struggling with all those bags.

“Here give me three bags.” Tracie looked at me with joy.

“Thank you, sir.”

We talked a bit. I found out that he is saving up for a car and that he wants to go to college as soon as possible. Tracie is taking AP classes, and he claims to be a smart kid. He also told me about the kids picking on him.

“There she is Tracie. My one and only lover. I call her ‘The Queen.’ I finished restoring her about a year or two ago.” I was telling him while I was looking for my keys so I can pop the trunk.

“I got her for a hundred and fifty dollars at this man’s farm. I used to work for the man back in high school on his land. He would give me a task each day and it’ll get completed by the eight at night. So, the point is I had to cut down a tree and that tree landed near the car. She was naked. She was exposing her rusted sides. I cleared a path and got a closer look. I asked the landowner about it. He said I could have it for two hundred. I shook on it. A few days later he gave me my payday money and gave it back just for the car.” I could tell Tracie was hooked. He wanted more and more.

“What happened after that sir?” Tracie asked.

“I gave him all my cash, but I was short fifty dollars. He took it anyway and helped me tow it back to my house. That is where I started my manhood.” I proudly told him.

“That is awesome sir. You done a lot of work to it. It is one of the best ’68 Charger I’ve seen.”

“Thanks Tracie.” I grabbed our bags and set it in the trunk. I gave him a pat on the back and got in my car. I turned the key and let the baby roar through the empty lot. I could tell that I blew Tracie away.

“Adios Tracie” I waved.

I looked at my watch and it said five fifty-nine. I was only a minute early. I grabbed my duffle bag full of cash and proceed walking toward the door. I tapped the glass, knocked, tapped, knocked, and tapped. The secret knock that Jabba told me earlier.

“What’s the password.” A voice said. Are you kidding me, what are we six again? Let’s be adults and do the trade. I need to start preparing for my event for tomorrow.

“The password is Jabba the Hutt.”

“No, it isn’t that. Didn’t Matt tell you the password before you left earlier.” What the hell is this man rambling on and on about. Who cares I just want my gun?

“No, he did not. Now let me in please.” I pressured him.

“Dammit Matt. Yes, you can come in. I got to give you a pat down for a weapon and mic.” He told me that like if he just saw it off a tv show. I heard the door unlock and the knob turned. The door is open wide and expected me to walk in.

“Come in fool.” Said another voice. I walked in.

“Set the bag on the floor. Put your hands up and spread your legs.” I followed ordered and I let them pat me down. I don’t need any weapons to kill these chumps. Four moves that’s all it takes. I saw Jabba the Hutt coming into the room with the M16.

“Do you have my money, sir? I have your gun ready to go. We went ahead and cleaned and added the right amount of grease for the gun to work properly. That was on us, so we aren’t going to charge you anything extra. We do wish to continue this business with you soon.” Jabba said.

“Yeah everything should be in that bag. I appreciate that you went an extra mile for a customer. I will be back for more business.” I told him.

We met in the middle and exchange the cash for the gun. I examined the gun closely while he counted the cash.

“Alright sir. Pleasure doing business with you. No names are smart. Have a good one.” He walked me out.

“You too sir.” I replied. I got to my car and put the gun case in the back seat. It is Seven fifteen and the sun is close to being down.

Started up the car and pulled out of the lot.

I was driving down the road and stopped at the red light. Pedestrians were walking from one side to the other. I notice one person. I notice Tracie walking in the crowd with his backpack. I should just do it . . . yes.

“Hey! Tracie! Hey! Get in! Lemme give you a ride home, kid.” I shouted to him. He recognizes me by the name. He finished walking to the side and waited for me to pull around.

“Thank you, sir. I live across town and my mom forgot to pick me up again.” I notice that he started to tear up a bit.

“You hungry? I know a good place down the road. You aren’t allergic to anything, because I am not wanting to go to the hospital a day earlier than I planned.” I asked him.

“I am hungry. I don’t have any cash though. Payday was last week, and my dad took it from me. He told me it was going into my saving account, but I know he didn’t.”

“How do you know that?” I asked him. Tracie seemed to be very sensitive with this type of topic. I let him know that he didn’t have to tell me, but he insisted too.

“He bought a new set of rims for his pickup truck. It worth about four grands. He doesn’t use his own money for that. This isn’t the first time this has happened. He bought a sixty-inch flat screen and a home theater surround sound system. I checked online and it was all worth about two thousand. I am afraid of confronting him.” He told me this and he made me want to turn around and kick his father ass. I can’t get sent to jail a day early. I went ahead and drove to the joint. He and I discussed about his education and how he was going to do it. We pulled in the lot. I turned off the car and grabbed a couple hundred out of the compartment. Tracie was putting his bag in the back seat when he notices the case.

“Hey, what is in this case? Oh my god is it the M16? That awesome sir! We should test shoot it after we eat.” He eagerly implied it.

“Yea! We totally should do it. We should also shoot each other while we are at it!” I told him. Tracie gave me that death stare again. I pushed him so he could start walking.

We walked in and get seated. The waitress gave us a typical service, but she was quick. She brought out Tracie’s and mine food out in less than fifteen minutes. Tracie started telling me his horrific stories about high school. How he gets picks on, how the whole school think he is gay, how much he wants to kill himself because of abuse he takes. I froze. I don’t know what to say but the go to I’m sorry. We talked and laughed.

“I really can’t wait to get out of this city. I’m everyone’s punching bag…” Tracie said. I realize that I was mistreating him all day. “... and I am tired of it!”

“I’m sorry bud. I didn’t know you had it like that.” I meant it.

“It’s okay sir. It is a part of life.” He said with bravery.

We got to a stopping point and I sat down two hundred dollars down.

“Two hundred? The total was twenty-five dollars and eighty-five cents.”

“Tracie, money isn’t everything. Get your coat, because I am taking you home.”

We walked out to the car and sat there for another fifteen minutes.

“Turn left here. The chrome mailbox is mine.” Tracie said. I pulled in and I notice two parents waiting outside the door.

“Uh oh. They are pissed off at me. Thanks for the ride sir. See you around.” Tracie grabbed his bag and shut the door. I could hear yelling and cursing. I saw his father punched and kicked Tracie. Tracie collapsed to the ground and curled up. His mom was cheering the whole time. “Hit him again, Henry! The little shit forgot to gas up the car again.” Said the mother. Henry hits him again and again. I slammed my brakes and shift it to park. I threw my door and ran over to Tracie. I punched his father and pushed his mother. I grabbed Tracie and told him to get your shit and get in the car. The father and mother chased down Tracie. I couldn’t do anything. I was shocked. I was remembering when my parent did this to me when I was younger. I could hear beating and crying coming from the house. I can’t rush inside and save Tracie. I would be stepping on private property. I can’t go to jail a day early.

“Git on outta of here, Tray. You no good having son. You don’t come back until you have your paycheck.” His father yelled.

“Get in the car Tracie. You can crash at my place for the night.” I said.

“Tray, if you come around and you have no money then we’ll beat you harder than today.” Henry said. “Shut up, dickhead. I have friends that will hurt you worse than you hurt your son.” I furiously told him. His father laughed at me. I walked over and headbutted him. Henry retreated to collect what just happened. Henry goes for a punch, but I grabbed his arm. I broke his arm. I can hear him yelling instead of laughing now.

“Get in the car Tracie. Get in the car now!” I threw the keys at him. I kicked his father in the face so he can sleep. I heard the car start and I immediately ran over and got in.

“Did you kill my dad! Why did you have to do that!” Tracie started crying. I am still trying to figure out what I have done. I don’t think I killed him. All I did was kicked his face so he couldn’t chase us.

“No. No. I didn’t kill him. I knocked him out.” I hoped.

The whole ride to my house was quiet. I looked over to see that he was asleep. We pulled into my driveway.

“Hey. Wake up. I’m not leaving you in here.” I shook him awake. He grabbed his belongings.

“Where are we? Is this your house?”

“We are in Marley. It about thirty miles out of Trek city. Give me a hand unloading the ammos onto the table.” I asked him.


We sat the ammos down on the table.

“What do we do now?” He asked me like if I had the answer, but I really don’t.

“I don’t know. I got caught in the moment and I didn’t want to leave you alone with your parents. Especially after seeing you get abused by your father and your mother didn’t do anything but to cheered on. I remember when my parents abused me. I wanted someone to save me, but no one came.” I told him. I was trying to feel sorry for him.

“I didn’t ask you to save me. I didn’t need you there. You should’ve just leave me be.” There was a long silent and nothing moved around us.

“I have some work to do before I go to bed. If you want to watch tv or something just keep it quiet.” I told him.

“Ok, I might just go to bed.” I showed Tracie his room for the night. I went back to the table and brought out my planner. I must set a couple things back because of Tracie staying the night. I have everything I need now. I sat everything on the table. I gave everything one last look and see if I am missing anything out or needing to fill in. I don’t see anything that needs immediate attention. Turned off the room’s light and headed to bed.

“Wake up. Hey. Wake up. You are going to make me late for school, man. If I was at my parents’ house, I wouldn’t have been late, but you know screw it. Seriously though wake up.” He shouted to my ear. I got up and stared at him.

“Shush, I got a big day and I am cherishing every second of it. I’ll take you to school, but I have a couple things to do before we head out. What time is it?”

“It is seven thirty and class starts at eight fifteen.”

“You’ll miss your first class, but I’ll take you.” I got up and brushed my teeth. I looked at myself in the mirror and realize that this may be the last time we’ll meet. I put on my Levi’s, a white shirt, a black pullover hoodie, black low top converses with socks, and my blue ballcap on. I put on my watch, sunglasses, and my leather bracelet on. I said a quiet prayer before I left the bedroom. I grabbed my last cup of coffee and enjoyed the taste of it.

“Yo Tracie, you should try this cup of joe. It might be the best one I made so far. Here let me get you a cup.” I grabbed a mug out of the cupboard and filled it up with the remainder of coffee. Tracie was going to say something, but he already saw me doing it, so he kept quiet.

“Thank you, sir. You know you never told me your name.”

“Tracie, my name is none of your business and you’ll find out later. I promise.”

I grabbed my duffle bag that had my M16, ammos, and a bulletproof vest. I checked to make sure everything was in place.

“Alright, Let’s head out. Take this duffle bag and put it in the trunk. I will meet you out there.” I told Tracie. He nodded and walked out of the house. I pulled out a piece of paper and began writing a letter to my lawyer. It had my new updated will, and I put it in an envelope. I put the envelope in the mailbox and raised the little red flag on the side.

I opened the car door and stood still. I took a final glance at my house. This is where I grew up and I had so many memories. Some memories were bad or good; Only I will remember them. I got in the car and started it up.

“What is in the bag? It’s heavy as hell.” Tracie asked.

“I’m going to a gun range and try out the M16.”

“Can I go? I don’t need to go to school today. I mean we are already late so screw it.” Tracie was smooth, but not that smooth. I laughed at his joke, but he wasn’t joking.

Tracie told me the direction to Trek High School and his classes. He was jabbering and jabbering about what car he will get when he can afford one. I had a secret to tell him, but I rather surprise him later.

We arrived at the school. Youngsters are staring at my car like they never seen a real American muscle car before. The “muscle” car that we have now are just flashy and complicated. I revved my engine… It is like music to my ears. Tracie with a disappointed look on his face.

“Really? Was that really necessary?”

“Of course, it was, Tracie.”

“Whatever man. I’ll see you later. I get out of class at three fifteen.”

“Oh, I am not going to be here. You better catch a ride from a friend. Sorry Tracie.”

I drove off. I can see him walking to the school in my rearview mirror. That was the last time I will ever see him again. I checked the time and it was eleven twenty-seven. I must get in place and be ready.

It is one fourteen. I have my mask and bulletproof vest on. I have the gun all loaded and ready. I walked to the door and said one last prayer. I raised the gun as I opened the door. I shot the receptionist and the other two that were standing by her. I walked to the office and shot the principal and the vice principal. I shot the other faculties that were in the office. I am hearing screaming and crying. I ignored it and continued my mission.

“Trek elementary school was under lockdown. At one fifteen an unknown gunman entered the school and killed thirty-five children and adults. Sixty-three are injured and ten of them are in unstable condition. The gunman was shot multiple time on the chest, arm, and finally the head. We will release more information about the situation at four. Thanks for tuning in Trek city!” Said the reporter.

Tracie got home and found a letter on his bed. The letter had been written in a bold and careful font. It didn’t have a name on it, but it had Tracie’s full legal name. He read the letter.

Dear Trayton,

The answer to your question is Brock Hemingway. My name is Brock Hemingway. I was the gunman from the school shooting that you have seen on the news. The reason why I did it was to make everyone to remember to love and be grateful with what you have, because nothing last forever. Cherish every moment with everyone, because you just never know what will happen. The reason why I targeted a school was because it was full of life and love. Parents and teachers both dedicated their time and effort into these kids. Everyone will think of me of a man with a mental illness or worse. I know I shook the city in a bad way, because there has never been a school shooting in Trek before. I am tired of all the abuse and hatred that people do to one another. Parents should not abuse their kids, but instead they should love them. I wish my parents did that, but they didn’t. Trayton, I left my car keys in this envelope. My lawyer will get ahold of you soon for more information. I don’t have anyone to give so I decide to give it to you. Trayton, please make a difference in this sad world.


Brock Hemingway



Trayton grabbed the keys and walked out the door.

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